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姓名:____________________ 年级: __________________ 学校:_____________________

一、把下来列单词补充完整,并写出汉语意思。(15分) 1.h_ _se( ) 2.dr_ v_ _( ) 3.h_ n( ) 4.br_ _kf_st( ) 5.w_ _ker工人 6.sh_ _p( ) 7.f_ _mer( ) 8. s_ _p ( ) 9. d_mpl_ _ _s ( ) 10. r_ce ( ) 11.chik_ _( ) 12.n_ _dles ( ) 13.n_ _se( ) 14. L_ _ch ( ) 15. p_licem_ _ ( ) 二、英汉互译。(20分)

1.吃午饭________ 2.our school________ 3.玩游戏________ 4.Li Ming’s brother________ 5.睡觉________ 6.in the box________ 7.上课________ 8.in the morning________ 9.在下午________ 10.teacher’s office ________ 11.看电视________ 12.want to be________ 13.学校大门________ 14.Dinner is ready 15.上学________ 16.many animals________ 17.在农场________ 18. in my bedroom________ 19.早饭吃什么?________ 20.a bus driver ________ 三、选择。(30分)

1.When ___you have classes?

A.are B.is C.do 2.What is your father? ___is a worker. A.She B.He C.she

3.I___a policeman. A.want B.want to C.want to be 4.—What do they have___the farm? A.on B.in C.at

5.—What___dinner? —I have chicken and soup. A.for B.on C.is 6.I have classes___eight in the morning. A.in B.on C.at 7.Is she your sister?__________.

A.Yes, he is B.No,she is C.Yes,she is 8.They have pigs,ducks,…many___.

A.animal B.animals C.animales 9.They have ducks,sheep. But they ___have any horses. A.not B.don’t C.doesn’t 10.There is a cow___my bedroom. A.in B.on C.at 四、连词成句,注意大小写和标点。(15分) 1.is/father/your/what






( )Great! I like dumplings.

( )Mom, what’s for dinner?

( )Hello, Aunt Li.

( )Hi Kitty.Welcome! Dinner is ready.

( )We have dumplings.

六、阅读短文,判断正(T)误(F)。(10分) ( )5.They have pigs, ducks and sheep on their farm.

Hello! I’m Liu Zhao Yang. I’m a student. My mother is a cook. My father is a bus driver. I want to be a bus driver ,too. My grandpa and grandma are farmers.They have a small farm. They have pigs, ducks and sheep on their(他们的) farm.

( )1. I’m a farmer.

( )2. My father is a cook.

( )3.I want to be a bus driver.

( )4.My grandpa and grandma are doctor.

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