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read and write

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PEP5 Unit 6 In the Nature Park
Part B Read and Write

There is ___________.


small houses tree

tall buildings


small houses


Tick or cross.
1) There are many lakes and bridges in Sarah’s village. 2) There are many mountains in Chen Jie’s village.

× √ √ ×

3) There are not any tall buildings in Chen Jie’s village. 4) There are many pandas in the mountains. 5) There are not any fish in the river. ×

Sarah: I like my village. There _____ many
rivers and bridges ___ the village. The water ____ clean.The air ___ fresh. Chen: I like my village,too. There ____ many mountains ____ my village. There ____ no tall

buildings. The sky ___ blue. The clouds ____
white. I can run on the grass. Sarah: _____ there any pandas ___ the mountais? Chen: No, there _____ not. ____ there any fish

___ the rivers?
Sarah: Yes, there _____. You can see many fish.

My Village I like my village. It is in the mountains. There are many small houses and a river. There is a

bridge over the river. There are many fish in
the river . There is a road beside the river.

There are many flowers and many trees near
the road. There is a lake near my village. The

water is clean. The air is fresh. It’s a beautiful

Read and choose


1. My village is in ________. A: mountains B: trees 2. There are many flowers and trees___ the road. A: in B: near 3. The water is _________. A: clean B: fresh 4. There are many ______ in the river. A: fishs B: fish

Write your village.

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