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姓名____________ 分数_______________


( ) 1. A. bus B. ship C. bike D. book

( ) 2. A.school B. bus C. park D. home

( ) 3. A. red light B. traffic light C. yellow light D. green light

( ) 4. A. Beijing B. Canada C. England D. go

( ) 5. A. stop B. go C.wait D. light

( )6. A.Tom B.apple C. Amy D. Mike

( ) 7. A.morning B.afternoon C.evening D.week

( ) 8.A.tomorrow B.magazine C.dictionary D. newspaper


1、 plane 地铁 2、 take a trip 看书 ship 飞机 read a book 去看电影 subway 轮船 go to the cinema 去旅行 magazine 报纸 science museum 明信片 newspaper 杂志 post card 科学博物馆

二、 选择最佳答案 , 并将其序号填入题前的括号内 。10分

( )1.How do you go to the museum? a. Sure, if you like.

( )2.Can I go on foot? b. It’s near a book shop.

( )3.Where is your home? c. I go there by the No. 31 bus.

( )4. Look at the red light. d. I am going to visit my grandparents.

( )5.What are you going to do tomorrow ? e. We must stop.


1、are going to this do what you afternoon ?

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2、to visit going my I’m grandpa .


3、I go to school foot on .


4、is hospital Where the ?


5、How can get the post office to I ?



( )1、How do ______ go to Canada ?

A he B she C you

( )2、 We ______ going to the cinema .

A is B am C are

( )3、 I get there _______ bus .

A on B by C get off

( )4、What are you going to ______ this morning ?

A doing B doea C do

( )5、Red means ______.

A stop B go C wait

( )6、Go straight _______ 5 minutes .

A with B for C to

( )7、_____ are you going ? The zoo.

A What B Where C When ( )8、 Is it _______ from here ?

A far B near C /

( )9、Sarah ’s home is ______ to the post office .

A west B next C east

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( )10、There are always _______ traffic lights .

A two B three C four

( )11. __________, is there a cinema near here?

A. Excuse me B. Sorry C. Thank you D. Excuse

( )12. — ________are you going to the library?

—At eight O’clock.

A What B Where C When

( )13. My brother likes bananas very much. He_____ eats them.

A usually B always C never

( )14. You should left at the supermarket.

A get B turn C turn to

( )15. This girl is very lovely. She is only one _______ old.

A: year B: years C: a year

( )16. My home is in front ________ the cinema.

A: to B: on C: of

( )17. — Thank you very much.

— _______________________.

A. OK B. Don't thank me C. You're welcome D. Yes

( )18. — How do you go to Canada?

— I go __________.

A. by the plane B. on the plane C. by plane D. on plane

( )19. I go to school on__________ .

A: bus B: foot C: subway

( )20. He goes to school by bus________ it’s far.

A: when B: where C: because



( )1.想邀请你的朋友参加你的12岁生日聚会,你说:

A.Come here and join us.

B.Please come to my twelfth birthday party.

C.Thank you for all coming.

( )2.当你想问电影院在哪里时,你怎样说?

A.How can I get to the cinema?

B.It's very far.

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C.Where is the cinema?

( )3. 当你想问别人怎样到达图书馆时,你该怎样说?

A.How can I get to the library?

B.Can I help you?

C.The library is near the hospital.

( )4 .当你想问别人明天想干什么时,你该怎样说?

A. What are you going to do tomorrow ?

B. Where are you going to do ?

C. I’m going to the bookstore.



( )1.Where is the cinema,please? A. I’m going to the cinema.

( )2.How do you go to school? B.It's near the bookstore.

( )3What are you going to do ? C.I go to school by bus.


Hello! My name is Mike. I am an American boy. I’m 12 years old. I study in Youyi School in Beijing. My home is near. I usually go to school on foot. Sometimes I go by bus. My father and my mother are teachers. They work in a middle school. It’s very far. They go to work by subway. They work very hard. I love them. My grandparents are in the USA. We visit them by plane every year.

( )1. How old is Mike?

A: He is eleven B: He is twelve C: He is ten

( )2. Is Mike an English boy?

A: Yes, he is B: I don’t know C: No, he isn’t

( )3. How does he usually go to school?

A: He usually goes to school on foot.

B: He usually goes to school by bus.

C: He usually goes to school by car

( )4. Do his parents go to work by bus?

A: Yes, they do B: No, they don’t C: Yes, he does

( )5. How do they go to America?

A: They go to America by plane.

B: They go to America by subway.

C:They go to America by train.

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