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Unit 1 my classroom

We have a new classroom. 我们有一个新教室。

Great. Let’s go and have a look.好棒 让我们去看一看吧。

Let me clean the window. 让我来擦窗。

Let’s clean the classroom 让我们打扫教室 Help 帮忙

A Let’s learn(课本第4页)

classroom 教室window 窗户door 门 picture 图画

board 写字板 light 灯,管灯

What’s in the classroom? 教室里有什么?

A board, two lights, many desks and chairs.


Let’s talk(课本第5页)

Hello! Mike. 你好!Mike.

Hi, Amy. This is Zhang Peng, our new classroom.


Mike, we have a new classroom. Mike, 我们有一个新教室。 Really? Let’s go and have a look. 真的吗?我们去看看吧! Wow! It’s so big.哇!它好大

We have 6 new lights. 我们有六个新电灯。 Look, this is my new desk. 看,这是我的新课桌。 Where is my seat?我的座位在哪儿?

It’s near the door. 在门的附近。

B Let’s learn(课本第7页) computer 计算机 fan 风扇 wall 讲台 floor地板

Look! This is my classroom. The wall is white. The floor is green.

看, 这是我的教室,墙是白色的,地板是绿色的。

Let’s talk(课本第8页)

Good morning! Let’s clean the classroom. 早上好!我们打扫教室吧! Good idea! 好主意!

Let’s clean the desks and chairs. 让我们打扫课桌和椅子吧。 All right. 好的。Let me clean the window. 让我来擦窗户。

Let me clean the board.让我来擦写字板。Look at the picture.看这幅画。 It’s nice. 它很漂亮。Good morning! Miss White. 早上好!Miss White. Wow! It’s nice and clean. Good job!哇! 又漂亮又干净!干得好! Unit 2 My schoolbag

Here you are。给你

A pencil-case and a notebook. 一个铅笔盒和一本笔记本

Catch! 抓住

I have a new schoolbag. 我有一个新书包

Wow!colour is it? 哦 什么颜色Guess. 猜

My scoolbag is heavy. 我的书包很重

What's in your scoolbag? 你的书包里有什么?

I have many books in my scoolbag. 我有很多书在我的书包里 墙teacher’s desk

How many books? 多少本书Too many to count.多的数不清

A Let’s learn(课本第16页)

Chinese book 语文书 English book 英语书math book 数学书school bag 书包story-book 故事书notebook 笔记本

How many books do you have?


I have 6. An English book, a Chinese book, a math book, a notebook and two story-books. 我有6本。一本英语书,一本语文书,一本数学书,一个笔记本和两本故事书。 Let’s talk(17页)

Hi, Chen Jie. I have a new schoolbag. 你好,陈洁。我有一个新书包。

Really? What colour is it? 真的吗?它是什么颜色?

It’s black and white. 是黑色和白色的。Look! 看!

Wow! It’s a panda! How nice! 哇!是一个熊猫!太好了!

I have many books. An English book, a story-book, and…


A fat panda!一只肥胖的熊猫!May I have a look?我可以看一看吗?

Sure, here you are. 当然可以,给你。

Read and write

bag 书包 pencil铅笔 pencil-case 铅笔盒

B Let’s learn

How many English books do you have?你有多少本英语书?

Let’s talk(20页)

My schoolbag is heavy! 我的书包很重。What’s in it?里面是什么?

Look! 20 story-books, 32 pencils, 8 rulers and 3 pencil-cases.

看!20本故事书,32支铅笔, 8把尺子和3个铅笔盒。

Wow! Good ! 哇!好!

My schoolbag is heavy,too.我的书包也很重What’s in it?里面是什么?

10 sharpeners, 42 crayons, 12 erasers and 35 picture books.


Thank you soooooo much! 太感谢了!

Read and write

book 书 ruler 尺子pen 钢笔

Unit 3 My friends

I like music! 我喜欢音乐I like sports. 我喜欢运动

He has big eyes and a small nose. 他有一双大眼睛和一个小鼻子

I like painting. 我喜欢画画Me too. 我也是

Who's she? 她是谁

She's my friend.She's tall.She's quiet.

