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Unit 4 for G6(复习题)

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Unit 4 for Grade 6 (复习题) Name ________ Class _______

一、 根据上下文完成对话。


A: _________________________________________________? B: I am fine. __________________________________? A: I like singing. _______________________________? B: No, but I like dancing.

A: ___________________________________________? B: Yes, my father is a music teacher. He sings well.

A: ____________________________________________? B: He likes listening to music.


A: __________________________________________? B: He is a doctor.


A: ___________________________________________? B: He works in a school.


A:_____________________________________________? B: No, he doesn’t teach me math.


A: _____________________________________________?

B: My mother likes doing housework.


A: _____________________________________________?

B: No, Alice’s mother reads newspapers every evening.


A: ______________________________________________?

B: She goes to work by bus.


A: ______________________________________________?

B: Yes, she helps the sick people in the hospital.

二、 选词填空。

likes like on foot walk policewoman policeman help helping goes going go salesperson fruit good

Sarah’s mother works in a __________ stand. She is a __________. She _______ to work by subway. Her father works in a police station. He is a __________. He goes to work ____ _____. He likes ______ people. He is a _______ policeman. Sarah ______ her family very much.

三、 介绍你的父母的职业,他们在哪里上班,又是怎样去上班的呢? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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