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Unit 6
By Helen . Lin

Family member

Date Tomorrow

He won’t be free

Li Ming



This weekend Next Saturday

Go shopping

Go on a field trip

Mother Next Week Visit her friend

If you are Liming A: Will you be free tomorrow? B: Sorry , I won’t be free. If you are Liming’s sister A:What is your plan for this weekend? B: I plan to go shopping. If you are Liming’s father A: What do you want to do next Saturday? B: I will go on a field trip. If you are Liming’s mother A: What are you going to do next week? B: I am going to visit my friend.

Asking about somebody’s arrangement or plan (询问他人有什么计划或 有何安排):

will you be free (tomorrow) ?


Yes, I’ll be free… (Sorry, I won’t be free until Sunday) What do you want to do I want to… (next Saturday)? (I will…) What are you going to do I’m going to… (next week)? What is your plan for I plan to… (this weekend )?

It’s Sunday today. I haven’t any classes. I’m going to see a film with my classmates.My sister is going to surf the net at home. And my parents are going to clean the rooms. But now, we’re all sleeping and having a sweet dream!
Answer the following questions: 1.What is Jim going to do this Sunday? 2.Are Jim’s parents doing some cleaning? 3.Does Jim’s sister watch Tv at home?

让我们来认识一下英语学习中的 文化背景知识 !
中国人见面打招呼除说象英语的问候语“你好” “你早”外,最常用的还有“上哪儿去?”这句 话若用英语直译出来成为打招呼的句式的则 会使操英语的本族人感到不快,因为 Where are you going ? (上哪儿去?) What are you doing?(你在干什么?)均属私事, 旁人没有必要打听。 他们的内心反应的潜台词可能是 : “It's none of your business! (你管得着

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