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短语:get up 起床 look at 看......

go to school去上学 come to school来学校

go back home回家 go to bed上床睡觉


1. 如何询问时间

原句呈现:What time is it, Mum?

句型:What time is it?

此结构是由疑问词what引导的特殊疑问句,what time 意为“什么时候,几点”,用来对时间进行提问

答句:It's + 时间.

例如: — What time is it now?

— It's 4:00 .


1)A: What time________ ________?

B: It's________ ________

2)A: What________ ________you go to school?

B: ________usually________ ________ school ________seven thirty.

2. 如何表达“到要做某事的时候了”

原句呈现:It's time to go to school. 到上学的时间了。

句型:It's time to + 动词原形 + 其他.

例如:It's time________ ________breakfast.到吃早餐的时候了。


1. 到起床的时候了。

It's time________ ________up.

2. 到吃午餐的时候了。

It's________ ________have lunch.

3. 到睡觉的时候了。

________time to________ ________bed.

3. 如何表达“没时间做某事”

原句呈现:But I've no time for breakfast.

结构:I've no time for + 某事

次句型的含义是“由于时紧张而没有时间做某事”,I've 是I have的缩写,no time 意为“没有时间”。如果主语是第三人称单数形式,谓语动词要变成has.

例如:1)I have no time for lunch.

2)She has no time for school.


1. 我没有时间睡觉。

I have________ time ________ sleeping.

2. 我妈妈没有时间吃早餐

My mother ________no time________breakfast.



1. 吃午餐 ________ 2. 起床________

3.去上学 ________ 4. 回家 ________

5.go to bed ________ 6. 10:45 ________


( )1. I have _______at seven thirty in the morning.

A. lunch B.breakfast C. Dinner

( )2. It is twelve thirty. Let's have_______.

A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner

( )3. It's eight _______now.

A.o'clock B.clock C. time

( )4. ______ do you go to school? At seven forty.

A. What B. How C.What time

( )5. It's time______go to bed.

A. to B. for C. on

( )6. I go back ______at five in the afternoon.

A.to home B. at home C. home

( )7. It's time ______watch TV.

A. for B. to C. in

( )8. She has a music lesson______ten______forty.

A. from...on... B.at...to... C. from...to...

( )9. When______you get up in the morning.

A. do B.does C.are

( )10. I must______school in the morning.

A.go B.come C. go to


1. I usually_______ _______ _______(去睡觉)at 10:00.

2. It’s go to school.(是时候)


五. 根据上下文,用适当的单词填空.

1 . A: Get Tom!

B: What

A: 8:45.

B: Oh, it’s time go to school.

B: I’ ve no time breakfast.

2. 6:30. you hungry now?

B: Yes, I am.

go and

3. A: Do you have English lessons?

B: Yes, I do.

A: How

B: There

六. 按实际情况回答问题.

1. What time is it now?

2. What time do you have breakfast?

3. Do you like music and art lesson?

4. When do you usually have dinner?

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