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小学英语5年级M6 U2

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Module 6

Unit 2 I can do it very well.

? Do you remember what can Lingling play? And can she play it well? ? Sam can do something very special. Let’s have a look.

Can you do 1?

I can do 1.
I can’t do 1.

Can you do 2 ?

I can do 2.
I can’t do 2.

Can you do 3 ?
I can do 3(very well). I can’t do 2 (at all).
not… at all 根本不

Can you do 4 ?

Can you do 5 ?

Can you do 6 ?

Class Party
Sing: _________________
Dance: ___________________ Say a chant: __________________ Act out a play: ___________________

Try to read:
bottle team dear

robot wait cloudy

listen and say the tongue twister.


She sells seashells at the seashore.

制作一本班级手册,记录同学的 名字和特长。请每一位学生根据自己 的情况完成自己的那一页,最后把所 有页面装订成册,并推选一名学生制 作封面。

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