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听力部分 (30分)


( )1. A.sleeping B.swimming C. fishing

( )2. A.drinking water B.climbing trees C.listening to music

( )3. A.write a letter B.read a book C.watch insects

( )4. A.swim B.swing C.clean

( )5. A.summer B.fall C.winter

二、听音,选择相应的答句,并将序号写在括号里。 (10分)

( )1. A.Yes, I am. B.Yes, it is..

( )2. A.No, she isn’t. B.Yes, he is.

( )3. A.He’s eating lunch. B.She is eating lunch.

( )4. A.They are taking pictures. B.We are talking pictures.

( )5. A.Yes, it is. B.Yes, they can.


( )1.I’m a hen.

( )2.My father is collecting stamps.

( )3.My mother is counting insects.

( )4.I’m playing chess with my grandfather

( )5.We have a nice field trip.

笔试部分 (70分)


( )1.A. swim B. fighting C. swing D. run

( )2.A. season B. spring C. summer D. fall

( )3.A. morning B. afternoon C. sun D. evening

( )4.A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner D. orange

( )5.A. kangaroo B. ant C. butterfly D. aunt

二、选择,把正确答案的序号写到前面的括号里。 (20分)

1.( ) Do you like sweet food?

A.Yes , she does. B.Yes, I do. C.Yes, I am.

2.( ) Are you flying kites?

A.Yes , she does. B.Yes, I do. C.Yes, I am.

3.( ) What ____ John doing?

A.is B.am C.are

4.( ) Is he ________ a report?

A. writeing B.write C.writing

5.( ) Chen Jie is catching butterflies, Amy is catching butterf ies ,___.

A. too B. yes. C. not

6.( )Where are they?

A.Yes , they are.

B.They are in the woods.

C.They’re picking up leaves.

7.( ) It’s time _____ go to school.

A.to B.for C.on

8.( ) Are you eating lunch?

A. Yes, you are. B. Yes, I can. C. No, we aren’t.

9.( ) Let’s do an experiment. ___________

A. Goodbye. B. OK. C. Thank you.

10.( ) Is she counting insects?___.

A. No, he isn’t. B. No, she is. C. No, she isn’t.


( )1.What’s your favourite fruit? A. Yes, they are.

( )2. What’s the date? B. He is in the woods.

( )3.Where is Zhang Peng? C. It’s May 1st.

( )4.Are they reading a book? D. He’s playing chess.

( )5.What is John doing? E. I like apple. They are sweet.


1. playing, is, He, chess .


2. she, insects, Is, counting ?


3. is, No, it, not .


4. have, today, picnic, a, Let’s .


5. do, What, you, to, eat, like ?



It’s a nice day. We are having a good time. We are going on a field trip. Listen! The birds are singing. Look! My father is doing an experiment. My mother is catching butterflies. My grandparents are playing chess. My brother is running on the grass. What am I doing then? I am taking pictures.

( )1. My grandma is playing chess.

( )2. My brother is running.

( )3. My sister is catching butterflies.

( )4. I am taking pictures.

( )5. The birds are flying.

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