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I go to school on foot.My sister goes to school on foot, too. My brother goes to school by bike. My father goes to work by car. My mother goes to work by bike.


I go to school by bus. My friend Amy goes to school on foot. John goes to school by bike. Mike goes to school by Subway. Sarah goes to school by bus.


I go to the cinema. I start from here. Go straight for fiveminutes. Then turn left at the library. Go straight for one minute. The library is on the right.


I’m going to have a busy weekend with my friends. On Saturday morning,we are going to go shpping. On Saturday afternoon, we are going to the park. On Sunday morning,We are going to go fishing. On Sunday afternoon,we are goingto climb mountains. We will be happy.


I am going to have a busy Sunday with my family. We are going to the zoo on Sunday morning. We are going to see elephants. On Sunday afternoon,we are going to visit my grandparents. We are going to clean the room for them.


I like flying kites. My father likes diving. My mother likesplaying the violin. My brother likes riding a bike. My sister likes listening to music.



I like diving. My friend John likes flying kites. Amy likescollecting stamps. Zhang Peng likes playing football. ChenJie likes riding a bike.


My father is a teacher. He works in a school. He goes towork by car. My mother is an accountant. She works in a bank.She goes to work by bus.


Dear Amy,

My name is Sarah. I’m 13. I’m tall and thin. I like swimming.My father is 40. He’s tall and strong. He likes reading books.He is an engineer. He works in a car company.He goes to workby car.My mother is 39. She’s short and thin. She likes cooking. She is a salesperson. She works in a bookstore. She goes towork on foot.




He is Ben. He is 26.He is a policeman. He goes to work bybus. He likes playing the violin. He likes going fishing ,too.


The sun shines and the water becomes vapour. The cloud comes from the vapour. The rain comes from the clouds.The water in the river comes from the rain. This is the rain cycles.


First, dig the soil. Then put the seeds in the soil. Put it in the sun. Water it often. We can see the sprout. Then wait for a flower to grow.


十三、看图,以plant a corn为题,写一篇短文

First, dig the soil and put some seeds in the soil. Water them. We can see a sprout. We can see a big plant. We can see the corn.


I can plant trees. First ,dig the soil. Then put the plant inthe soil. Water it. Wait for it to grow.


He is John. He is 12. He likes collecting stamps. He getsup at 6:40 in the morning. He goes to school at 7:30. He reads books at 8:00 in the evening.

? 六年级英语作文:My Family Members

I am student of Southwest Weiyu Middle School. I am in Class Two Grade Six. I’m a girl. I’m twelve years old. I’m tall and thin. I like to sing and dance. I can sing POP music very well. I like to eat meat, because I think it’s very delicious. I’ good at English, because I like it very much. I like to write a composition and I like to read many nice books. I think it’s good for me. I like drawing, but I can’t draw very well. I like cats very much, but I can’t have them, because my mother doesn’t like them, she think they’re very dirty. I want to travel around the world, but I haven’t enough money. But I’m happy, because I have many friends and a happy family. My mother is a shop assistant. She’s thirty-six years old. She’s tall and thin too. She’s pretty. Her hair is short and straight. She likes to sing and she likes Zhang Xueyou’s songs and English songs. She likes to eat crabs.

? She always goes shopping with me. She’s good at Maths. When I have problems 3

with Maths she will help me. She doesn’t like pets; because she thinks they are dirty. I like my mother very much. My father is a manager. He’s forty-six years old. But he looks like very young and handsome. He always goes to park with me. He likes to smoke. But I think smoke is bad for himself. He likes English songs. He’s good at Chinese. He sometimes helps me to write a composition. My father likes pets very much. I like my father very much. My grandmother and my sister live together. My grandma is sixty-three years old. She’s retiring. My sister is a student of fourteen years old. She has two big eyes and long straight hair. She’s a small famous singer in her city. She likes to sing and dance. She can sing very well. She joins in many competitions and she always be champion.


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