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五三小学2009六年年级春英学语期 教


Listening Party 听力乐园(30分)

I .Listen and choose what you hear. (把听到的单词选出来.10分) ( )1. A. muscles B. bones C.skin ( )2.A.game B.player C.team ( )3.A.healthy B.health C.wash ( )4.A.often B.always C.uaually ( )5.A. thought B.teach C.taught II. Listen and fill in the blanks.(听音选答句. 10分)

( )1.A.Yes,please. B.I’d like dumplings. C.Some juice ( )2.A.He’s playing cards. B.She’s crying C.They’re walking ( )3.A.Yes,he is. B.No,he isn’t C.He is quiet. ( )4.A.No, I can. B.Yes,I can’t C.No,I can’t . ( )5.A.In the classroom. B.He’s the Jenny’s brother.

C.She is a doctor.

III.Listen and choose .(听音选词.) 10分 ( )1.What is Li Ming going to do tomorrow? A.play basketball B.watch TV C.have supper ( )2.What did Li Ming do yesterday?

A.ate breakfast B.bought a T-shirt C.went to Beijing. ( )3.What’s there in the park?

A.some flowers B.some grass C.some birds ( )4.What’s Li Ming doing now?

A.playing basketball B.playing Ping-pong C.playing ( )5.How often does Li Ming play Ping-pong?

A.Once a week B.Twice a week C.five times a week

Writing Part笔试天地(70分)



___________________ ________________


二、按要求写单词. (10分)

strong (反义词)______ teeth (单数) 同音词)________ hit (现在分词)______light(反义词)______ wash(单三形式)_______ buy(过去式)____win(反义词)___are(过去式)____ low(反义词)___


1. has, a, team, many, players

2.is, exercise, for, you, good

3. What, fall, colour, are, leaves

4.always, dry, the, dishes, I, after, supper

5. can , teach, you, me, basketball, to , play

四、从I栏找出与I I栏对应的答语。 (10分)

( I ) ( II )

( )1.What sports do you play ? A .Strawberry .

( )2.Would you like to learn to play ping-pong? B . Five yuan .

( )3.What’s your favourite fruit? C .He bought a T-shirt.

( )4.Who is bob ? D .I like these.

( )5.How much is chicken ? E .Yes , I can .

( )6.What did he buy? F.I play badminton.

( )7.Do you like these or those T-shirt ? G. I’m going to Beijing. ( )8.Can you swim? H. He is a basketball player. ( )9.What are you going to do tomorrow? I.He is throwing a ball. ( )10.What is Li Ming doing now? J.Yes, I would. 五、短语大练兵。(10分) ( )1.a pair of runners A.洗澡 ( )2.be good for B.篮球队 ( )3.walk home C.玩游戏 ( )4.wake up D.太难

( )5.five times a week E. 走得慢 ( )6.take a shower F.唤醒 ( )7.too hard G.一周五次 ( )8.basketball team H.对……有益(有好处) ( )9.play games I.一双跑鞋 ( )10.walk slowly J.步行回家 六、单项选择。(10分) ( )1.---______ do you play basketball? ----Twice a week. A.How many B.How much C.How often D.How old ( )2.What would you like to eat? A.Orange juice B.Some soup

C.Some vegetables ( )3.Everyone ______ to be healthy and strong. A.want B.wants C.wanted D.wanting ( )4.Would you like ______ soup? A.some B.any C.many

( )5.---Why? ----______it’s good for you. A.to learn B.learn C.study D.learning ( )6.Are you ready ____ basketball? A.look at B.see C.play ( )7.She _____ her face now. A.is washing B.washes C.washing ( )8.There are sixty minutes in ____ hour A.a B.an C.the D./ ( )9. Did you have fun____ the game?

A.playing B.play C. to play D.played

( )10.What would you like ____ supper?

A.to B.in C.for D.with 七、为下列问句选择正确的答语.(10分) ( )1.How many minutes do you walk?

( )2.What do you do after breakfast?

( )3.When do you go to school? ( )4.How often do you eat cabbage? (

)5.Did you have fun in the holiday?

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