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Unit 1

一. Reading Comprehension

This is my father?s brother. His name?s Jimmy. He?s a very tall man. He works in a factory. He has two children. He visits my family every Sunday. He lives(居住) next to the park.

( )1.Jimmy is my uncle.

( )2.Jimmy is short.

( )3.Jimmy is a factory worker.

( )4.His house is next to the park.

( )5.Jimmy comes to my house every day.

二.Answer the questions according to the clues.

1.Whose dictionary is this?(Peter 的)

2.What does she do?(护士)

3.Is this your book?(GOGO的)

4.What does she want to be?(工程师)

三.Choose the best answer.

( A.I B.my C.me

( )2.Let me A. to help B.help C.helping

( )3. does he do? He?s a doctor. A.What B.How C.Where

( )4.Look! He A.comes B.coming C.is coming

( )5.Is there A.a B./ C.an

( )6.He?brother. A.father B.father?s C.fathers?

四. Fill in the blanks with ‘a’ or ‘an’.

1.This is 3.My father is 4.I want to have egg.

五.Rearrange these words into sentences.

1.diary, Lily?s, is, this, (?)

2.going, she, where, is, (?)

3.is, mother, cooking, my, (.)

4.toys, have, how, you, do, many. (?)

5.go, I, home, to, want, now, (.)

六.Look and write.


(2)Whose diary is this? It?s diary.(汤姆的)

(4)What does your aunt do? She?s a (工厂工人)

(5)Where does he work? He (6)This is ?s my uncle?He?years old. He?师)

Unit 2

一.Fill in the blanks with ?some? or ?any?.

2.They don?rulers.

3.My sister doesn?glue.

tape. You may get 5.He doesn?paper.

二.Choose the best answers.

( )1.Does your math teacher have pictures?

A.any B.some C.a D.an

( glue. Here it is.

A.one B.any C.a D.some

( A.Who B.What C.Whose D.Which

( A.does B.isn?t C.ain?t D.doesn?t

( .

A.a lot B.lot C.very D.a lots

1. Rearrange these words into sentences.

1. you, have, paper, do, any, (?)

2. doing, she, what, is, (?)

3. I, every day, an, eat, egg, (.)

4. does, have, not, she, toys, many, (.)

5. do, what, have, you, (?)

2. Write down the missing letters.

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

) s ( ) ps ( ) )

10.纸张( )11.胶带( )12.胶水( )

Finish the dialogues.

1.A: ? B: They have some money.

2.A: ? B:She has some comic books.

3.A: ? B:Yes, she does.

4.A:Do they have any glue? .


3. Reading Comprehension.

My name is Tom. I am eleven years old. I am a student. I have only a bag, but I have five books and ten pencils. I want to send a letter. I don?t have any stamps, but I have some envelopes. I have some paper, too.

1. How old is Tom?

2. What is Tom?

3. How many books does Tom have?

4. Does Tom have many bags?

5. What doesn?t Tom have?

6. What else does Tom have?

7.Change the verbs in ?V-ing?.

eg. work 1.shout 3.cut


Unit 3

1. Choice

( )1. A.How B.What C.When D.Where

( )2.Let?s A.watching B.to watch C.watch D.watches

( )3. can we buy rice?

A.Where B.What C.How D.What

( )4.Do you have any salt? A.any B.some C.come D.an

( A.have B.has C.is D.am

( )6. are you doing? I?m washing clothes.

A.What B.Who C.When D.How

( )7.He A.making B.is makeing C.is making D.making

( )8.What do you want to be? .

A.Well B.A plane C.A nurse D.Play computer games

( )9.I want A.buy B.buying C.to buy D.to buying

( )10.Do you have A.some B.any C.two D.an

3.Reading comprehension.

Lily is coming back from school now. She is very hungry. She needs some food. She is thirsty. So she needs some water, too. Now, she is drinking. After she drinks, she watches TV.

( )1.Lily is a student.

( )2.Lily isn?t hungry, but she needs some food.

( )3.Lily wants to have some water.

( )4.Lily watches TV at last.

4.Rearrange the words into sentences.

1. need, does, meat, he, any(?)

2. we, do, need, what(?)

3. salt, she, some, needs(.)

4. sugar, do, any, have, we(?)

5. Tick (√)or cross(×).

) ) )

) )


饮料( )米饭( )盐( )糖( )肉( ) 蔬菜( )豆腐( )水果( )噪音( )

Unit Four

1. Fill in the blanks according to the hints.

1.My mother? Annie is my father? 4.I want to write to Jenny. I?.

in the market.

2. Reading

I?m Lin Hai. I?m a boy. My father is Lin Gang and my mother is Li Tong. My mother has a brother. He?s Li Feng. He has a daughter. He calls(叫)me his nephew. And my parents call his daughter niece. He Ping is Li Feng?s wife. She?s my parents? sister-in-law. And she?s my grandfather and grandmother?s daughter-in-law. My grandparents, Li Tao and Ma Fen, have two grandchildren.

( )1. Ma Fen is Lin Gang? A.mother B.grandmother

( )2.Li Ling is Lin Gang? A.niece B.nephew

( )3.Li Tao and Ma Fen are Li Ling and Lin Hai? A.parents

( )4.Lin Hai is Li Ling?s . A.brother B.sister

3. Choice

( )1.What do you do?

A.What do you do? B.Fine C.Ten years old. D.A doctor.

( )2.He doesn?apples, he only needs A.some…some B.any…any C.any…some D.some…any

( )3.My sister her teeth every day.

A.brush B.is brushing C.brushs D.brushes

( A.wash B.to wash C.washing D.washes

( do you have? I have a stamp.

A.How B.What C.Where D.When

( .

A.come B.coming C.is coming D.to come

( )7.Is your brother cleaning the window? No, he A.doesn?t. B.aren?t C.isn?t D.don?t

( ? She wants to go home.

A.say B.do C.go D.visit

( uncle.

A.a B.an C./ D.the

( A.tape B.book C.books D.glue

4. Rearrange the words into sentences.

1.does, she, have, tofu, any, (?)

2.does, brother, what, your, need, (?)

3.is, he, room, standing, his, in, (.)

4.have, ten, they, books, English, (.)

5.not, stamps, I, need, do, any, (.)


1.( )toys A.boiling B.they C.play

2.( )carrot A.want B.factory C.umbrella

3.( )mother A.nose B.box C.brother

4.( )cut A.blue B.uncle C.music

5.( )meat A.clean B.bread C.breakfast C.mother-in-law C.daughter B.grandparents C.cousin C.uncle and aunt

Unit Five

1. Answer the questions

1. What?s the weather like in summer in your hometown?

2. Is it very cold today?

3. What?s the weather like in winter in Guangdong?

4. What?s your favorite season?

5. What do you need in hot days?

6. How many seasons are there in a year? What are they?

7. Do you like spring? What season do you like?

2. Reading

Zhuhai is my hometown. It isn?t very hot and isn?t very cold here. It?s cool all the year because it is near the sea. I like it very much. I often go swimming in the sea when the weather is sunny. But when it is windy, I am at home.

( )1.My hometown is in China.

( )2.The weather in my hometown is not good at all.

( )3.I often go swimming when it?s windy.

( )4.My hometown is near the sea.

( )5.I don?t stay at home when it?s windy.

