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一、 听音,打圈。(8%)

1. Fruit food 2 fish face 3. thirty thirteen 4. green grape

5 small short 6. book look 7. long lamp 8. bus bike

二、 听音,选择正确答案。(8%)

1( ) What food do you like?

A: I like hot dogs. B: I like hamburgers. C: I like chicken. 2( ) What’s in your pencil-case?

A: Two pencils. B: A Chinese book. C: Four sharpeners. 3( )John likes and A: music, sports B: painting , sports C: sports , music 4( ) Can I use your pen?

A: Thank you. B: No problem. C: Here you are.

5( )Who is your math teacher?

A: Mr. Brown B: Miss White C: Mr. Black 6( ) Where is the computer?

A: It’s in the teacher’s desk. B: It’s near the window. C: It’s behind the door. 7( )What color is your ball?

A: yellow B: blue C: purple 8( )How are you today?

A: fine B: very well C: not well

三、 听音,填数字。(7%)

四、 听音,涂色并连线。(5%)




1 woman black short big

2 small man white tall


( ) Good idea

( )

Hi, Amy, We have a new classroom.

( ) It’s nice now.

( ) Really? Let’s go and have a look!

( ) Hello, Mike.

( ) OK ,Wow, It’s so big.

( ) Let’s clean our classroom.


Where is my seat? A schoolbag. What’s his name?

Can I have some juice, please?

What’s in your desk?

What’s 13 plus 17?

30. His name is ZhangPeng. It’s near the window. Sure. Here you are.

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