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牛津英语 5A UNIT 1


一、单词辨音:判断划线部分读音是否一致,对的打“√” ,错的打“×”。

) ) ) )

二、 英汉互译。

1.许多 2. 看一看

3. 在学校4. 一幢新大楼

5. 阅览室6. I’m not sure

9. all the teachers 10. near the swing


( )1.There ___________ an apple and a banana on the table .

A. are B. is C. am

( )2. Is there a swing in the garden ? No ,__________ .

A. there is B. there isn’t . C. there are .

( )3. Are there__________ books in the bag ?

A. any B. some C. much

( )4. How many ____________are there in your school ?

A. classroom B. classrooms C. a classroom

( )5. All the________________ are in the office .

A. teacher B. teachers C. a teacher

( )6. There___________ some swings and a slide in the park .

A. is B. am C. are

( )7.There is a toilet_________ the building .

A. in B. on C. at

( )8. There__________ some bread on the plate .

A. is B. am C. are

( )9. Shall _____________go and have a look ?

A. us B. he C. we

( )10. There are some cars__________ the street .

A. in B. on C. at


1. There be) some girls on the slide .

牛津英语 5A UNIT 1

2. There are

3. I can see a lot of

4. How many

( I ) see .


( )What’s your name? A.There are four.

( ) Are there any flowers? B.I’m not sure.

( )What would you like? C.Helen.

( )How many boys are there? D.No,there aren’t.

( )Is there a slide? E.Some apples,please.



2.树上有一些小鸟吗? 没有。

3.盘子里有个鸡蛋吗? 没有。

4.滑梯上有多少女孩?有三个。 七、连词成句12’

1、can what you see box in the


2、 there toys under are any the table

3、I sure am not

牛津英语 5A UNIT 1


There are three trees near the twins’(双胞胎) house . There is one big tree and two small trees . In the big tree there is a bird . Can the bird sing(唱) ? Yes , it can . What’s that near the big tree ? It’s a cat .

“ I want(想) some food (食物) .” thinks(想) the cat .

“ Bird , come here , and it’s time for tea .” says the cat.

“ Not today , thank you .” says the bird , “ You can’t catch (捉住) me today . Good bye ! ”

( ) 1. There are_________ small trees near the house .

A. two B. three C. no D. many

( ) 2. There is a bird _____________________.

A. in the small tree B. on the small tree

C. in the big tree D. on the big tree

( ) 3. The cat wants to eat __________.

A. some tea B. the bird

C. a cake D. some trees

( ) 4. At last (最后),____________________ .

A. the bird goes away ( 走了) .

B . the cat goes away .

C. the cat catches the bird

D. The bird gets down(下来) from the tree

There be 句型演练

I. 将下列句子变成否定句和一般疑问句。

1.There is some water in the bottle.

2.There are many apples in the box.

II. 对句子划线部分提问。

牛津英语 5A UNIT 1








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