3. Choice

( A.leaf B.leafs C.leaves

( is the weather like here? A.What B.How C.Which

( the blackboard and listen to me. A.for B.at C.after

( )4.It?s often warm in A.a B.an C./

( )5.You must get some water. It? A.cold B.hot C.windy

( A.teeth B.tooth C.tooths

( . A.park B.school C.restaurant

( )8.A:I am ill, Mr Li. . A.school B.hospital C.the zoo

( )9.Does he have A.one B.any C.some

( )10.I need A.an B.a C.two

4. Fill in the blanks with ?at, in, to?.

1.He is looking the flowers.

2.Do you want to go school now?

3.What do you do the morning?


5. Fill in the blanks.

1.Here?s the weather report. In Beijing it?2.In Tianjin it?. In Shanghai it?.


6.It? . Please take an umbrella.








Unit Six

1. Fill in the blanks

) ry ( ) ) ( ( ) Choose the right words.

(winter, spring).

2. (When? (Children, Children?s) Day?

3.It?s a very hot day today. Let?(swim, swimming).

4.March is (after, before)February, and it? (before, after)April.

(yesterday, today).

2. Finish the second sentences according to the first one.

2.We can?t go ice-skating now. It?days.

3.June 1st is Children?s Day. Children?4.Tony has his computer class on the day before Friday. Tony?5.My father is going to Beijing after Shanghai. My father is going to Shanghai Beijing.

3. Finish the sentences according to the hints.

1.When?s your birthday? It?2.What month is after March? It?3.When?s Mother?s Day? It?s the second 4.When?s winter holiday? It?and .

5.There are twelve in a year.

4. Fill in the blanks with ?before, after, to, in, at?.

Tuesday. January. April.

the beach? ?clock.

5. Choice.

( summer. A.in B.before C.after

( )2.Where do you go A.at B.on C.in

( )3. is Lily?s birthday? Next week. A.When B.How C.Where

( )4. A.When B.Where C.How

( )5.Do you go to places every summer holiday? A.much B.a C.many

( )6.Listen! He A.sings B.is singing C.singing

( )7.Let?football. A.a B.the C./

( A.a B./ C.the

( )9.I don?t have books in my room. A.much B.some C.any

( )10.It?s warm winter in our hometown. A.in B.at C.on

6. Rearrange the sentences

1. can, ice-skating, we, when, go(?)

2. May, holiday, is, winter, before(?)

3. art, math, after, class, is, class(.)

4. her, is, birthday, when(?)

7. Reading Comprehension.

It?s spring now. It?s green here and there. There are many green trees and red flowers on the hills. It?s warm, too. So we can go swimming in the river near our school.

Answer the questions:

1. What season is it now?

2. What?s on the hills?

3. What?s the weather like?

4. What can we do?

5. Where is the river?

Unit Seven

1. Reading Comprehension

There are five people in my family. They are my grandfather, my grandmother, my father, my mother and I. My grandfather?s birthday is one month after my grandmother?s. It?s March. My father?s birthday is one month before my mother?s. It?s July. My birthday is in August.

一、Choose the right answers


A.One B.Three C.Five


A.One B.Four C.Five

( )3.My grandmother?A.March B.February C.April

( )4.My father?s birthday is in .

A.March B.July C.June

( )5.My birthday is in .

A.October B.August C.December

二、Fill in the blanks

1.It?s now.

2.There are five people in my .

4.What is today?

5.There are two on the table.

2. Choice

( October 21st .

A.in B.on C.at

( )2.He goes to Beijing A.in B.on C.at

( eight o?clock.

A.in B.on C.at

( )4. will you go? Now.

A.How B.Where C.When

( )5.Let?A.walk B.walking C.walked

( ?t play basketball with you.

A.busy B.happy C.well

( the music?

A.in B.to C.at

( )8.Do you have No, I don?A.some….some B.any…any C.any…some

( )9.What?s the weather like in A.a B.the C./

3. Can you tell the whole words and Chinese?

1.Jan. 2.Feb. 4Apr. 9.Dec.

4. What and when are the festivals?

1.Children?s Day 2Valentine??s Day 4.Women?s Day 5.New Year?s Day 8.Christmas 9.The Army?

10.The Party? 11.Teacher?s Day

5. Fill in the blanks.

( ) ) r( ) )

) r ( )

6. Choose the right words.

1.It?s a (birthday, birthday?s) party. Let?s go and have some 2. (When, What) is your birthday, Tony? It?(11th, 11st).

(birthday, birthday?s)today!

4.What? (day, date)today?

5.Our National Day(国庆(January, October)1st.

Unit Eight

1. Choose the words with different sounds.

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 2. Unscramble the words into sentences.

1. spring, birthday, is, his, in,(.)

2. February 3rd , windy, it, on, is, (.)

3. favorite, summer, his, is, season, (.)

4. old, your, how, is, father, (?)

5. after, Children?s, is, May, Day, (.)

3. Reading Comprehension

Tom and Jim are brothers. Their birthday is on June 1st. It?s Children?s Day in China. They both like winter very much because they can go ice-skating. It?s very cold today. Many children are at home. But they still go ice-skating hand in hand(手拉手). They are very happy.

1. Is Tom Jim?s teacher?

2. When is their birthday?

3. What festival(节日)is their birthday?

4. What sport do they like?

5. What?s the weather like today?

6. What are they doing?

4. Write down the words according to requirement.

1. season(季节)

2. weather(天气

3. months(月份)

5.Answer the questions according to your own conditions.

1. What?s the date today?

2. What day is today?

3. What?s the weather like today?

4. What?s your favorite season?

5. When?s your birthday?

6. How old are you?

6.Finish the sentences with the right forms of the words in the brackets.

(rain). It?(rain)day today.

(come) before October.

3.When?s (you) birthday? My th.

4.It?s fall. The (leaf) are yellow. The weather (be) cool now. Unit Nine

1. Choice

( )1.Your shoes not clean two hours ago.

A.are B.were C.was

( )2.The yellow flower was small. It large now.

A.is B.was C.has

( )3.Look! They the classroom.

A.clean B.cleaning C.are cleaning

( . Tom can?t carry it by himself.

A.heavy B.light C.dirty

( )5.Let?s a song now.

A.singing B.sing C.are singsing

( )6.It rainy yesterday.

A.is B.was C.were

( at school this morning.

A.are B.was C.were

( )8.It? today. Please take off (脱下)your coat.

A.warm B.cold C.cool

( )9.How old eleven years old.

A.are, am B.were, was C.was, were

( )10.My father in Guangzhou.

A.is, is B.was, is C.is, was

2. Fill in the blanks with ?am, is, are, was, were?.

1.We in the park now.

2.It Monday yesterday.

3.Last year I ten years old. Now I eleven years old.

4.My books on the desk now.

5.It rainy yesterday. It sunny today.

3. Fill in the blanks with the opposites.

1.It?s warm today. It was yesterday.

2.My shoes are clean. His shoes are .

3.The shirt was wet yesterday. It?s today.

4.My parents? room is tidy. My room is .

4. Fill in the blanks according to the hints.

1. It was warm yesterday. And there was some wind.

It was 2. My desk was tidy this morning, but it isn?t now.

My desk is now.

3. There floor was clean but it?s dirty now.

There is much on the floor now.

4. He is washing his white shirt.

He? white shirt .

5. We don?t want the floor wet.

We can make it .

5.Fill in the blanks according to the Chinese.

1. What was the weather like yesterday?

It was and .(干燥炎热).

2. What is the boy like?

The boy is (又脏又饿).

3. What were his hands like?


4. What?s the bed like?

It?s .(干净整洁)

Unit Ten

1. Write down the past forms of the verbs and their meanings.

e.g. work worked (工作)

) 2.cook ( ) ) 4.call ( ) )

( ) ) ( )

( ) )

2. Rewrite the sentences.

1. (改过去时)

some tofu for dinner yesterday.

