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一、单项选择。( 36分)

( )1. You must stay from the building.

A. away B. out C. off D. up

( )2. The park keeper points a sign on the grass.

A. of B. in C. with D. to

( )3. I know about public signs.

A. lots of B. many C. a lot D. a lots of

( )4. The sign “No parking”.

A. mean

( )5. There’ A. an, a ( ( ( ( )9. This is ( )10. — — ( )11. – ( )12. – A. day ( )13. – ( A. June B. August C. October D. December

( )15. –What would you like ______ a New Year’s present? –I’d like a yo-yo.

A. to B. of C. as D. for

( )16. I’d like a cake _______ lots of ________.

A. on, grape B. on, grapes C. with, grape D. with, grapes

( )17. Kate is telling her classmate about Halloween _____the phone.

A. in B. at C. on D. by

( )18. It’s time ______ lunch.

A. for B. to C. for have D. have

( )19. Would you like ______my party? Yes,______.

A. to come to, I’d like to B. coming, I’d like to

C. to come, I do D. coming, I do

( )20. The children are _____the Jim’s party.

A.in B.at C.on D.of

( )21.Can I ,Dad ?

A watching TV B watches TV C watch TV D watch tv

( )22.Would you like to play basketball with me ?


A Yes,I like B Yes, I’d like .

C Yes, I’d like to D Yes, I would like .

( )23.Aladdin is his costume . It is Mike !

A taking off B putting off C taking out D putting away

( )24.On of June we have a good holiday .

A one B first C ones D the first

( )25.The boys books in the classroom now .

A are looking B are reading C are seeing D are looking at

( )26.It’s

A to ( )27.Ben A. has ( A. \ ( A. ( ( ( ( A. in ( A. ( )35.( 二、单词填空。(22分)

1. Look, the old man (waters, is watering) the flowers in the garden.

2. The sign (mean, means) “Do not touch”.

3. Liu Tao likes (play, playing) football very much.

4. These (watch, watches) are from his parents.

5. This is not (my, mine) bag.

6. Helen dances (beautiful, beautifully).

7. The _______________ (child, children) are very excited.

8. Jane is ______________ (reading, read) a newspaper.

9. My cousin ______________ (have, has) a CD Walkman.

10.Where are the _______________? (glass, glasses)

11.It means we should ______________ ( keep, keeps) quiet.

12.My father likes _______________ (listen, listening) to the radio.

13.Helen often __________________ (does, do) housework at the weekends.

14.June is the __________ month of the year. (sixth, seventh)

15. __________ is the first day of the week. (Sunday, Monday)

16. What ________ is it today? It’s Saturday. (date, day)

17. Would you like an animal stamp __________ a birthday present? (of, as)

18. A: __________ is your birthday? (When, What time)

B: It’s __________ the 5th of November. (on, in)

19. He __________ runs to his mother. (quick, quickly)

20. I know __________ about public signs. (a lot, a lot of)

21. It’s time __________ some cake. (to, for)

1. B: G:

’t carry the ( )1. Today is the day of the week.

A. first B. last C. second

( )2. Tom his homework today.

A. doesn’t do B. does C. is doing

( )3. They buy first.

A. meat B. juice C. books

( )4. The fruits in the shop are A. big B. small C. fresh

( )5. Tom carries home.

A. the juice B. the bottles C. the fruit


Nancy has got a fever. Ben and Yang Ling are going to the hospital to see her. They get some fruit for

Nancy. In the hospital, Ben sees a lot of signs on the wall, “No parking”, “Be quiet”…. Yang Ling sees a special(特殊的) sign on the door. She doesn’t know the sign. She asks a nurse near the door about it. The nurse tells her that it means “No entry”. The sign means other people shouldn’t go inside(里面) the room except(除了) the doctors and nurses. At last(最后), Ben and Yang Ling find Nancy. They hope she will get better soon. 判断下列句子与短文内容是否相符,相符的用“√”表示,不相符的用“×”表示。

( )6. Nancy is ill in hospital.

( )7. Ben and Yang Ling get some flowers for Nancy.

( )8. The sign “No entry” on the door means “闲人免进”.

( )9. A doctor tells them the answer.

( )10. There are many signs in the hospital.

五、 用所给的单词填空(12分)

2、He is asking Ben some questions _________ the public signs.

3、Can I go_________?

4、You must stay ________from the building.

5、Keep ________ the grass.

6、There is a sign _________ the grass.

7、Please keep __________.

8、We shouldn’t _________ noise here.

9、You __________ go out without a coat. You’ll be cold.

10. Now I know _________ about public signs.

11. You _________ brush your teeth before you go to bed every day.


( )1.What day is it today? A. No, you can’t.You should go to bed now. ( )2.What does it mean? B. No, he is talking to his friends now. ( )3.They aren’t there now. C. They were there a moment ago.

( )4.Can I play the computer games? D. It means you should be quiet.

( )5.When is your father’s birthday? E. He was at home a moment ago.

( )6.When is the Children’s Day? F. Happy birthday to you!

( )7.Today is my birthday. G. Yes ,I ’d like.

( )8.Where was Tom a moment ago? H. It’s on the 3rd of October.

( )9.Is Mr smith reading a newspaper now? I. Today is the first of January.

( )10. Would you like a puppet J. It is on the 1st of June.

as your birthday present?

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