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五年级Unit 4PARTBLet't learn

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What can you do?
Let’s learn

Unit 4


sweep the floor

cook the meals

Clean the bedroom

Water the flowers

empty the trash

Wash the windows

In the Sunday morning ,Amy’s dad is going to leave home. And dad asks Amy :“Can you do housework?” “Yes, I can! ”Amy answers. And she says goodbye to her father.

A: Can you…?
B: Yes, I can. /No, I can’t.

Then, she go to her bedroom and make the bed.


It’s 11:30.It’s time for lunch. Amy can cook the meal and set the table .After the meal, Amy can do the dishes.

In the afternoon ,she go to the bedroom and put away the clothes. Then she wash the clothes.

A: Can you do housework? B: Yes, I can. A: What can you do ?

B:I can…
A: Great! You’re helpful.

Fill in the missing words.
make the ( bed ) do the (dishes ) ( wash )the clothes ( set )the table

put away( the clothes )

Cook the meals. Water the plants. Wash the clothes. No time to dance!
Make the bed. Sweep the floor. Empty the trash. And there is more. Oh, please! No more!

Let’s chant

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