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Is this your skirt

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Unit 3 Is this your skirt?
(A.Let’s talk)

Let’s play :What colour is it?

Let’s chant
Shirt, shirt. Is this your shirt?

Yes, yes .Yes ,it is.
Skirt, skirt, Is that your skirt? No, no.No, it’s not. T-shirt,T-shirt. Whose is it? It’s my ,it’s my, baby brother’s.

Let’s ask: Where is my...? Here it is.

Let ‘s practice

Is this /that your…? Yes , it is./No,it’s not

Is that your dress?

No, it’s not.

It’s Sarah’s.

Whose is it? It’s …’s.

Whose is this?

It’s my mother’s!

Whose is this?

It’s your baby brother’s!

Is this your…? No,it’s not. Whose is it? It’s …’s.

My clothes

Let’s listen

Whose T-shirt is it?

What colour

It is

It’s not Whose Whose


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