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( ) 2. A. Yes, he is. B. No, he is. C. Yes, she is.

( ) 3. A. Yes, they are . B. No, there aren’t. C. No, there are.

( ) 4. A. Monday. B. Math. C. Miss Wu.

( ) 5. A. She can sweep the floor.

B. He can sweep the floor.

C. She often sweeps the floor.

四、根据录音内容填写下列句子中所缺的单词, 使句子完整,每空只填一词。(每词1分,共10分)

1. Is there a ________ in the park? No, there ________.

2. _________ there any tall ________ in the city?

3. The ________ is ________ the door.

4. Amy can _______ the clothes and ________ the bed

5. I like _____________. ___________ sour.



( ) 1. Today is _____________ (A. Saturday B. Sunday)

( ) 2. There is _____________ in the nature park. (A. lake B. river)

( ) 3. The river is ________ (A. near the house B. near the mountain)

( ) 4. There are houses _____the mountain.( A. in B. in front of )

( ) 5. We _________ the nature park. ( A. like B. don’t like)


六、按照字母表顺序填入所缺字母,注意字母书写规则。 (每空2分,共10分。)




( )1. A. sky B. cabbage C. cloud D. Mountain

( )2. A. smart B. active C. quiet D. mirror

( )3. A. salty B. tasty C. lunch D. yummy

( )4. A. Tuesday B. Thursday C. Sunday D. Canada

( )5. A. principal B. farm C. village D. city

八、模仿例句,用同类单词替换画线部分的单词. (每题1分,共5分)

例: I’d like some s. a l p p e apple 1. The oranges are . o r u s __________

2. Who’s that _____ lady? d o l __________ 3. We have on Tuesdays. h c e e s n i ___________ 4. Today is . S d y a u n __________ 5. is my favourite food. t o a t o p ___________


1. I, my, do, homework, too ( , .)

_______________________________________________________________________________ 2. is ,a, There, river, the, in, park ( . )

3. behind, trash, bin, The, is, door, the ( . )

4.can, I, cook, meals, the ( . )

5. there, fish, Are, any, river, in, the ( ?)


1.( )What can you do? A. It’s Monday.



2.( )What’s your favourite food? B. I often do my homework.

3.( )What's he like ? C.I can do the dishes.

4.( )What day is it today? D.He is strong .

5.( )What do you do on Sundays? E. I like potatoes.


Dear John;

My name is Amy. I am ten years old. I study in Ningb Primary School. Today is Thursday and it is my favourite day. We have English and computer class and we have fish for lunch. Fish is my favourite food.

I like Mr. Li. He is our P. E teacher. He is strong and tall. He is very funny and active.

I am helpful at home. I can cook the meals and wash the clothes. In the evening, I often watch TV and I go to bed at 9:00 o’clock. Tell me about you and your school, please.

Your pen pal,


( ) 1. Amy’s favourite day is Monday.

( ) 2. Amy can cook the meals and do the dishes.

( ) 3. Mr. Li is tall and strong.

( ) 4. Amy likes vegetables very much.

( ) 5. John is Amy’s pen friend.




一、听录音, 选出与录音相符合的一项,并将其字母


1. I don’t like fish.

2. I can do housework at home. I am helpful.

3. The closet is under the picture.

4. What do you have for dinner?

5. I’d like some eggplant and potatoes.

6. What’s under the bridge?

7. She’s tall and strong.

8. There is a bed, an end table and a closet.

9. I’d like fish and tofu.

10. My music teacher is funny.

二、听录音, 判断句子或图片的是否与录音内容相符,相符的在相应题号下的括号内打“√” , 不相符的打“×”,

1. My music teacher isn’t old.

2. John likes Chinese food.

3. The air-conditioner is under the mirror.

4. There are many clothes in the closet.

5. Amy often does housework.



1. What would you like for dinner?

2. Is Mr. Chen funny?

3. Are there any flowers on the grass?

4. What’s your favourite day?

5. What can your mother do?

四、根据录音内容填写下列句子中所缺的单词, 使句子完整,每空只填一词,每词0.5分,共5分 1. Is there a lake in the park? No, there isn’t. 2. Are there any tall buildings in the city? 3. The curtains are under the picture. 4. Amy can wash the clothes and make the bed 5. I like _grapes. _They’re sour.

五、根据你在录音中听到的内容,选择相应的答案,将序号写到前面的括号里,每题2分,共 5 编号填在题前的括号里,每小题1



A: What day is it today?

B: It’s Saturday.

A: What do you do on Saturdays?

B: We often go to the nature park.

A: Oh, really? What’s in the nature park?

B: There is a river. Near the river , there is a mountain.

A: Are there any houses?

B: Yes, they are in front of the mountain. The air is fresh . The sky is blue. The water is clean. I love the park very much.


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