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4A unit4 Cartoon&Check

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Song time

Can you swim and can you run? Can you skate and can you jump? Oh, yes, I can. Oh, yes, I can. I can swim and I can run. I can skate and I can jump.

Look and say

I can play table tennis. I can’t play basketball.

I can’t skate.
I can swim.

Look and say

fly 飞
I can swim.

I can fly.

Can Bobby fly ??
Watch the cartoon and find the answer.

Bobby can’t fly.

Can Sam fly?

sad 难过的,伤心的

either 也

Sam can’t fly either.

Let’s read

I can swim too.

Let’s read

I can fly too.

Can you?

Let’s read Look at me, Sam!

Let’s read

Don’t be sad, Bobby. I can’t fly either.

Try to act

Checkout time

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