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’t. 三、听录音,把下列句子补充完整。(10分)

1.________ are you going?

2.________do you go there? I go there by ________. 3.There’s no ________ near the ________.

4.-________ are you going? I am going to the ________. 5.I am going to ________ a ________ ________.


( )1.The book store is in front of the library. ( )2.My parents go to work by car. ( )3.The school is north of the fruit stand. ( )4.I go to school by bus. ( )5.My grandparents often goes to the fruit stand by bike together.


五、选出划线部分读音与给出的音标不同的一个。(5分) ( ) 1. / i: / A. tree B. beat C. tea D. Red ( ) 2. / I / A. pig B. bike C. dish D. pink ( ) 3. / e / A. get B. me C. bed D. seven ( ) 4. / ei / A. plane B. cat C. fan D. apple ( ) 5. /ɑ: / A.fat B. car C.card D.far 六、选择正确答案(10分)

( )1、——Where is the cinema? ——It’s next ________ the hospital. A on B to C in

( ) 2、Turn right ________ the bookstore. A on B at C to

( ) 3、——Where is the post office?

——It’s west ________ the science museum. A of B at C to

( ) 4、What are you going to do on the weekend? .

A I’m going by train. B It’s next to the shoe store. C I’m going to read a magazine.

( ) 5、________ are you going? This evening. A Where B When C What

( ) 6、It’s not far _______here. A to B at C from ( )7.Walk straight _____ three minutes.

A at B and C for

( )8. _____ Sunday, I’m going to the zoo ____ subway.

A. On, on B. On, by C. In, at

( )9. Her father is _______ TV now.

A watching B going to watch C go to watch

( )10._____can I get to pet school? A. How B. what C.Where 七、读一读,找出合适的答语。(5分)

( )1. What are you going to do ?

( )2. When are you going ? ( )3. Where are you going ?

( )4. How do you go to the zoo ? ( )5. Are you going to the library ?

A、By train.

B、I’m going to take a trip. C、Yes ,we are.

D、I’m going at 3 0’clock. E、I’m going to Beijing. 八、把下列单词按正确的顺序排列。(10分)

1、are Where this you going afternoon ?

__________________________________________ 2、next It’s the to hospital .

__________________________________________ 3、are to We watch going TV .

__________________________________________ 4、How you do there go ?

__________________________________________ 5、at light Stop red a .

__________________________________________ 九、请根据汉语提示,在空白处填单词。(10分)

1. 红灯停。

_______at a red __________.

2. 请看这些漫画书。

Look at these __________ books, _________. 3. 我坐火车去北京。

I go to Beijing ______ ___________.

4. 今天下午我准备去邮局。

I’m going to the post _________ this __________.

5. 今天上午我去了银行。

I went to the bank ________ _____________.


1.My parents ____________________ (take) a trip next month. 2.She wants ____________ (buy) the plants at the plant shop. 3.Nancy ____________________ (read) a magazine now.

4.Our classroom is on the ____________________ (two) floor. 5.Here are two __________ (pair) of ________ (glass)for you. 十一、阅读下列短文,然后先择正确答案(10分)

Hello! My name is Mike. I am an American boy. I’m 12 years old. I study in Youyi School in Beijing. My home is near. I usually go to school on foot. Sometimes I go by bus. My father and my mother are teachers. They work in a middle school. It’s very far. They go to work by subway. They work very hard. I love them. My grandparents are in the USA. We visit them by plane every year.

( )1. How old is Mike?

A. He is eleven B. He is twelve C. He is ten

( )2. Is Mike an English boy?

A. Yes, he is B.I don’t know C. No, he isn’t

( )3. How does he usually go to school?

A. He usually goes to school on foot. B. He usually goes to school by bus. C. He usually goes to school by car

( )4. Do his parents go to work by bus?

A. Yes, they do B. No, they don’t C. Yes, he does

( )5. How do they go to America?

A. They go to America by plane. B. They go to America by subway.

C.They go to America by train.

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