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一、 找出与众不同的单词,你一定行。

( )1. A. fall B. season C. winter D.summer 四、选择。

( )1、I often ___my homework ___ 7:00 in the moring .

A、do,in B、does , at C、do , at ( )2. A. usually B. often C. sometimes D.when ( )3. A. noon B.evening C.either D.morning ( )4. A.January B. month C. February D.May ( )5. A. skate B. second C. third D.ninth 二.用所给单词的适当形式填空。

1.Who (have) a birthday in May? 2.When is (you) birtheday ?

3.Uncle (Larry) birther is in June. 4.There are three (birthday) in October. 三、选出正确的词或词组。

A.four B.piano C.season D.twelve E( )1、There are _______months in a year. ( )2、My favourite _______is winter. ( )3、There are _______seasons in a year. ( )4、I often play the ________on the weekend. ( )5、I can _______ in summer.

( ) 2、____ do you get up in the morning ?

A、What B、 When C 、Which

( ) 3、What's the date today? It's November _____.

A、21th B、21st C 、21nd

( ) 4、 Which _________ do you like best? A. season B. seasons C. a season ( ) 5、 _________ is the ninth month of a year. A. September B. August C. October ( )6、 I like winter. I can _________ snow. A. play with B. play on C. playing in .swim ( ) 7、 Winter is beautiful, but it's ____cold _____ me. A. to...for B. too...for C. too...to ( )8、_______ do you like summer? Because I can swim.

A. Which B. What C. Why


1、you ,spring , like , do , best, why (?)

- 1 -


2、in , is , my , June ,birthday(.)


3、shopping,on ,I, usually ,go ,the, weekend(.) 阳镜). But Zoom doesn't like swimming. He likes skating. So he is going to Canada. It's winter there now. He can skate all day. He has winter coats(冬衣) and some new ice skates(滑冰鞋). ( ) 1. Seasons in Australia and Canada are the same. ________________________________________ ( ) 2. Zoom and Zip are going to Canada.

4、which ,you ,season, like, best, do,(?) ( ) 3. Zoom likes swimming.

________________________________________ ( ) 4. Zip has a new bathing suit and sunglasses.

5、date, is , the , what,(?) ( ) 5. It's warm in Australia.



( )1、What’s the weather like in fall? A. Yes, I do.

( )2、Do you usually go shopping? B. It’s Monday.

( )3、What day is it today? C. My birthday is in May .

( )4、Let’s go to climb mountains. D.Great!

( )5、When is your birthday? E. It’s windy and cool.


Zoom and Zip are good friends. They are planning a trip(旅游) together.

Zip is going to sunny Australia(澳大利亚)! It's so warm there. He can

swim all day. He has a new bathing suit(游泳衣) and sunglasses(太

- 2 -

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