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一、 判断划线部分的发音,相同的打对号,不同的打错号。

( )1. meat bread ( )2. but bus ( )3. idea peach ( )4. rice right ( )5. post nose ( )6. always face ( )7. elephant set ( )8. seven strong ( )9.driver bike ( )10. south the

三、 请在B栏中找出A栏句子的答语,将其字母代号填在括号中。


( )How do you go to school? A You can go by the No.5 bus.

( )Can I go on foot? B No, it’s not far.

( )How can I go to the zoo? C Sure, if you like.

( )Is it far from here? D It’s near the hospital.

( ) Where is the cinema? E Usually I go on foot.

( )Where is the bookstore? A My home is near the cinema.

( )What are you going to do? B I am going at 3 o’clock.

( )Where are you going this evening? C I’m going to play football.

( )When are you going? D It’s east of the cinema.

( )Where is your home? E I’m going to the bookstore.


1.红灯停。 _______at a red __________.

2.请看这些漫画书。Look at these __________ books, _________.

3.我坐火车去北京。 I go to Beijing ______ ___________.

4.今天下午我准备去邮局。I’m going to the post _________ this __________.

5. 今天上午我去了银行。I went to the bank ________ _____________.


. I am a bird. I fly in the sky. I like the clouds. They are pretty. I live in a tree. The tree is near a river. There aren’t any fish in the river. There is only one tree. I feel lonely.

One day, I see some students. They plant trees. They grow flowers, too. I like the trees and the flowers. They are very beautiful. Then there are trees and flowers.

There are many fish in the river. The air is cleaner, the clouds are more whiter. Many birds come. I am happy.

1. ( )In the passage(短文), “I am a _________.”

A bird B tree C flower

2. ( )Where is the tree?

A On the river. B Over the river. C Near the river.

3. ( )Are there any fish in the river at first(原来)?

A Yes, there is. B Yes, there are. C No, there aren’t.

4. ( )Who plants the trees and flowers?

A Some students. B Some birds. C Some fish.

5. ( )After reading this passage, what should you do?

A Water the flowers and trees. B Cook the meals.C Make the bed.


( )1.How do you go to school? A.祝你生日快乐!

( )2.Stop at a red light. B.我怎么才能到博物馆?

( )3.Excuse me.Where is the library? C.红灯停。

( )4.How can I get to the museum? D.对不起,请问,图书馆在哪?

( )5.Happy birthday to you! E.你怎么上学去的?

八、情景对话,根据左边句子的意思从右边中选择合适的答语,将序号填在括号里(10) ( )1.How do you go to school? A. This afternoon

( )2.Where is the library? B.I`m going to the cinema.

( )3.Thank you. C.You`re welcome.

( )4.What are you going to do this evening? D.. It`s near the post office.

( )5.When are you going? E.. I go to school on foot.


( )1.I go to school _____foot. A.by B.on C.to

( )2.Where ____ the cinema? A.are B.is C.am

( )3.-----Is there a library near here?

----- _____ there is. A.No, B. Hi, C.Yes,

( )4.What are you ______ to do? A.go B.going C.to go

( )5.The cinema is ______ to the hospital. A.next B.to C.in

( ) 6. 当你想知道对方打算做什么,,应该怎么问:( )

A. What are you going to do ? B. What do you do ?

( ) 7. 当你不知道医院在哪儿,,应该问: ( )

A. Where is the hospital, please ?

B. How can I get the hospital, please?

( ) 8. 下午碰到熟人怎么打招呼: ( )

A. Bye . B. Good afternoon .

( ) 9. 当对方说谢谢的时候,你应该怎么回答: ( )

A. No,thanks. B. You’re welcome .

( ) 10. 当你邀请别人下午一起去公园,应该说: ( )

A. How do you go to the park ?

B. Let`s go to the park this afternoon.


1. 我经常骑自行车去上学。

I go to school by .



—Are you going a .

—Yes, I am.


My father an mother are going to 4.—今天下午你要去哪里?


— are you going this ?

—I’ 5.我要去买一本漫画书。

I’ a 十一、阅读下面的短文,判断下列句子的对错。(10分)

I'm Jack. I'm very happy every holiday. I usually go to the library. Sometimes I go to the park .The library is not far .I usually go on foot . I walk straight for fifteen minutes. Then I turn left,the library is on the right.The park is very far.It's near the post office .I often get there by the No.206 bus,get off at the post office.It's easy to find it .

( ) 1. I have a good time every weekend.

( ) 2. I usually go to the library on foot.

( ) 3.Jack usually goes to the park on holidays.

( ) 4.I go to the park by bus .

( ) 5.The park is near the post office.

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