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Unit 1:

young 年轻的 funny 滑稽可笑的 tall 高的 strong 强壮的 kind 和蔼的、亲切的; old 年老的 short矮的 thin 瘦的 Mr 先生 like 像、喜欢 strict 严格的 smart 聪明的、巧妙的 active 积极的、活跃的 quiet 安静的、文静的 very 很、非常 but 但是

Unit 2:

Mondy 星期一 Tuesday 星期二 Wednesday 星期三 Thursday 星期四 Friday 星期

五 Saturday 星期六 Sunday 星期天 day 天 have 有、吃 on 在…..时候 do homework 做作业 watch TV 看电视 read books 读书

Unit 3:

eggplant 茄子 fish 鱼 green beans 青豆 tofu 豆腐 potato 土豆 tomato 西红柿 for 为 lunch 中餐 we 我们 tasty 好吃的 sweet 甜的 sour 酸的 fresh 新鲜的 salty 咸的 favourite 最喜欢的 they’re=they are 他们是 fruit 水果 grape 葡萄


1.谁是你的英语老师?Carter先生。 Who’s your English teacher? Mr Carter.

2.他长得什么样?他高而强壮。 What’s he like ? He’s tall and strong .

3.她很安静吗?不是的。她很活跃的。 Is she quiet ? No, she isn’t. She’s very active.

4.她很严格么?是的,但她很和蔼的。 Is she strict ? Yes, she is , but she’s very kind .

5 今天星期几?星期二。 What day is it today ? It’s Tuesday.

6 星期二你们有什么课? What do you have on Tuesdays ?

7 我们有数学和科学课。 We have math and science.

8 星期六你常常干些什么? What do you do on Saturdays ?

9 我看电视做作业。 I watch TV and do homework.

10 你怎么样? 我也做作业。 What about you ? I do my homework, too.

11.星期一你们午饭吃什么? What do you have for lunch on Mondays ?

12.我们吃西红柿,土豆和鱼. We have tomatoes, potatoes and fish .

13.你最喜欢的水果是什么? What’s your favourite fruit ?

14.我喜欢苹果. 它们甜甜的. I like apples . They are sweet.

15.我喜欢水果. 但是我不喜欢葡萄. 它们酸酸的。 I like fruits. But I don’t grapes. They’re sour.

16.星期三你午饭吃什么? What do you have for lunch on Wednesday ?

17.我吃米饭,牛肉和豆腐. I have rice and tofu .



1.math, who's ,teacher,your (.) _________________________________________

2、like , what's ,he (.)_________________________________________

3、tall, strong, and, he (.)_________________________________

4、active, is, she (?) ____________________________________

5、have, we, new ,Chinese, a, teacher (.) _______________________________

6、you, do,have,teachers, new(?)_________________________________

7、have,we, English, and, P.E., math, Thursdays, on(.)_______________________________

8、day, what, is, today, it(?) _____________________

9、Sunday, is, today(.)____________________________

10、do,what, you, do, saturdays, on(?)_________________

11、I, on, Sundays,watch,TV, books, read, and(.) _____________________________

12、you, what, about(?) _____________________________________

13、woud ,what,like, you, lunch, for(?) ______________________________

14、green, bins, I, have, tomatoes, and(.) _______________________

15、Thursdays, on, you, do,what, have, for, dinner(?) __________________________

16、food, what's , favourite, your (?)______________________

17、like, T, don't, but, grapes(.) ___________________________

18、favourite, bananas , my, are(.)_____________________

19、heathy, it's, and, fresh(.) _________________________

20、am, I, hungry ______________________________

21、have ,I and, green , onions, beans ________________________

Finish the words.(填入所缺字母,完成单词)

① 高的 t ___ ll ② 滑稽可笑的 f __ nny

③ 亲切的 k __ nd ④ 年老的 o __ d

⑤ 矮的 sh __ __ t ⑥ 严厉的 s __ __ ict

⑦ 聪明的 sm __ __t ⑧ 积极活泼的 a __t __ve

⑨ 星期二 T __e . ⑩ 星期五 F __ iday

二、 找出不同类的单词。(5分)

( ) 1、A.mouth B.pretty C.nose D.hair

( ) 2、A.friendly B.monkey C.panda D.bear

( ) 3、A.funny B.thin C.kind D.classmates

( ) 4、A.uncle B.aunt C.young D.parents

( ) 5、A.new B.Mrs C.Mr D.Miss


1. --Who’s that girl? ______my sister.

A. She’s B. He’s C. It’s

2. --Do you like flowers? -- _____________ .

A.Yes, I don’t. B. Yes, I do. C. No, I can’t.

3. --Is there a toilet in the building? --No, __________ .

A. There isn’t B. there aren’t C. there isn’t

4. Look at the book ____ the floor.

A. on B. under C. in

5. Here _____ a map of the world for you.

A. are B. aren’t C. is

6. I can see some trees ______ the building.

A. beside B. between C. on

7. --Can you make a puppet? -- _______ .

A.Yes, I do. C. No, I can’t. C. No, I can.

8. --Are there any reading rooms in the school? —Yes, ________ .

A. there aren’t B. there is C. there are

9. _____ the song, please.

A. Listen B. Learn to C. Listen to

10. I like the beef, but I’m too heavy now. I ________eat vegetable..

A. will B. would C. have to


1. What would you like for lunch? A. I like apples.

2. What do you have on Thursdays? B. I have English and music.

3. What’s your favourite fruit? C. She is young and pretty.

4. What’s your English teacher like? D. Saturday.

5. What day is it tomorrow? E. I’d like beef.

五阅读理解。阅读下面对话,根据对话内容判断下列句子的对错,正确的在括号里写“T”,错误的写“F”。 Sarah: Hi Chen Jie.

Chen Jie: Hi Sarah. Do you have new teachers .

Satah: Yes. We have two new teachers.

Chen Jie: Who are they ?

Satah: An English teacher a music teacher and a Chinese teacher.

Chen Jie: Wow it’s so good. Who’s your English teacher ?

Sarah: Miss White. She’s very active. Her class is so much fun. We all like her.

Chen Jie: What’s she like ?

Sarah: She’s tall and thin. She’s young. We have English class today.

Chen Jie: That’s great

( )1. Sarah has three new teachers.

( )2. Sarah’s Chinese teacher is a new teacher.

( )3. Miss White is a music teacher.

( )4. Miss White is short and thin.

( )5. Sarah has English class today.

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