2. 改否定句)

to music the day before yesterday.

3.I washed the dishes after dinner yesterday.(改一般疑问句,作肯定回答)

you the dishes after dinner yesterday? , I .

4.They cleaned the classroom last Sunday.(就划线部分提问)

they do last Sunday?

3. Fill in the blanks according to the hints.

1. Did he carry the box home this morning?

. The box very heavy.

2.What did John this morning?

He (帮助)an old man.

3.What did you do last night?

I (看)TV at home. There 4.Rearrange the words

1. play, last, you, cards, week, did, (?)

2. they, to, yesterday, did, park, the, go, (?)

3. this, he, surf, did, morning, Internet, the, (?)

4. evening, take, you, yesterday, walk, did, a (?)

5. Add ?ing? and ?ed? for these words.

1.wash 3.use


8.have 9.shop 11.study

6.Use the right form of these verbs to fill in the blanks.

play call sweep wash read do

2.Look! He?s the floor.

video games yesterday.

4.We homework yesterday.

5.I?m a comic book.

6.My mother 7.Put ?√? or ?×? in the brackets. ) ) ) ) ) ( )

) )

Unit Eleven

1. Choice

( )1.He can .

A.jumped B.jumps C.jump D.jumping

( )2.I A.brushed B.brushes C.brush Dbrushing

( )3. A.Were, planted B.Are, planting C.Did planted D.Did, plant

( )4.We A.played B.play C.playing D.are playing

( )5. ? No, I?m not. I?m exercising.

A.Are, dancing B.Were, dancing C.Did, dance D.Do, dance

( A.helps B.help C.helped D.is helping

( )7. he A,Did, watched B.Did, watch C.Did, watching D.Was, watched

( )8. did you do last week? I plantd trees.

A.What B.When C.Where D.How

( )9.She A.wasn?t B.didn?t C.doesn?t D.isn?t

( A.carry B.carried C.carrys D.carried

2. Reading Comprehension

There was a great parade for National Day(国庆节) in China. At eight thirty in the morning, the parade began(开始).Jim was walking in front of it. He played the trumpet. Lily and other girls were dancing and singing. Many people nearby came to watch them. Some of them walked with them to the end(到最后).

1. What date was yesterday?

2. What time did the parade begin?

3. Who played the trumpet?

4. Who were dancing and singing?

5. Who walked with them to the end?

3.Use the right form of the verbs to fill in the blanks.

practice talk visit study work play

in his office.

2.We 3.Jenny the violin last night.

4.I my grandma last Sunday.

5.She?to her friends.

maths this morning.

Unit Twelve

1. Choice

( hot yesterday, but it?s cold today.

A.was B.is had

( )2.Let?s them with their work now.

A.helping B.help C.helped

( last week?

A.plant B.planted C.planting

( )4.They sang and danced the parade.

A.at B.on C.in

( to his brother.

A.talk B.clean C.watch

( )6.My books on the desk.

A.are, are B.were, are C.are, were

( A.is B.was C.were

( A.work B.working C.worked

( )9.A: TV yesterday? B: No, he didn?t.

A.Did, watch B.Is, watching C.Did, watched

( )10. He didn?A.called B.calling C.call

2. Choose the right sentences.

( )1.What was the weather like yesterday?

( )2.What did he do?

( )3.What were your shoes like this morning?

( )4.Did she cook dinner?

( )5.What?s she doing?

A. They were clean.

B. It was cool.

C. He called Jim.

D. Yes, she did.

E. She?s exercising.

3,Finish the passage.

Last Monday I very busy. At school I math, English and science. After school I the piano. Then I my room. I football after dinner.

I 4. Finish the words and their Chinese meaning.

m ( ) ( ) ( ) ty ( ) ( ) th ( ) 7.r d ( ) )

5. Finish the sentences according to the hints.

(弹钢琴)this morning.


(打篮球)last Sunday.

4.She is (上网) now.


last night.

6. Reading Comprehension.

Yesterday was Sunday. Dave didn?t go to school. In the morning he studied Chinese. After lunch he cleaned his room. The day before yesterday it was messy but it?s tidy now. In the evening he surfed the Internet.

1. What day was it yesterday?

2. Did Dave go to school yesterday?

3. What did he do in the morning?

4. What was his room like yesterday morning?

5. What did he do in the evening?

Tim didn?t get up early yesterday because it was Saturday. He got up at eight o?clock. He found(发现) his shoes were very dirty. So he started to clean them at once(立刻). He cleaned for an hour(小时). Now, he?s very tired but he?s very happy. His shoes are still(仍然) wet, but they are clean.

( )1.It was Sunday yesterday.

( )2.Tim got up late yesterday.

( )3.Tim found his shoes were very dirty when he got up.

( )4.Tim cleaned his shoes for forty-five minutes.

( )5.Tim?s shoes are wet and dirty now.




( )1.A.Miss B.Mr C.Mrs D.Sir

( )2.A.very B.every C.sorry D.hurry

( ) 3. A. Monday B.Tuesday C. Thursday D.Friday

( )4.A.day B .cabbage C. bean D.menu

8.A.sweet B.sweater C. sweep D.sleep

9. A.grapeB. grade C.glad D.grass

10.A.fresh B.fruit C.salty D.tasty


( )1.We have a new math teacher.

( )2.I like bananas and pears.

( )3.It's time to go to school.

( )4.I'd like some rice and meat for lunch.

( )5.My friend is tall and active.


(__)_ _ _D_o_ _ _y_o_u_ _ _h_a_v_e_ _ _n_e_w_ _ _E_n_g_l_i_s_h_ _ _t_e_a_c_h_e_r_s_._ (__)_ _ _M_y_ _ _f_a_t_h_e_r_'_s_ _ _s_h_o_r_t_ _ _a_n_d_ _ _f_a_t_._

(__)_ _ _W_h_a_t_ _ _d_o_ _ _w_e_ _ _h_a_v_e_ _ _o_n_ _ _M_o_n_d_a_y_s_?_

(__)_ _ _I_ _ _o_f_t_e_n_ _ _w_a_t_c_h_ _ _T_V_ _ _a_t_ _ _t_h_e_ _ _w_e_e_k_e_n_d_s_._

( )_ _ _D_o_ _ _y_o_u_ l_i_k_e_ _ _M_o_t_h_e_r_'_s_ _ _D_a_y_?_



English eggplant tomato smart active kind green beans_ _m_a_t_h_ __ _a_r_t_ funny: P.E: potato:


s ___ ___ong 强壮的 st____ct 严格的 t _st _好吃的

qu_ _t 安静的 F____day 星期五 s_ _ty 咸的 fu_ _t 水果 f_ _sh 新鲜的 s_ t__rd _y星期六 f_vour_t_e最喜爱的


又瘦又矮 新体育老师 四个甜苹果 做家庭作业 a university student very young that short man


b_r_o_t_h_e_r_(复数) _ _ _o_l_d_(反义词)

f_u_n_(形容词) c_a_n_ _ _n_o_t_(缩略形式) w_h_a_t_'_s_(完全形式)__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _s_t_u_d_e_n_t_(对应词)_

_五、选择。(1_2_分) ( )1. What would you like dinner?

A.of B. in C. for (_ )2. We four English classes in a week.

A. has _B. have C there are

( )3. He ____Mondays and Fridays.

A. likes __B. like C. liking

(__)4. I like math __ _ _y_o_u_?_

A_.What about B. Do C. Are ( )5. is it tomorrow? It's Tuesday.

