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a e i o u

ar ee ea ou ow ur ir er oy

p t k f s

b d g v z

c h j l m n r w(wh) x y

dr tr ph sh th ch tw wh ck

a cake late tape table name plane baseball

afternoon glass classroom father banana

(ar bookmark car scarf park sharpener supermarket guitar) rabbit can cap fan happy panda tap perhaps

e me she he

(ea clean eat please read peach tea)

(ee green jeep see )

pen pencil let seven desk ten twelve (ea sweater breakfast bread ) open eleven camera ( er father sister ruler perhaps sweater tiger) i is it big his Miss six rabbit this fifteen

( y hungry sorry funny twenty sixty sleepy pretty happy) hi kite like lion nice tiger time write rice

( y bye my fly)

o close cold go no piano open photo

(ow window yellow know rowing )

colour worry glove love monkey some

copy dog doll hot on orange sorry storybook

u supermarket

bus brush hungry mum umbrella puzzle supper

ruler blue

put bull

oo too zoo room school balloon afternoon

book look good bedroom classroom bathroom

ow brown now how down

ou trousers blouse about

al all tall small football

ur purse purple turn

ir skirt girl bird shirt skirt thirteen thirsty

oy toy boy

dr draw dress drink hundred

tr trousers

ph photo telephone

sh she shoes shop short English shirt

th think thank thirsty thirteen three

this that the they father brother

tw twelve twenty

wh what white where which

who whose

ch chair lunch chocolate peach teacher

ck socks black jacket


fake shape bake plate same game stapler radio

cat bad cab gas map chat clap glad stand black cash flag

classroom past ask pass mask (park jar farm hard star)

he be we she these zebra

read teach meat leave cheap peach speak

week tree three teeth sheep sixteen

pen hen egg leg jet yes tell neck desk ( sweater head ready heavy bread) open eleven broken student

sister mother speaker after

is this ink pink lip big fish slip sing with swim river

(sorry sixty tidy heavy only worry )

bike find five size ride driver white child

my sky shy

home nose close over open only old

window know show throw

come some love other worry brother mother

dog long doll socks from clock shop

supermarket student use duty

mum bus duck run must lunch brush number hurry too food room broom tooth goose school afternoon book cook look foot classroom how now down flower

small walk talk ball wall

about act agree also arch side attach blank boost brisk charge check clinic cock count dream drift dry eager max expend fate fresh grade grasp crab harp help inch index just joke keep lard think

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