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watch TV go swimming

read books
go to the park

play the drums

Play the flute listen to CDs

What do you do at the weekend ?

Do you … at the weekend ?

Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.
Does he / she … at the weekend ?

Yes, he/she does. No, he/she doesn’t.

Where do you live ? I live in …
Is it a big city ? Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t.

What school do you go to ? I go to … School.

bike car train plane



How do you go to school ? I go to school by … . I walk to school.
How do you go to ?

I go to … by … . I walk to … .

How does your father go to work?

He goes to work by … .
He walks to work.

1. I go to Beijing by train. 2. I walk to school.

3. She plays the flute.
4. They go swimming at
the weekend.

5. Does she read books?
Yes, she does.

1. She go / goes swimming ? 2. He watch TV / watches TV at half past 6. 3. I play /plays the flute? 4. She read / reads books. 5. Ms Smart go / goes to the park.

1. Does he play the drums ?
A. No, I don’t. A. I watch TV. B. Yes, he does. B. By car. 2. How do you go to school ?

3. What do you do at the weekend ? A. I watch TV. B. By car.

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