她是我的朋友 她很高她很安静

He's strong,He has short black hair.What's his name?

他很强壮 他的头发是黑短的 他的名字叫什么?

His name is Edward. 他的名字叫爱德华

A Let’s learn(28页)

friends 朋友long hair长头发short hair短头发

thin瘦的strong强壮的 quiet文静的

My friend is strong. He has short hair.

我的朋友很强壮,他留着短头发。Who is he?他是谁?

Let’s talk(21页)

Mom , I have a new friend. 妈妈, 我有一个新朋友。

A Chinese friend? 一个中国朋友?Yes.是的。

A boy?一个男孩吗?Yes. He has short black hair and big eyes.


What’s his name?他叫什么名字?

His name is Zhang Peng.他的名字叫张朋。

Look, this is his photo. He’s tall. 看!这是他的相片。他很高。 He’s strong, too. 他也很强壮。

Read and write

teacher 老师student 学生

B Let’s learn(31页)

music 音乐 sports运动 science 科学 painting绘画

computer games电脑游戏

My friend likes music。 我的朋友喜欢音乐.

My friend likes sports. 我的朋友喜欢运动。

Let’s talk(32页)

I have a friend. 我有一个朋友。Boy or girl? 男孩还是女孩?

A girl. 一个女孩。Who’s she? 她是谁?Guess!猜一猜! She’s quiet. She likes music. What’s her name?


Her name is Amy. 她的名字叫Amy.

I have a friend , too. He’s strong. He likes sports.


He’s Zhang Peng. 他是张朋.You’re right. 你猜对了。 Read and write

boy 男孩 girl 女孩 friend 朋友

Unit 4 My home

Mom,where are my cryons? 妈妈我的蜡笔呢

Are they in the study? 他们在学习嘛?

Where's the cat? 猫在那Is she in the kitchen? 她在厨房嘛

I'm tired. 我很累I like my home. 我喜欢我的家

Oh,no! 哦 不

Zip,your living room is nice. Zip你的客厅/起居室很漂亮

Zip is in the bathroom.I'm her sister. ZIP 是在浴室I like my bathroom. 我喜欢我的浴室

A Let’s learn(46页)

study 书房 bathroom卫生间bedroom卧室

kitchen厨房living room 起居室

This is my home. You can see s bedroom, a living room……

这是我的家。你可以看到一个卧室,一个起居室。 我是她的姐姐

Let’s talk(47页)

Is this your bedroom?这是你的卧室吗?Yes, it is. 是的,它是。 It’s very nice. 它很漂亮。

I have a new eraser. It’s a fish. 我有一块新橡皮,它是鱼。

Hey! Your cat. 嘿!你的猫!

Is she in the study? 她在书房吗?No, she isn’t. 不,她不是。

Is she in the living room? 她在起居室吗?

No, she isn’t. 不,她不是。

Look! She’s here. 看!她在这儿。

She’s in the kitchen。 她在厨房。

Read and write(48页)

home家 room房间 school学校 classroom 教室

B Let’s learn

phone 电话 bed 床 sofa 沙发 shelf 书架

table 桌子 fridge 冰箱

Let’s do

Sit on the sofa. 坐在沙发上Make the bed. 整理床铺

Watch TV. 看电视Answer the phone. 打电话

Open the fridge. 打开冰箱Set the table. 摆好餐桌

Let’s talk

Open the door, please.请开门。OK! 好的。

Where are the keys? 钥匙在哪儿?

Are they on the table? 它在桌子上吗?

No, they aren’t. 不,他们不是。

Are they near the phone? 它们在电话旁边吗?

No, they aren’t. 不,他们不是。

Look! They are in the door. 看!它们在门上。

Read and write(51页)

door 门 chair 椅子 window窗户 desk课桌 bed 床

Unit 5 What would you like?

