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( )1. A. earphone B. dairy C. earphones D. walkman

( )2. A.18th of October B. 6th of August C. 12th of July D. 8th of June

( )3. A. rice B. race C. face D. Science

( )4. A. take off B. take a walk C. turn off D. take photos

( )5. A. all B. as C. also D. ago

( )6. A. exciting B. running C. excited D. excite

( )7. A. was B. am C. were D. did

( )8. A. three B. third C. 13th D. 30th

( )9. A. in your bedroom B. in the bathroom

C. on your bed D. in the bag

( )10. A. a roll of film B. a pair of glasses

C. a pair of earphones D. a pair of trousers


( )1. A. It’s the 3rd of March. B. It’s Teachers’ Day. C. It’s Thursday.

( )2.A. Having a running race. B. Watching a running race.

C. Taking photos.

( )3. A. It was a pair of glasses. B. It’s a pair of glasses.

C. They’re a pair of glasses.

( )4. A.It’s in the park.B.It means ‘No parking’.C.It was in the park.

( )5. A. Yse,please. B. Yes,I’d like to. C. No,thank you.

三、听录音,填入所缺的单词。(听三遍)(10分) 1. There films on the sofa ______ ________.

2. I can’t find my ________ _______ .

3. Su Hai ________ _______ _______ her diary.

4. There ______ an _________ running race in the playground.


一、选出划线部分发音不同单词。(6分) ( ) 1.A. hear B. dear C. near D. where ( ) 2.A. brother B. her C. sister D. tiger ( ) 3.A. eat B. sweater C. head D. bread

( ) 4.A. down B. ground C. brown D. yellow ( ) 5.A. bear B. pear C. there D. here ( ) 6.A. pocket B. those C. mango D. photo


1. Sports Day ________________ 2. 看跑步赛跑_________________

3. on the ground_______________ 4. 寻找

5. a roll of film_______________ 6. 片刻之前

7. a pair of earphones________________8. 一副眼镜__________________

9. under the pear tree________________10. 拍照 ______________


1. Let ______ see. (I)

2. Jim is watching TV, and _______ (he) sister _________ (do) her homework.

3. There _________ (be) a pair of ________(glass) on the desk. 4. The boys and the girls are very (excite).

5. All the books _____(be) not here, but they _____(be) here a moment ago.

6. How about _________(watch) the running race?

7. It ______ (be) there just now, but it isn’t there now.


( ) 1. The boys and girls are _____the running race in the playground.

A. looking B. watching C. seeing

( ) 2. We are watching __________ football match.

A. an excited B. an exciting C. an excite

( ) 3. There are ___________ on the ground.

A. two rolls of film B. two rolls of films C. two roll of films

( ) 4. I have two __________

A. diary B. diarys C. diaries

( ) 5. I _______ in the classroom a moment ago.

A. am B. were C. was

( ) 6. A:Where are my _____?B:They ______on the bookcase this morning.

A. CDs; are B. CDs; were C. CD; were

( ) 7. Can you pick ______ the walkman _______ me?

A. up; to B. for; from C. up; for

( ) 8. Where’s _______ mobile phone?

A. a B. an C. the

( ) 9. It’s time ______ watch the football match.

A. to B. for C. in

( ) 10. _______ your sister at home yesterday?

A. Was B. Were C. was


1.pick, her, can, up, you, them, for,please (,?)


2.are, very, all, excited, students, the (.)







1.I am at home now. (改成一般过去式) I at home . 2.The films were under the table. (对划线部分提问)

________ _______ the films?

3.It was Sports Day at school. (改成否定句)

It ______ Sports Day at school.

4.Liu Tao usually watches TV on Saturday? (改成一般疑问句)

_________ Liu Tao usually_________ TV on Saturday?

5.The dog was there a moment ago.(改成同义句)

The dog ______ there _______ now.


1. A: the ________? 2. A: Where are the _________?

B: It’s ________ the desk . B: They’re _______ the bag.

A: It isn’t there now. A: They’re not there now.

B: It _____there . B: They ______ there just now.

七、读短文,选择填空. (10分)


Mum: Hurry up, Jim! You’ll be late for school.

Jim: I can’t find my white T-shirt, Mum. It was on my bed just now.

Mum: It’s next to the computer

Jim: Thanks! Oh, no! where are my brown trousers?

Mum: They’re on the sofa.

Jim: Now where are my socks? They were on the chair a moment ago. Mum: They’re under your bed, Jim. Can you see them?

Jim: Yes. Oh, no!

Mum: What’s the matter?

Jim: It’s a quarter to eight. I’m late for school!

( )1. Where was Jim’s white T-shirt?

A. on his bed B. on my bed C. next to the computer

( )2. What’s the time?

A. seven forty-five B. eight fifteen C. eight forty-five

( )3. Where are Jim’s brown trousers?

A. on his bed B. on the sofa C. on the chair

( )4. What colour are Jim’s socks?

A. white B. brown C. Sorry, I don’t know.

( )5. Is Jim a careful boy?

A.Yes. B. No. C. Sorry, I don’t know.


A:I want to call my friend. But I can’t find my mobile phone. Where is it,Mum?

B: Is it in your desk?

A:No,it isn’t. It was there this morning.

B:Ah, I can see it. It’s on your chair now.

A:Thank you. Where are my glasses? I can’t see them.

B: I think they’re in your bag.

A:No, they’re not there.

B:They were there just now.

A:Can you find them for me please?

B:Oh, they’re behind your bag. Here they are,Ben.

A:Thank you.

B:You’re welcome. But look after your things carefully.


( )1.Mike can't find his mobile phone.

( )2.Ben’s mobile phone is on the table.

( )3.The glasses were in Ben’s bag a moment ago.

( )4.Mum helps Ben find his glasses and the mobile phone.

( )5.Ben looks after his things carefully.

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