A. What's day B. What day C. What date

_(_ _ _ _ _ _ _)_6_.y_o_u_r_ _ _m_a_t_h_ _ _t_e_a_c_h_e_r_?_

_A_._ _W_h_o_'_s_ _ _ _ _ _ _B_._ _W_h_o_ _ _a_r_e_ _ _C_._ _W_h_o_s_e_


1. do, you, on, do, Tuesdays, what (?)

2. Mondays, on, what, have, do, you (?)

3. math, like, we, young, our, teacher (.)

4. _I, not, like, do, grapes (.)

5. English, is, your, teacher, Who (?)


1. Tomorrow is Tuesday, so today is the Monday.( ) 2. I often do homework on weekend.( )_ ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 3.We _have two _art_class_ every week. ( )

4.I often watch TV in Thursdays_. ( _)

5.What would you _like_ _of_ breakfast? ( _) _________

6. _It's_ _time_ _for go to school_.( ) _


( )1. Who's your English teacher? A. He's tall and strong.

( )2.What's he like? B. Mr Carter.

( )3.What do we have on Mondays? C. I often do homework.

( )4.What do you do on Sundays? D. We have Chinese and English.

( )5. What do you have for lunch? E. I like apple.They are sweet.

( )6. What's your favourite food? F. We have tofu and fish.


I'm Sarah. I have three teachers, a math teacher, an art teacher and an English teacher. My math teacher is Mr Zhou. He's tall and strong. My art teacher is Miss Yu. She's young and pretty. My English teacher is Miss Liu. She's thin and short. She's very kind. I like them very much.

( )1. I have two teachers.

( )2. My art teacher is old.

( )3. My English teacher is Miss Liu.

( )4. My math teacher is tall and strong.

( )5. Miss Liu is very strict.

( )6. I don't like them.


一、听辨单词,将听到的单词的字母编号写在括号里,每题读两遍。( 10 分 )

1.( ) A. shirt B. skirt 2.( ) A. jeans B. dress

3.( ) A. socks B. shorts 4.( ) A. sheep B. cheap

5.( ) A. now B. new 6.( ) A. slippers B. sneakers

7.( ) A. your B. you 8 .( ) A. red B. bed

9.( ) A. pair B. hair 10.( )A. plate B. plane


( )1、Are they the teacher’s books?

( )2、It’s time to get up .

( )3、 Is that your new shirt?

( )4、What’s the weather like in Beijing ?

三、 听音,填入所缺单词。(7分)

1、What’s on the _________? ______ ________ new ________ .

2、______ _______ your sweater? ______ , not .

3、I like the ________ sweater with the ________ ________ .

4、How many ________ in the ________? __________ .


( )1、A.Yes, it is. B. It’s my school.

( )2、 A.No, it’s sunny. B. It’s sunny.

( )3、 A. It’s twelve o’clock. B. It’s time for school.

( )4、 A. It’s white. B. They are white.

( )5、 A. You can wear your new coat. B. Yes, you can.


一、 判断下列单词划线部分的发音是否相同,相同的写“√”, 不


( )1、cake face ( )2、bed duck

( )3、bus duck ( )4、kite pig

( )5、nose dog

二、 认读单词或词组,对号入座(10分)

1 ( ) go to school a.去睡觉 2 ( )horse a.山羊

( )go home b.回家 ( )sheep b.母鸡

( )get up c.去上学 ( )lamb c.绵羊

( )go to bed d.去食堂 ( )hen d.小羊

( )go to the canteen e.起床 ( )goat e.马

三、 把下列单词译成英语(13分)

英语 牛仔裤 十二 苹果 讲台

_______ _________ _________ _________ ________

语文 连衣裙 香蕉 袜子 狗

_______ _________ _________ _________ ________

下雪的 西瓜 地板

_______ _________ _________


( )1.A.cow B.cheep C.horse D.sheep

( )2. A.gym B.computer C.art room D.TV room

( )3. A.there B.yellow C.brown D.green

( )4. A.English B.Chinese C.music D.gym

( )5.A.carrot B.onion C.cat D.cucumber

( )6. A.jacket B.skirt C.hen D.coat


tomato(复数) big(反义词)

dress(复数) those(单数)

hen(复数) sheep(复数)

六、选择填空。( 10 分 )

( )1、Look at those boots . How much ____they ?

A. is B. am C. are

( )2、Can I wear my shirt ? Yes , you _______.

A. can B. are C. can’t

( )3It’s snowy in Harbin . It is very______too .

A. cold B. rainy C. hot

( )4、I want a pair___sneakers___my mother .

A. \ for B. of for C. for of

( )5、 ____shoes are they ? They are my brother’s .

A. Whose B. What C. Where

( )6、How many______are there in your family ?

A. student B. member C. people

( )7、It is five o’clock . It’ s time____go home .

A. for B. to C. of


( ) 1. Is this a red kite ? A、Yes ,please.

( ) 2.How much are they ? B、They are fifteen yuan.

( ) 3. What time is it ? C、It’s three o’clock .

( ) 4. How many books are there ? D、There are fifteen.

( ) 5. Can I help you ? E 、No, it’s a blue kite.

五、连词成句 (5分)

1.your is this shirt ?

2. colour it is what ?

3. time it’s class math for .

4. cold Beijing it in is .

5. many rabbits there are how ?


Dear Grandma

Thank you for the new shorts. They are cool ! It’s hot in Beijing . It’s sunny too. I can wear my shorts and T-shirt . I have a new jacket. My old jacket is too small. I want to buy a hat .It is fifty yuan. It’s too expensive.

What ‘s the weather like at the farm ? Is it warm ? How many new ducks are there? Love,


1、John has a new jacket.( )

2、The new shorts are cool.( )

3、Grandma is at the farm.( )

4、The jacket is thirty yuan.( )

5、It is cool in Beijing .(


bl nd sho ld bo ed min nough

ngry be ore ca ch we r b dly


( )⒈river right ( )⒉apple cake

( )⒊Chinese these ( )⒋letter cheese

( )⒌boat coat ( )⒍enough house

( )⒎bike kite ( )⒏why whose

( )⒐shoe fish ( )⒑ treasure sure


( )⒈play chess A. 匆忙

( )⒉in a hurry B. 擅长

( )⒊be good at C. 下象棋

( )⒋how much D.多少

( )⒌feel sad E.觉得难过

三、按要求变换下列各词 ( 10分):

my(名词性物主代词) lose( 过去式)

hers( 形容词性物主代词) they(宾格 )

have(第三人称单数形式) box(复数)

skip(现在分词 ) fireman(复数) farm(农民 ) drop(过去式 )


( )⒈This is my book. That's .

A.me B.your C.yours D.you

( )⒉I did my homework before hour.

A.an B.a C.the D. /

( )⒊This is a girl, name is Kate.

A.she B.her C.hers D.his

( )⒋She isn't a good runner. She runs very .

A.well B.badly C.high D.fast

( )⒌There too much coffee but there

enough bottles. bikes.

A.are aren't B.is isn't C.is aren't D.are isn't

( )⒍The boy can play the violin very .

A.good B. well C.goodly D.bad

( )⒎My mother's mother is my .

A.grandpa B. mother C.grandma D.father

( )⒏ bananas do you want ?

A.How many B. How much C.How D.How old

( )⒐ enough cheese on the desk.

A.There is B.There are C.Have got D. Has got

( )⒑ She enough sausages.

A.There is B.There are C.Have got D. Has got

⒒ sweater is this ?It's Lingling's .

A.who B.whose C.Who D.Whose

⒓Did you football yesterday?

