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一. 听老师读,选出你所听到的单词。(10分)

( )1.A.Foot B. fruit C .food

( ) 2.A.fish B. fresh

( ) 3.A.Monday B. Sunday

( ) 4.A.hurry B .healthy

( )5.A.tall B .for

( )6.A.short B. Ball

( ) 7.A.English B. Science

( ) 8.A.funny B.young

( ) 9.A. see B.smart

( ) 10.A. day B.Friday

二. 听老师读,选出所听到的句子或词组。

( )1.A.music class B. Art class

( ) 2.A.thin and short B. Tall and short

( ) 3.days for school B. days for fun

( ) 4.yummy fruit B .Healthy food

( )5.A.would you like something to eat?

B. would you like something to drink?

C. would you like something to cook? C. Fridge C. Friday C. heavy C. now C. wall C .Strict C.kind C.smart C.tomorrow 10分) C. math class C. tall and strong C. days for work C. tasty soup (

三.听老师读,选出你所听到的句子的最佳回答。(10分) ( )1.A.orange juice B .chicken C. oranges

( ) 2.he’s tall and thin B .he’s a doctor C .he’s Mr Huang

( ) 3.A.Friday B .It’s cloudy C.It’s11:00

( ) 4.A.math B.I often swim C.I have salad

( ) 5.A.yes,I can B. yes, certainly C.I’ am so happy 笔试部分(共70分)

四. 单项选择(20分)

your English teacher?

A. who’s B. what’s C. how’s

2.___you have new teachers?

A. Are B. Is C. Do

3. Today is ___and tomorrow is ____

A. Sunday Mondays

B .Sunday Saturday

C. Sunday Monday

4,___your music teacher like?

A. What B .who C. What’s

5. Sarah is _____active girl.

A. a B. an C .The

6._Is she active?


A. she isn’t B. isn’t C. she is 7 .It is time ____go to school.

A. for B. from C. to 8 . He’s ____Canada.

A .from B .with C. on

9.__What do you ___on Mondays?

__I often watch TV.

A. Like B. do C, have

10.I often play ___football on Sundays.

A. The B. a C./


1.favourite, your, food, What’s?


2.I, watch , Tv , on , often , Mondays.


3.grapes, I, like , don’t.


4.he, like, What’s ?


5.She , tall , is , and , strong.


6.teacher, your , English, Who’s?

7.They , are , who?


8.Friday , is , tomorrow.


9.She , very , is , active?


10.Chinese ,art , and ,have ,We.

_____________________________________________________ 六情景交际(10分)


A.Who’s your art teacher? B.Who’s your music teacher?


A.Is he short? B.What’s he like?


A.That boy is young B.That boy is funny


A.No,thank you B.You’re welcome


A.Really? B.Thank you


( )1.What day is it today ?

( ) 2.Who’s your music teacher?

( ) 3.What do you have for lunch on Fridays?

( )4.Would you like some apples?

( )5.What do you have on Mondays?

A. We have music and art

B. Miss Hu

C. Yes,It’s healthy

D. It’s Wednesday

E. I have some beef


I’am sarah,I’m twelve years old.I’am a student.Today is Wednesday,I like Wednesdays,because we have English class.Miss Li is our English teacher.she ‘s thin and active.We all like her.We have math ,English and chinese in the morning .In the afternoon ,we have music,computer and P.E.what a fun day !

( )1.Today isn’t Wednesday.

( )2.Sarah is 12

( )3.Miss Li is a good teacher.

( )4.Miss Li isn’t active.

( )5.We have three classes on Wednesdays.

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