What would you like? 你喜欢吃什么

I'd like some vegetables. 我喜欢一些青菜

I'd like some beef.我喜欢一些牛肉

Here's a fish. 这是鱼

Help yourself. 请随便吃Cheers! 谢谢

Great! 太好了How much? 多少钱

Five yoan. 5块Let me show you. 给你

Let me try. 让我试一试

Look!I can use chopsticks now.看现在我会用筷子了

A Let’s learn(58页)

rice 米饭 fish鱼 beef牛肉 soup汤

noodles 面条 vegetable 蔬菜 juice 果汁 bread

chicken鸡肉hot dog 热狗 hamburger汉堡包

Let’s talk(59页) 面包 milk牛奶

Dad, I’m hungry. What’s for dinner? 爸爸,我饿了。晚饭吃什么? Wait and see. 等等看。

What would you like? 你想吃什么?

I’d like some rice and soup。 我想吃一些米饭和汤。

What would you like for dinner? 你晚饭想吃什么?

I’d like some fish and vegetables, please. 我想吃一些鱼和蔬菜。

Everything’s ready. 一切 都准备好了。Thanks. 多谢! Thank you, dad. 谢谢爸爸。

Read and write

What would you like?你想吃什么?

bread 面包 milk 牛奶egg蛋 water 水

B Let’s learn

plate 盘子knife 刀 spoon 勺子 fork 叉子chopsticks 筷子 Mom, can I help you? 妈妈,我能帮你吗?

Yes. Pass me the plate, please. 是的,请把盘子递给我。

Let’ s talk

Dinner’s ready! Your forks and knives.


I can use chopsticks. 我会用筷子。Let me try. 让我试一试。 Help yourself.请随便吃。Oops, sorry! 糟糕,对不起!

Let me show you. 让我做给你看。

Mm…Yummy. I like Chinese food. 嗯…好吃。我喜欢中国食物。 Me too.我也是。We had a good time。 我们度过了美好的时光。 Thank you。 谢谢。Good night! 晚安!

See you tomorrow! 明天见1

Read and write

rice 米饭 beef牛肉 fish鱼 chicken 鸡肉

What would you like for dinner?你晚饭想吃什么?I’d like…我想吃… Unit 6 Meet my family

How many people are there in your family?你家里有多少人? Guess. 猜

Look,that's Bill's aunt. 看那是比尔的啊姨

Is she a dancer? 她是个舞蹈家嘛Yes,she is. 是的 她是

What's your father? 你的爸爸是做什么的

He's a doctor. 他是一名医生

Mom,my father is a farmer now. 妈妈 我的爸爸现在是一个农民 The next family is... 下一个家庭是

A Let’s learn(70页)

Hi! Friends, come and meet my family.


family 家庭 parents 父母uncle 叔叔,舅舅

aunt 阿姨,姑姑 baby brother 小弟弟

Let’s talk

How many people are there in your family? 你家有多少人?

Three .三个。Who are they? 他们是谁?

Look! My parents and me. 看!我父母和我。

My family has seven members.我家有七个人。

Seven? 七个人?

My dad, my mom, my brother, my sister, my baby brother and me. 我爸爸,我妈妈,我哥哥,我姐姐,我小弟弟和我。

But that’s only six. 但是那只有六个。

And my little puppy!还有我的小宠物。Gee! 噫! Read and write

father爸爸 mother妈妈 brother 兄弟 sister 姐妹

B Let’s learn(73页)

What’s your father?你爸爸是干什么的?

My father is a doctor. He’s tall. He likes sports.


doctor 医生farmer农民driver司机

nurse护士baseball player 棒球运动员.

Let’s talk(74页)

Who’s this man? He looks strong. 这个男人是谁?他看起来很壮。 He’s my uncle. He’s a baseball player.

他是我叔叔。他是一名棒球运动员。Cool! 好酷!

Is this your aunt? 这是你姑姑吗?

Yes, she is. She’s a nurse. She likes music.


Is this your father? 这是你爸爸吗?

Yes, he is. He’s a doctor. 是的,他是。他是一名医生。 What’s your mother? 你妈妈是做什么的/

She’s a teacher. 她是一名老师。

Look! They’re my grandpa and grandma. 看!这是我的爷爷和奶奶。 They look young. Are they farmers?


Yes, you’re right. 你说对了。

Read and write

nurse 护士 doctor 医生farmer 农民 driver 司机

I am going to be a … 我想成为一个……

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