A.play B.played C.plays D. playing

⒔You walk in the road.

A.should B.shouldn't C.isn't D.aren't

⒔You walk in the road.

A.should B.shouldn't C.isn't D.aren't

⒕Today I helped my grandfather on the farm all day.Now I feel

A.happy B.sad C.tired D.bored

⒖What time does he up? He up at six.

A.get get B. gets gets C.get gets D.gets get

五、 动词填空(10分):

⒈Yesterday he ( lose ) his bag.

⒉Sam ( play ) football on Sundays.

⒊I ( get ) up at five tomorrow .

⒋Your father ( be ) young in that photo.

⒌Can he ( catch )the ball ?

⒍Are you ( feel ) angry ? Of course not.

⒎She wants to ( play ) basketball.

⒏They go ( swim ) every Friday.

⒐You should ( hold )my hand

⒑What are you ( think )about?


⒈is / the / what/ matter


⒉ firemen / people / these / can't / find

. .

⒊are / ten / blue / in / there / pencils / the / box



( )⒈Whose bag is this ?

( )⒉Did you wash Lingling's T-shirt ?

( )⒊Are they good at dancing?

( )⒋What did you do at the weekend ?

( )⒌Where did you go?

( )⒍How much milk do you want ?

( )⒎Do you like cheese ?

( )⒏When did you come back?

A.No, I didn't .

B.It's Lingling's .

C.Yes, they are .

D.We visited lots of places.

E.Five bottles .

F. We went to the British Museum.

G.We came back last Sunday.

H.Yes , I do.


There are enough pencils.

⒈否 定 句:


⒊肯 定 回 答:

⒋否 定 回 答:


(一)Two Holes(洞) in the Door

Mr Smith had two cats . One was very big and the other was very small. He liked them very much. One day, Mr Brown, one of his good friends, came to see him . When he saw two holes in the door—a large hole and a small hole. He was surprise and asked, "My dear friend, why are there two holes in your door ?"

"Let the cats in and out, of course ." Mr Smith answered.

"But why are there two holes ? Isn't one enough ?" asked his friend.

"How can the big cat go through(穿过) the small hole ?" he said .


( )⒈Mr. Brown is a foolish(愚蠢的) man.

( )⒉Mr. Smith was the master(主人) of the two cats.

( )⒊There are two holes in the door because there are two cats.

( )⒋The big cat can't go through the small hole and the small cat can't go through the big hole.

( )⒌Mr Smith didn't like the two cats .

(二)How Old Are You ?

Mingming is going to England. He wants to know something about English people. One day he sees an English girl in the street.Then he comes up to her.

"Excuse me , may I ask you some questions?"

"Of course, you may."answers the girl.

"I'll go to London. What should I notice (注意) when I was talking with English people in London?" asks Mingming.

"Well, don't ask a woman how old she is and...."

"But how old are you?" Mingming stops the girl and asks suddenly(突然地).

"I..." The girl feels angry.

"Why do you feel angry ?" asks Mingming. "Now we are in China, not in England , you see ."


( )⒈What does Mingming want to know ?

A.He wants to know the girl.

B.He wants to know something about England .

C. He wants to know something about America.

( )⒉Who does Mingming see in the street(街道)?

A.He sees a girl. B.He sees a boy.

C.He sees a woman.

( )⒊Does the girl like to answer the first(第一

个) question?

A.No, she doesn't . B.Yes , she does.

C.No, she don't.

( )⒋Why does the girl feel angry ?

A.Because Mingming wants to go to England .

B.Because Mingming wants to know her name.

C.Because Mingming wants to how old she is.

( )⒌Does Mingming say sorry to the girl ?

A.Yes , he is . B.No, he doesn't.

C.Yes , he does .



English eggplant tomato smart active kind green beans_ _m_a_t_h_ __ _a_r_t_





s ___ ___ong 强壮的 st____ct 严格的 t _st _好吃的

qu_ _t 安静的 F____day 星期五 s_ _ty 咸的 fu_ _t 水果 f_ _sh 新鲜的 s_ t__rd _y星期六 f_vour_t_e最喜爱的


又瘦又矮 新体育老师 四个甜苹果 做家庭作业 a university student very young

that short man


b_r_o_t_h_e_r_(复数) _ _ _o_l_d_(反义词)

f_u_n_(形容词) c_a_n_ _ _n_o_t_(缩略形式) w_h_a_t_'_s_(完全形式)__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _s_t_u_d_e_n_t_(对应词)_


( )1. What would you like dinner?

A.of B. in C. for

(_ )2. We four English classes in a week.

A. has _B. have C there are

( )3. He ____Mondays and Fridays.

A. likes __B. like C. liking

(__)4. I like math __ _ _y_o_u_?_

A_.What about B. Do C. Are

( )5. is it tomorrow? It's Tuesday.

A. What's day B. What day C. What date

_(_ _ _ _ _ _ _)_6_.y_o_u_r_ _ _m_a_t_h_ _ _t_e_a_c_h_e_r_?_

_A_._ _W_h_o_'_s_ _ _ _ _ _ _B_._ _W_h_o_ _ _a_r_e_ _ _C_._ _W_h_o_s_e_


1. do, you, on, do, Tuesdays, what (?)

2. Mondays, on, what, have, do, you (?)

3. math, like, we, young, our, teacher (.)

4. _I, not, like, do, grapes (.)

5. English, is, your, teacher, Who (?)


1. Tomorrow is Tuesday, so today is the Monday.( )

2. I often do homework on weekend.( )_ ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

3.We _have two _art_class_ every week. ( )

4.I often watch TV in Thursdays_. ( _)

5.What would you _like_ _of_ breakfast? ( _) _________

6. _It's_ _time_ _for go to school_.( ) _


( )1. Who's your English teacher? A. He's tall and strong.

( )2.What's he like? B. Mr Carter.

( )3.What do we have on Mondays? C. I often do homework.

( )4.What do you do on Sundays? D. We have Chinese and English.

( )5. What do you have for lunch? E. I like apple.They are sweet.

( )6. What's your favourite food? F. We have tofu and fish.


I'm Sarah. I have three teachers, a math teacher, an art teacher and an English teacher. My math teacher is Mr Zhou. He's tall and strong. My art teacher is Miss Yu. She's young and pretty. My English teacher is Miss Liu. She's thin and short. She's very kind. I like them very much.

( )1. I have two teachers.

( )2. My art teacher is old.

( )3. My English teacher is Miss Liu.

( )4. My math teacher is tall and strong.

( )5. Miss Liu is very strict.

( )6. I don't like them.

本学习资料(考卷,文章,)来自: 教育试卷复习网(http://www.xx2009.com) 详细出处参考:


1. Whose toy is this? It is .

A. me B. my C. mine

2. Does Kate have a new bike? No, she .

A. do B. doesn?t C. does

3. Does Mike have sneakers?

A. a B. one C . a pair of

4. does this shirt cost? It cost 50 Yuan RMB.

A. How much B. How many C. How

5. is your father? My father is a doctor.

A. who B. Whom C. What

6. Where is the bottle? It?s the table.

A. at B. to C. on

7. There is coffee in the cup.

A. a little B. many C. a few

8. ---- is it?

---- It eleven o?clock.

A. What season B. What date C. What time

9. John in USA.

A. live B. lives C. living

10. Mike has many apples. Tom has apples.

A. much B. more C. a little

二. 针对划线部分提问(每小题5分,共5小题25分)。

16.Mary has eight English magazines.


17.He has two pieces of chicken in his bowl?

chicken does he have?

18.A pencil-box and a book are on the desk.


