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I’m going there at 3 o’clock this afternoon.

( ) 5、A、No, he does. B、Yes, she does. C、Yes, he does. 听力部分 一、听录音,选择所听到单词或短语。

笔试部分 ( ) 1、A. stop B、wait C、go 一、中英短语互译. ( ) 2、A、by bike B、on foot C、by train

( ) 3、A、this morning B、tomorrow C、this evening 1 、乘坐自行车 2、在左边3、traffic 4、 ( ) 4、A、Friday B、Tuesday C、Saturday

( ) 5、A、hospital B、library C、bookstore 5、去看电影

( ) 6、A、next to B、near C、far from 二选择

( )1、In Australia , drivers drive on the ________of the road. ( )7、A、east B、west C、easy A、left B、right C、middle ( ) 8、A、at 7:40 B、at 7:30 C、at 7:50 ( )2、Hainan is ________of the China. ( )9、A、cook B、look C、book A、east B、north C、south ( ) 10、 A、Stop at a red light. B、 Wait at a yellow light. C、( )3、Shanghai is far_____HongKong. Go at a green light. A、for B、with C、from ( )4、Today is my sister’s ______birthday. 二、根据你听到的句子意思判断下列图片对的打“√ ”,错的打“ ╳ ”。

A、five B、fifth C、fiveth ( )5、Sarah is going to buy some plants in the ______. A、shoe store B、plant shop C、fruit shop ( )6、I’m going to the park _____Sunday morning. A、in B、on C、at ( ) 7、We are going to go hiking _____weekend. 1、( ) 2、 ( ) 3、( ) 4、( ) 5、( ) 6( ) A、on B、at C、next 三、听录音,根据你在录音中听到问句选出合适的答语。

( )1、A、Yes, you can. B、You can go by the No. 12 bus. C、( )8、I __________my grandparents tomorrow.

A、am going to visit B、visit C、am go to visit I can go by the No. 12 bus. ( )9 –Is there a cinema near here ? Yes,_______ ( ) 2、A、Yes, it’s far from here. B、Yes, it’s near here. C、A、it is. B、there are C、there is No, it’s far from here. ( )10、She can _______the No. 12 bus to the park. ( ) 3、A、Yes, I do. B、Yes, he does. C、Yes, she does. A、takes B、by C、take

( )4、 A、I’m going to buy some books. B、I’m going there by bus. C

1 六年级英语上册期中測试题


1 你打算什么时候去北京?

When are you____________ to Beijing? 2、我怎样到达中山公园?

How can I _____ to the Zhongshan ? 3、你可以乘地铁去图书馆。

You can go to the library by ________. 4、将来她想成为一位英语老师。

She is going to ________an English teacher in the future. 5、他将会过一个忙碌的周末。

He will have a _________weekend. 。


Hi, I am Susan. I am from the U.K. But now I’m studying in China. I’m going to do many things in the winter holiday.(寒假) First, I’m going to finish(完成) my homework. Then I’m going to take a trip. I’m going to Beijing, which is the capital(首都) of China. It’s snowy in Beijing. There is snow everywhere(到处). So I’m going to make a snowman. I can ski. My parents will come to China and go with me. We are going to fly there. We are going to have a nice trip.

( )1、Susan is from_________. A、China B、England

( )2、Now Susan is in_________.

A、China B、England

( )3、Beijing is the capital of _________. A、China B、U.K.

( )4、Susan is going to ______ in Beijing. A、skate B、play with the snow. ( )5、They are going to go to Beijing__________.

A、by plane B、by train


五:根据首字母提示,完成句子所缺的单词。 1、 How much is a p__________ of shoes?

2、 In China , drivers drive on the r________ side of the road. 3、 Today is Monday , tomorrow is T________. 4、 Guangzhou is in the s_____ of China . 5、 She likes r________ magazines. 六选择正确疑问词填空。

1 A:________can I get to the nature park?

B:You can go by the No.15 bus.

2 A:________are you going to do ?

B:I’m going to buy an English dictionary.

3 A:_______are you going? B:I’m going to USA

4 A:_______do you go to school on foot ? B: Because it’s near..

5 A:_______floor?

B: The third floor.

6 A:_______are you going?

B: At


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