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( )1.A.library B.post office C.hospital ( )2.A.by bike B.by bus C.on foot ( )3.A.far from B.next to C.in front of ( )4.A.take a trip B.buy a book C.learn kung fu ( )5.A.this evening B.this afternoon C.this morning


( )1.A.How can I get to the zoo?

B.How do you go to school?

( )2.A.What is she going to do?

B.When is she going?

( )3.A.Remember the traffic rules?

B.Look at the traffic lights.

( )4.A.I’m going to the bookstore.

B.I’m going to buy a comic book.

( )5.A.Usually I go to work by bike.

B.Usually I go to school on foot.


( )1.A. I’m going to plant trees.

B. I’m going to buy a comic book.

( )2.A. I’m going at 3 o’clock.

B. I’m going by subway.

( )3.A.Go straight,you can see it.

B.Sure,if you like ,It’s not far.

( )4.A.It’s next to the supermarket.

B. I’m going to the supermarket.


( )5.A. I always climb hills on Sunday.

B. I’m going to climb hills next Sunday.


( )1.The shopping center is near my home.

( )2.I’ll go to the shopping center by bus.

( )3.The restaurant is far from the shopping center.

( )4.I’m going to have some rice in the restaurant.

( )5.I’m going to buy a gift for my friend.


五、把单词补充完整 10%

1.下周 _________ 2.交通规则 __________ 3.去学校__________

4. 医院_____ 5. 直行__________ 6.邮局__________

7.报纸_____ 8.购买_____ 9.请_____ 10.等_____

六.读一读,用所给单词的正确形式填空 10%

1.How _____ (do) she go to work ?

2.You _____ (can)get there on foot.

3.When are you going to _____ (swim)?

4.My father_____ (like)Chinese.

5.I like_____(draw)pictures.

七.根据括号里的提示,写出答句: 10%

1.A:Where are you going ?(science museum)

B: _________________________________________

2.A:What are they going to do tomorrow?(play basketball)

B: _________________________________________

3.A:How does your father go to Canada?(by plane)

B: _________________________________________

4.A:Where’s your home?(near the park)

B: _________________________________________

5.A:Is she cleaning her room?(Yes)

B: _________________________________________

八.先把错误的地方圈出来,改过来并抄写一遍 10%

1.What does you do on weekend?

2.How can I get to there?

3.He go to school on foot.


4.My father and my mother is teachers.

5.What are you go to do this afternoon?

九、阅读理解 10%


Hi! I am John. Tomorrow is Saturday. I’m going to a bookstore, I want to buy a Chinese dictionary. The bookstore is next to a park, it’s far from here. I’m going to there by bus. The bookstore is a white building, it’s very beautiful. After buying the dictionary, I’m going to the park. I like the park. I will have fun there.

1.What day is it today?


2. Where does John go?


3. Is the bookstore far from here?


4. What does John want to buy?


5. What colour is the bookstore?




My name is Amy. Tomorrow is Saturday. We have no classes. My parents aren’t going to work, but we are going to be very busy tomorrow. My mother is going to buy something for next week. My father is going to visit my aunt and uncle. I’m going to the bookstore by bus. Then I’m going to buy a dictionary. Tomorrow evening we are going to visit my grandparents and have a big dinner. After that we are going to the cinema. I think we are going to have a nice weekend.

( ) 1. Amy’s mother is going to buy something for next week.

( ) 2.Amy’s father is going to visit his grandparents in the morning.

( ) 3.Amy is going to play computer games with his sister.

( )4.Tomorrow evening Amy is going to watch TV.

( ) 5.Tomorrow evening they are going to the cinema.





要求:1.请用be going to 句式写话.








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