19.Today is sunny.


20.Today is May 14th.


三、 写出下面单词的反义词(14)

1、fast 2 high 3 well 4 go

5 up 6 under 7 day


1、There are too many people . There (没有)enough

(空气)for us .

2 We are (打扫)the station .

3 The station is (干净) and (整洁)。


1、 couldn’t/I/get out of /today/the bed

2 the /matter /what /is ?

3 wants/my T-shirt /Sam/to wear/

4 isn?t /there /food /enough /

5 do /you /how well / basketball /play?

6 books /both /your /of /here /are


A weren?t B was C much D his E badly F hers G theirs H many I busy J catch

1 She is Amy . The hat is

2 Look at the boy ,This is shirt.

3 There four eggs before.

4 First,there a baby ,Now there is a boy.

5 There is too noise .So I can?t hear you.

6 A: Can you control the ball?

B : Very .Sorry .

7 They are teachers,These books are

8 There are too children .There aren?t enough chairs.

9 You can jump high .And you can the ball.

10 My mum was .So she couldt take any photos.

本学习资料(考卷,文章,)来自: 教育试卷复习网(http://www.xx2009.com) 详细出处参考:


一、Listen and number (旅行即将拉开序幕,想赢取免费机票吗?只要把所听到单词的正确顺序排出来,就有机会哦!)(12分)

二、Listen, choose and write (登机啦!戴上“伸缩耳”,听听广播,把有用的信息填到正确的位置,你就会找到你的座位!)(10分)

Model:I have an (3) class at 8:00 on (8) .

(1)At 10:00 on , I have a class.

(2)There is a class at 8:50 on .

(3)I have a class at 9:30 on .

(4)There is a class at 8:10 on .

(5)I can on and Sunday.

三、Listen and link. (空中小姐在分发物品,请你帮助她把一类“物品”连接在一起)(8分)

四、Listen and judge (机长哈利·波特终于出现啦!他要宣布什么呢?仔细听,判断,记得用√和×表示。)(10分) ( ) 1. Jack is a student, he is eleven years old.

( )2. My favourite day is Friday.

( ) 3. Our art teacher is my favourite teacher.

( ) 4. We have music, math and art on Fridays.

( ) 5. We have cabbage and pork every day.



( ) 1. A. river B. like C. bridge

( ) 2. A. use B. under C. much

( ) 3. A. now B. cow C. snowy

( ) 4. A. meal B. clean C. really

( ) 5. A. potato B. tomato C. path

二、哈利·波特玩咒语了,单词乱飞,你有本事把他们放回原位置,恢复原句吗? (10分)

1. lunch, for, What, you, have, do, Mondays, on, (?)


2. favourite, your, fruit, What?s, (?)


3. are, end tables, the, there, near, bed, two, (?)


4. active, very, She?s, (.)


5. can What you do (?)



1. Is there a lake near here? a. He?s tall and strong.

2. What?s he like? b. Yes, there is.

3. Can you set the table? c. I often do homework.

4. What do you do on Sunday? d. No, I can?t.

5. What’s in the box? e. Apples,They are sweet.

6. What?s your favourite food? f. There are many things.


( ) 1. ----____________ in your living—room?

----There?s a big closet, two end tables and two desks

A. Who?s B. What?s C. Where?s

( ) 2. How many ____________ do you have?

A. sheep B. sheeps C. sheepes

( ) 3. Today is Tuesday, tomorrow is _______________.

A. Thursday B. Wednesday C. Friday

( ) 4. Are there ______________ horses on the farm?

A. any B./ C. some

( ) 5. ______________, there are some pictures over there.

A. Read B. Watch C. Look

( ) 6. _____________ he helpful at home?

A. Can B. Are C. Is

( ) 7. I`d like some_____________ and eggplant.

A. potatos B. potatoes C. potato

( ) 8. Let ____________ clean the classroom.

A. her B. she C. she`s

( ) 9. Zoom _____________ do the dishes.

A. can B. cann`t C. can`t

( ) 10. ---- How _____________ is the pencil—case?

---- Twelve yuan.

A. many B. much C. old


1. Let ____________(我们) sweep the floor.

2. Miss White is my______________(中文) teacher.

3. They often ______________(打) Ping—pong on the playground.

4. The blackboard is in ________________(前面) of the classroom.

5. Don`t ______________(看) books on the bed.


Hello. My name is Gordon. I am a student in Willow school. I get up at 6:30 and go to school at 7 o?clock in the morning. We have three classes in the morning and one in the afternoon.

On Monday, we have P.E. and art. I can draw beautiful pictures.

I love Tuesday. On Tuesday. I have science. Science is fun. And our science teacher is very funny. But my favourite class is computer. What about you?

We have three English classes every week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our English teacher comes from the USA. He is tall and strong. He likes sports. Boys sometimes play football with him.

My father and mother are not at home on Thursday, so I have lunch at school. The food at my school is so yummy.

( ) 1. There are six classes in one day.

( ) 2. Gordon has no English class on Friday.

( ) 3. Gordon likes science and computer.

( ) 4. The food in Gordon?s school is good.


Good morning. My (mean) is Peter. I am (riteneth) years old. I am at school now.

My school is not very (gib), but it?s very beautiful. There are many trees and flowers in the garden.

I like sports and often do sports with my friends. But it?s too hot (yotad), so I am at (mohe). I play (retucomp) games at home. We have a (slaml) dog at home. It?s (nowrb). It has two lovely eyes and two long ears. I call it Rabbit.

My house is very nice. My Mom cleans it every (ayd), so the (roflo) is very clean and I don?t wear slippers at home . But my mother doesn?t like it.


If you’re John, please write a short passage about yourself with the key words (根据所给信息写一篇小短文要求内容与所提示信息一致,不能少于9句话)(10分)

Name: John

Age: 12

Favourite Food: fish and green beans

Favourite clothes: T-shirt, jeans and sneakers

Favourite subjects: P.E and Social Studies

Favourite activities: do housework, go to the nature park

The others: tall, strong, short black hair ...



Ⅰ. Listen and number (听音标号)(6分)

(1) may, say, day, play

(2) tea, peach, bean, sheep

(3) house, mouth, now, how

Ⅱ. Listen, choose and write (听录音,选择后填空)(10分)

Model: I have an English class at 8:00 on Monday.

1. At 10:00 on Wednesday, I have a math class.

There is a Chinese class at 8:50 on Tuesday.

I have a P.E. class at 9:30 on Thursday.

There is a music class at 8:10 on Friday.

I can play computer games on Saturday and Sunday.

Ⅲ. Listen and link. ( 听音,连线)(8分)

Miss White often cleans bedroom and does sports.

Sarah likes to sing songs and paint.

Amy wants to play computer games and do homework after school.

Wu Yifan only wants to watch TV and play football on weekends.

Ⅳ. 阅读理解内容。

My name is Jack. I am twelve years old. I study in Guang Ming Primary School. I like Fridays. We have music, math and P.E. And we have pork and cabbage for lunch. My favourite food is fish, because it?s healthy. My favourite teacher is Miss Huang, she?s our art teacher, she?s thin and short. She?s very active. We love her very much.


一、3-2-4-1; 2-3-1-4; 4-3-2-1

二、(1) At 10:00 on 9, I have a 1 class.

(2) There is a 2 class at 8:50 on 10.

(3) I have a 5 class at 9:30 on 7.

(4) There is a 4 class at 8:10 on 11.

(5) I can 6 on 12 and Sunday.


四、1、× 2、√ 3、 √ 4、× 5、×


一、1、 B 2、A 3、C 4、C 5、A

二、What do you have for lunch on Mondays?

