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2.subway; bus; bike; park

3.school; bike; park; kindergarten

4.Canada; traffic light; traffic rule; traffic jam



1.can, go, on, I, school, foot, to

2.do, to, park, how, the, you, go ?

3.can, No15, go, bus, you, school, to, the, by ?

4.near, is, home, the, my, office, post

5.go, stop, can, to, bus, foot, we, on, the 六.改错:

1.how do you go to school?

2.I goes to Canada by plane.

3.We can go to the bus stop in foot.

4.Remember the traffic rule!

5.Come too my home by bike.


how to by on near go get stop at the

the hospital.

2. I go to school 3.You can go by 4.Look 5.How does your mother 6.My father goes 八.判断有没有共同的读音

name plane ( ) pig big ( ) bike dish ( ) team deal ( ) park great ( ) foot school( ) bus but ( ) stop go ( ) seven sure ( ) five fifth ( )

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