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根据答句写问句 How do you go to school 1. I go to school by taxi.


How do Mary and Tom go to school? 2.

Mary and Tom go to school on foot

1. How do you go to school, Mary?

I go to school on foot.
2. Do you go to school on foot?

No, I go to school by bike.

3. Do they go to the zoo by bus?

No, they go to the zoo by subway.

读句子,填出合逻辑的单词或词组 1. My home is not near. I go to school by bus, because it’s not expensive . 2. Usually I go to school on foot, because my home is near the school. But I don’t like it, I like to go by bike , because it’s fast.

Unit 1 B


How can I go to the park ? 1. You can go to the park by the No.15 bus. 2. How can you go to the cinema?

I can go to the cinema on foot.

Unit 2 A 根据答句写问句 Where is the bookstore 1. ?
The bookstore is near the park.

Is the zoo far from here 2.


No, the zoo isn’t far from here.

Is there a library near here ? 3. Yes, there is a library near here.

读句子,填出合逻辑的单词或词组 1. Look at the traffic light! It’s red. You must stop 2. If you go by car, by bike or on foot, you must know the traffic rules .

Unit 2 B


1.A: Where is the park? of the supermarket. B:It’s east How do you get to the bank? 2.A:

B: Go straight for 10 minutes, the bank is on the left.

Unit 2 B 填词,使句子完整 3.A: Where is the post office?
B: Turn left at the cinema, for 10 the go straight minutes, it’s on the left.

补全对话: how can I go to the park Amy : Excuse me, ?
Boy : You can go to the park by bus.

Amy: Is it far from here? Boy: Yes, it’s far. Amy: Where is the bus stop ? Boy: Go straight and you can see the bus stop on your left.

Amy: Which bus can I take
Boy : You can take the No.12 bus.
Amy: Thank you



Boy : You are welcome.

根据答句写问句 What are you going to do this ? 1. weekend I am going to read books this weekend. Are you going to clean your 2. books this weekend ? Yes, I am going to clean my books this weekend.


What is Tom going to do this evening


Tom is going to do the dishes this evening. Is Tom going to do the dishes this evening 4. ? Yes,Tom is going to do the dishes this evening.

Unit 3 A


1. What are you going to do?

I am going to play sports.
2. Is the library far from your school? No, it isn’t.

根据答句写问句 1. What is he going to do tonight ?
He is going to read books tonight.

What are they going to do 2.


They are going to sweep the floor.

Unit 3 B


1. Where are you going?

I am going to the Great Wall.
2. What are you going to buy?

I am going to buy a comic book.

3. When are you going to the post office? I am going to the post office at 2 o’clock. 4. How is John going to the USA? He is going to the USA by plane.

5. Do you have news papers? No, I don’t. I have a magazine.

Unit 4 A 根据答句写问句
1. What ’s your hobby?

I like riding a bike. 2. What’s your father’s hobby?

He likes diving.

3. What ’s her hobby?

She likes playing the violin. 4. What ’s Miss Huang’s hobby?
She likes swimming.

根据答句写问句 1. What ’s your hobby I like running.
2. What’s Chenjie’s hobby Chenjie likes singing.



Unit 4 B 根据短文填空 gets up at 6 a.m. Then My mother
she cooksbreakfast for us. After that, she goes to work. She reads newspaper at 2 p.m. She does the dishes at 6 p.m. Then she watches TV in the evening. How busy she is!

根据答句写问句 Do you like running 1. Yes, I like running.


Does she like watching TV ? 2.

Yes, she likes watching TV.

Does she teach English 3.
Yes, she teaches English. Does he study Chinese 4.



Yes, he studies Chinese.

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