1. What?s your favourite fruit?

There are two end-tables near the bed.

She?s very active.

What can you do?

三、1-b、 2-a、 3-d、 4-c、 5-f、 6-e

四、1、B 2、A 3、B 4、A 5、C

6、C 7、B 8、A 9、C 10、B

五、1. us 2. Chinese 3. play 4. front 5. read

六、1. F 2. F 3. F 4. T

七、1. name 2. thirteen 3. big 4. today 5. home

6. computer 7. small 8. brown 9. day 10. floor


本学习资料(考卷,文章,)来自: 教育试卷复习网(http://www.xx2009.com) 详细出处参考:


(1) 看图写出单词或者词组。

(2) 用括号中单词的适当形式填空。

1. I'd like some (potato) for lunch.

2. What day is it today? It's (Sun.)

3. We have Chinese and math on .(Thursday)

4. Mike (have) English on Monday.

5. It's (salt). It's my favourite.


( ) 1. Do you have a new teacher?

A. Yes, I am. B. No, I don't. C. No, I do.

( ) 2. _______ your math teacher? Mr Zhao.

A. What's B. Who's C. Where's

( ) 3. — What's he like?

— He's _______.

A. funny B. fun C. principal

( ) 4. Is she quiet?

A. Yes, she isn't. B. No, she is. C. No, she isn't.

( ) 5. What ______is it today?

A. day B. today C. date

( ) 6. What do we have on Mondays? We have _______.

A. Friday B. science C. fruit

( ) 7. What do you ______ on Saturdays?

A. is B. does C. do

( ) 8. What you?

A. are B. about C. do

( ) 9. What would you like for lunch?

I'd like some ______.

A. green beans B. green bean C. bean

( ) 10. I don't like grapes. They are ____.

A .sweet B. sour C. healthy

三、下面你能看到 5 组分别被打乱顺序的问句和答句,请你重新搭配一下,把正确的答句的字母标号填入相应问句前的括号内。

( ) 1. What's your favourite food? A. I often play ping-pong.

( ) 2. What do you have for dinner? B. We have English and art.

( ) 3. What do you do on Sundays? C. I like fish.

( ) 4. What day is it today? D. I have beef and rice.

( ) 5. What classes do you have on Mondays? E. It's Wednesday.

( ) 6.What's she like? F. She's tall and thin.

( ) 7. What would you like for lunch? G. No, they are sour.

( ) 8. Would you like some grapes? F. I'd like some fish and rice.



( ) 1. I like to eat fruit.

( ) 2. Our Chinese teacher is very kind.

( ) 3. I like beef. It's healthy.

( ) 4. What day is it today? It's Friday.

( ) 5. I often do my homework on Saturdays.


1. A. What's she like? B. She's very .

2. A. your music teacher? B. Liu.

3.A:Is he old?

B: .


B: It's Tuesday.

5. A: What do you do on Saturdays?

B: I

6. A: What would you like for lunch?

B: I'd like some and .

7. A: It's and .

B: I like them.


( ) What do you have on Mondays?

( ) What day is it today?

( ) We have math and Chinese.

( ) What about you?

( ) It's Monday.

( ) We have Chinese, too.


要求:1. 条理清晰,意思明确、连贯,句子通顺,标点正确,书写工整、规范;

2. 体现提示的信息,适当发挥想象。

1. 依据范例用学过的句子对其余两位教师进行介绍。

We have three new teachers this term. Miss Green is our new English teacher. She's tall and thin. She's strict but kind.... We like our new teachers!


I like Mondays and Wednesdays. We have math and PE class....

We have green beans, fish, celery and apples on Tuesdays. I like beef. It's my favourite food. I like apples, too. They're sweet. They are my favourite fruit....



1. What's he like? He's tall and strong.

2. Who's your art teacher? Mr Hu.

3. What day is it today? It's Friday.

4. What would you like for lunch? I'd like some cabbage.

5. It's sour. It's my favourite.


1. What's your favourite fruit?

2. What do you have for breakfast on Mondays?

3. What do you do on Saturdays?

4. What day is it today?

5. What classes do you have on Thursdays?


My name is Jack. I'm 10 years old. My favourite day is Monday. We have P.E. and computer class and we have potatoes for lunch. Potatoes are my favourite food. My favourite teacher is Mr Li. He is our art teacher. He is tall and strong. He is very active. I don't like grapes, because they are sour.

本学习资料(考卷,文章,)来自: 教育试卷复习网(http://www.xx2009.com) 详细出处参考:




( ) 1 A. right B. run C. read

( ) 2 A. skating B. swimming C. skiing

( ) 3 A. lesson B. learn C. lantern

( ) 4 A. chicken B. kitchen C. change

( ) 5 A. mouse B. house C. horse

( ) 6 A. let B. look C. lot

( ) 7 A. telephone B. elephant C. ruler

( ) 8 A. follow B. window C. yellow

( ) 9 A. any B. some C. every

( ) 10 A. you B. your C. go



( ) 1 A. It?s four o?clock. B. It?s four yuan. C. There are four.

( ) 2 A. Yes, I can. B. Yes, I do. C. Yes, I am.

( ) 3 A. No, there isn?t. B. Yes, there is. C. No, there aren?t.

( ) 4 A. I like running. B. I can run. C. I can?t run.

( ) 5 A. Sorry. B. Thank you. C. OK.



1. plate table ( ) 2. these bed ( )

3. after hat ( ) 4. class dance( )

5. some sofa ( ) 6. now house( )


1. 在学校 2. 一些花

3. 住在 4. 唱歌

5. 买东西 6. each other

7. a large sitting-room 8. listen to

9. ride a bike 10. pumpkin lanterns


( ) 1. It is first day of the new term.

A. a B. an C. the

( ) 2. There a lot of trees in the garden.

A. are B. is C. has

( ) 3. How many TV are there in the building?

A. room B. a room C. rooms

( ) 4. a toilet in the building?

A. Are there B. Is there C. There is

( ) 5. The students are having their lesson.

A. english B. Music C. music

( ) 6. There is a football the bed.

A. under B. at C. in

( ) 7. I like , tigers and monkeys.

A. cat B. horse C. horses

( ) 8. Now boys and girls, follow , please.

A. I B. me C. she

( ) 9. Here a copybook for you.

A. is B. am C. are

( ) 10. Shall we go to the park? .

A. Yes, we can. B. Good idea. C. No, I like.

( ) 11. There is a map the world on the wall.

A. in B. at C. of

( ) 12. I don?t like .

A. play the guitar B. play guitar C. playing the guitar


1. can do what you


2. any are the there books on desk


3. door the behind what?s


4. pigs I much like very


5. see and let?s go



1. A:I can a puppet.

B: , too.

2. A:Can you a book your head?

B: Yes, .

3. Mike: Good morning, Tom.

Tom: . What do you like for pets?

Mike: I dogs. Do you like ?

Tom: , don?t.




That is a picture of a classroom. I can see some pencil-boxes and books in the desk. I can see a ball under the chair. There are two maps on the wall. The black board(黑板) is on the front(前面的)wall. Some student’s exercise-books(练习本) are on the teacher’s desk. Two brooms(扫帚)are behind the door.

( ) 1. That?s a picture of a classroom.

( ) 2. I can see pens and books.

( ) 3. I can see a ball on the chair.

( ) 4. There are two pictures or the wall.

( ) 5. There are some student?s exercise-books on the teacher?s desk.



