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stamp /st?mp/

hobby /'h?bi/ 爱好

race /reis/ 比赛

(A )1.sound A. /saund/ B./sɑ:nd/ C./s?nd/ ( B)2. really A./'ri?li:/ B./'ri?li/ C/.'ri:?li/

( B)3.stamp A./stemp/ B. /st?mp/ C./sd?mp/ ( C)4.hobby A. /'h?:bi/ B./'h?bi:/ C./'h?bi/ ( A)5. race A. /r?s/ B./res/ C. /reis/

pet 宠物

pets 宠物

pet 宠物

复数: pets

four Children

A Child

? Children ? 单数: child

they're ? 1.they are(缩略形式)_________ went ? 2. go(过去式)__________ ? 3.has(原形)_________ have

? 1. These ____________(postcard) are great. postcards
these"这些“复数,are 用于复数, postcard复数 postcards

? 2. My hobby is collecting __________(collect)stamps.
be+V-ing,be后的动词一定加 ing。

? 3.There _____(be) many sheep on the grass. are
these这些,表复数,be复数 are.

got ? 4.Have you______(get) any American stamps?
have got“拥有”。

? 5.____(be) there a letter for me? Is
there be单数用 is,复数用 are。

B ? 1. Li Lao and Li Lei ____in the classroom. ? A. is B. are C. am and 连接两个人,复数,用 are.

? 2. What are____over there? C ? They're______. ? A. these;pencil B. those;a ruler C. those;cakes

those 那些,复数,用cakes.

B ? 3. ____she got any stamps from England? ? A. Have B. Has C. Had

she 第三人称,用单数 has,has got拥有. C ? 4. ______some Chinese shops here.

? A. There is B. There was C. There are
shops复数, there be 用 there are.

? 5.What are you doing, Mary? B ? I____an email to my family in China. ? A. am send B. am sending C. send
be+V-ing, I 与am 连用.

? A套餐: ? 1.完成报纸。 ? 2.抄写Module1-6题目,以及P16四个节日(三英一中)
? 3.看一部中英字幕的英文电影《怪兽大学1》《小叮当之奇妙仙 子》,记录10个单词写在笔记本上。作业完成需要家长签字。

? ? ? ?

B.套餐 1.完成报纸。 2.抄写Module1-6题目,以及P16四个节日(一英一中) 3.看一部中英字幕的英文电影《怪兽大学1》《小叮当 之奇妙仙子》,记录15个单词写在笔记本上。作业完 成需要家长签字

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