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(1) A fly kites B plant trees (2) A write a letter B write an e-mail

(3) A have English class B having English class

(4) A Mom is cooking dinner. B Mom is cooking supper. (5) A They are watching insects. B They are picking up leaves. 二、听录音,标号。

( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( )


1 2 3

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

4 5

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

四、听录音,按听到的顺序给下列句子排序。 ( )I often play football .

( ) Which season do you like best? ( ) What do you do on the weekend? ( ) Me,too.

( ) Winter.Because I can sleep a long time.



July 十二月 write a report 进行体育活动June 六月 play sports 做晨练 October. 十一月 do morning exercises 写报告 November. 七月 write an e-mail 数昆虫 December. 十月 count insects 写电子邮件 二、请在B栏中找出A栏句子的答语,将其字母代号填在括号中。 1. A B

( ) Where are they? A I eat dinner at 7:00 . ( ) What do you do on the weekend? B I like winter best. ( ) When do you eat dinner ? C. Yes, he is .

( ) Is Mike taking pictures? D.I often play pingpong. ( ) What’s your favourite season? E They are in the woods. 2. A B ( ) What are you doing? A . Yes, they are.

( ) Is her birthday in June? B . I’m reading newspapers. ( ) Why do you like summer? C . No.I don’t.

( ) Do you have a kite? D. Because I can swim in a lake. ( ) Are the monkeys swinging? E . Yes, it is. 三、请根据汉语意思在空白处填空。

1. 你通常什么时候去爬山? ______ ? 2. 让我们去远足吧。Let’s


3. 你的生日在五月吗?________ your birthday in ?

4.看,那个女孩正在捉蝴蝶。Look!The girl is ________ ________. 5. 他们正在下棋吗?Are they ________ ________? 四、选择填空。

( ) 1. Is your brother ______ his homework, now?

A do B does C doing

( )2.The monkeys ______ swinging in the tree.

A. am B. is C. are

( )3. The ______ month of the year is September. A.ninth B. nineth C. nine ( )4. When is Children’s Day?

A May 1st B June 1st C July 1st ( )5. Look, The tiger is A. run B. runing C. running ( )6. -----______do you get up, Tom? ------ I usually get up at 6:00. A How B What C When

( )7. -----How many are there in a year? ------There are twelve.

A days B months C weekends ( )8. ---- Why do you like apples? ----- they are healthy .

A Because B So C And ( )9. Dad, there is a call ________ you.

A. in B. for C.on ( )10. -----Is Uncle Larry in the kitchen ?

in the garden. A she B he’s C she’s



It’s Sunday today.It’s sunny.I go to the park near my home with my family. Now I am playing football with my father.Mother is flying a kite with my sister.An English boy is flying a kite with his mother,too.There are two tall boys in the park ,too.They are flying their model planes.A little girl is jumping on the grass near them. ( ) 1 There is a park near my home. ( ) 2 It’s a sunny Sunday today. ( ) 3 I am flying a kite with my parents. ( ) 4 I can see some English boys in the park.

( ) 5 The two short boys are flying a model plane in the park.


My name is Amy. I’m a student. I’m eleven years old. But I’m strong and tall. I study in Xingji Primary School. I like my school. It’s so beautiful. We have Chinese, math,English, music and science every week. Wednesday is my favourite day . We have P.E. class.We have eggs, tomatoes and rice on Mondays. They are my favourite food. My English teacher is Miss Wang. She teaches English well. She is young and funny. I love English . On Saturdays I play basketball with my classmates. On Sundays I can sweep the floor at home. ( )1. Amy is ____ years old.

A. ten B. eleven C.nine ( )2. She has _____ on Wednesdays.

A. eggs ,rice and tomatoes B. pork, green beans and rice C. beef, eggs and bread

( )3. My English teacher is .

A. old and funny B. funny and young C. strong and tall ( )4. Her favourite day is.______

A. Monday B. Thursday C. Wednesday

( )5.On she can play basketball with her classmates. A. Sundays B. Saturdays C. Wednesdays

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