1. I can swim .(对画线部分提问)

2. There is a computer room in the building.(改为否定句)

3. There are some cards on the desk.(改为疑问句)

4. Here are some apples for you. (改为单数)



Yang ling?s bedroom



1. There is a piano in the music room.

2. There are some students in the computer room.

3. Mike?s football is on the desk.

4. I can see a telephone.

5. She has a new bed.

6. He can skate.

7. Can you dance? Yes, I can.

8. Do you like ducks? No, I don?t.

9. I like hens.


1. read 2. swimming 3. learn 4. chicken 5. horse

6. look 7. telephone 8. follow 9. some 10. go


1. Listen to the song, please.

2. I can play the violin.

3. My mother likes reading.

4. My father can ride a horse.

5. Is there a slide in the garden?

6. What do you like? We like singing.


1. How much is it?

2. Can you play the guitar?

3. Are there any glasses on the table?

4. What do you like?

5. Here you are.

本学习资料(考卷,文章,)来自: 教育试卷复习网(http://www.xx2009.com)


Class____________ Name_____________No.__________Mark____________

Part I Listening (28%)

一. Listen and choose选出你听到的单词: 5%

( )1.A. flyB. dryC. drive

( )2. A. ruler B. ruleC rough

( )3.A. singB. signC. side

( )4. A. firstB flourC floor

( )5.A. wash my faceB. brush my teethC. wash my ears

( )6. A. B. C.

二. Listen and circle.选出听到的句子:5%

( ) 1.A. They can see the Ocean Park.

B. They can see the restaurant.

C. They can see the Shark Aquarium.

( ) 2.A.. He likes the green and blue butterflies.

B.. She likes the black and blue butterflies.

C.. He and I like the green and purple butterflies. 详细出处参考:

( ) 3.A. How can we go there?

B. How can we go to school?

C. How can we go home?

( ) 4.A. The crocodiles like swimming.

B. The litter monkeys don?t like swimming.

C. The crocodiles and the litter monkeys like swimming.

( ) 5.A. There are five lessons on Friday.

B. There are six lessons on Monday.

C. There are seven lessons on Thursday.

三. 选出最恰当的应答句10 %

( )1. A. No, they don?t.

B. Yes, it does.

C. No, it doesn?t.

( )2. A. They are black.

B. It?s black.

C. It?s yellow.

( )3. A. I like the blue car.

B. I like that toy.

C. I like the big one.

( )4. A. At 5: 00 a.m.

B. At 6: 00 a.m.

C. At 9: 00 a.m.

( )5. A. There is one.

B. There is four.

C. There is twelve.

四. 听音,判断下列句子是否正确,正确的用 “T”表示,不正确的用“F”表示5%

( ) 1. Simon is going to Ocean Park..

( ) 2. Janet Can?t see the sea and island.

( ) 3. A woman is diving from a tower.

( ) 4. The dolphins are jumping and swimming in a pool.

( ) 5. They go home at four o?clock in the afternoon.

五. 听短文, 填入所缺的单词, 每格一词. 8%

A butterfly is __________insect. It lays _________on a leaf. The eggs are ________and ________. The eggs become small caterpillars. They eat leaves. They grow. That caterpillar is __________ and __________. It makes a little house. It is a _______. A butterfly comes out. It is wet. The sun __________ the butterfly dry. It is a beautiful Butterfly.

Part II Reading and writing (72%)

一. 正确抄写句子, 注意大小写及标点符号.5 %

we are going to north country park by bus


二. 选择填空 10%

1.( ) When is your birthday? It?s on __________ of December.

A. twenty-five B. the twenty-fiveC. the twenty-fifth

2.( ) _______ money have you got? Thirty yuan.

A. How many B. How muchC. How

3.( ) I like that big car. ________ one? The big one.

A. Which B. What colourC. What

4.( ) There are _______ in my classroom.

A. two doors B. three floorsC. four big blackboards

5.( ) That?s John?s school. There are ________ floors in it.

A. fourB. nineteenC. twenty-four

6.( ) Her mother ________ bicycle very day.

A. rideB. is ridingC. rides

7.( ) What are Eddie and Danny __________? They are walking.

A. making .B. doingC. walking

8.( ) The monkey -_______ trees.

A. climbB. can climbC. can?t climb

9.( ) The lion like ________________.

A. meatB. cornC. eggs

10.( ) A butterfly has ___________.

A. four legsB. six legs C. eight legs

三. 用所给词的恰当形式填空(每个词只能用一次)10 %

a buy by cocoon come in mouse near strong with

1. Look! That is _______________ old bus.

2. Mrs. Wang?s ______________ some bread.

3. The cat is chasing a _____________ some bread.

4. The _____________ opens. A butterfly _________ out.

5. How do you spell that _________ English.

6. The tiger is __________.

7. Paul has a ball __________ the window. Now he is playing ________ the ball.

8. I go to school ___________ bus.

四. 按要求改变句子12 %

1. Jump into the pool. (改成否定句)


2. He goes home by train every day. (按划线部分提问)


3. I have got forty yuan. (按划线部分提问)


4. My father likes the big hamburger. (用which 改写句子)


5. I walk to school at 7: 00 a.m. every day. (用 what time改写句子) ___________________________________________________________

6. We go to Yu Garden on Sunday. ( 用 where 改写句子)


五. 完成对话(每格一词)9 %

A: _________ many ____________ are there in ________ school?

B: ________________ are nine hundred children in our _____________. A: How many ___________ do you have rvery day?

B: We have seven __________ every day.

A: ______________ subject do you like __________ ?

B: I like English.



American school is begin in September after a long summer holiday. There are two terms in a school year: The first term is from September to January, and the second term is from February to June. Most American children begin to go to school when they are five years old. Most students are seventeen or eighteen years old when they finish high middle school. After high middle school, many students go to college. They can go to small or a large one. They usually have to give a lot of money. So many college students work after class to get the money for their studies.

判断下列句子的的意思与短文内容是否相符,符合的用“T”表示,不符合的用“F”表示。5 %

( )1. There are two terms in an American school yera.

( )2.They begin to go school when they are seventeen of eighteen years old.

( )3.After high middle school, some students go to college.

( )4. They can?t go to a big college.

( )5. Many college students work after class to get the money for their studies.


Sports are very important for people?s health. Not only young people but also old people like sports. Many old people are retied. So they like to do exercise in the park in the morning. They enjoy the exercise very much. They also enjoy talking with other people about their families in the park. Young people go to school or work every day. So they usually play games and sports after school or work.. Many of them enjoy team sports like football. In team games, they can make new friends. They can also learn to work with others.

阅读短文后选出正确的答案 5%

( )1. _______ enjoy doing exercises in the park in the morning.

A. Young peopleB. StudentsC. Old people

( )2. What do old people talk about with others?

A. MoneyB. Their familiesC. Their exercise

( )3. Do many of young people enjoy team sports?

A. Yes.B. NO.C. Sorry, I don?t know.

( )4. When do young people usually play games?

A. After school.B. After work.C. After school or work

( )5. Are sports important for people?s health?

A. Yes. B. NO.C. Sorry, I Don?t know.


The Danny family is in the yard at home today. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. The butterflies are flying among the flowers. It?s nice day. Mr Danny is planting flowers. Mrs Danny is drinking tea and reading an English book. Mary and Billy are playing with the dog. It is a beautiful day and they are very happy.

阅读短文,回答问题。10 %

1. Where is the Danny family?


2. What are the butterflies doing?


3. What is Mr Danny planting?


4. What is Mrs Danny reading?


5. Is it a beautiful day?


七.以“Rules for our school”为题,写一段话,不少于6句。6 %


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