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1、Listen and match.(10分)

2、Listen and choose.(12分)

3、Listen and number.(8分)


1、Read and match.(10分)

( )1、Where does she work? A. She’s a doctor. ( )2、What’s your hobby? B. It’s in front of the school. ( )3、What does she do?

C. I’m going to play football. ( )4、What are you going to do? D. She works in a school. ( )5、Where is the library?

E. I like collecting stamps.

2、Read and choose.(10分)

( )1、

A. get up

B. gets up

C. getting up

( )2、-What’

A. I can dive.

B. I’m going to swim. C. I like running.

( )3、

A. Yes, she does.

B. No , she doesn’t

C. Yes, she is.

( )4、–It comes from cows.

A. Where

B. What

C. Which

( )5、A. What do you have?

B. What are you going to do?

C. Can I help you?

3、Look and write.(10分)


、Read and write.(10分)

AB:I’m going to the plant shop. A B:I’m going to buy some small trees. A

B:I’’clock. A

B:I’m going with my mother.

5、Read and match.(10分)

A. He likes helping people. He goes to work by motorcycle. He helps make our city a safe place to live and work in.

B. He works in a bank. He helps the bank use their money well. He likes working with numbers and he is good at using computers.

C. He works in a car factory. He can make nice cars. D. He works in a hospital. He often helps sick people. E. He works in a street. He cleans streets and he works hard.

( )

6、Fill in the blanks.(10分。)

John is my friend. He _______ in Australia. He usually _______ to school on foot. He doesn’t _______ sports. He likes ________ story-books. On Sundays he goes to a bookstore to _______ some story-books. He can _______ the No. 6 bus there. The bookstore is _______ to a bus stop. His father is _______ accountant. He works in a bank. John is ________ to Hong Kong _________ his father this Friday.

7、Read and choose.(10分)

I have a good friend. His name is Sam. He is from America. His father and mother are doctors. They work in the same hospital. They go to work by bus. Sam has a sister. Her name is Sandy. Every morning, Sam goes to school by bike, but Sandy goes to school on foot. Every evening, Sam plays computer games. His sister reads newspapers. Sam usually plays football at the park on Saturday, and Sandy usually plays the piano at home. I write an e-mail to Sam every week. Sam says his family is going to China soon. I am excited.

( )1、Where do Sam and Sandy come from?

( )2、What does their father do?

A. A teacher.

B. A nurse.

C. A doctor.

( )3、How does Sandy go to school?

A. By bike.

B. On foot.

C. By bus.

( )4、Does Sam read newspapers every evening? .

A. No, he isn’t

B. No, he doesn’t

C. Yes, he does

( )5、What does Sam usually do on Saturday.

A. He usually plays football at the park on Saturday.

B. He usually makes kites on Saturday. C. He usually plays the piano on Saturday.

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