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Dog, dog, what can you do?
I can run after you. Panda, panda, what can you do? I can eat so much bamboo. Mouse, mouse, what can you do? I can hide in the shoe. Mike, Mike, what can you do? I can draw animals in the zoo!


the dishes

housework sports

the piano
the violin ping-pong


computer games



use (使用) a computer

I’m helpful! I can… .




Can you p lay chess?

play Chinese chess

Yes, I can . No, I can’t .

Thank you. You are helpful .

you Can
puter? use a com


Hello. I am a robot. I am helpful. I can do housework.

Robot, can you ….?

Zhang ---Robot. Can you make the bed?
A. Yes, I can.
B. No, I can’t.

John ---Robot. Can you do the dishes?
A. Yes, I can. B. No, I can’t.

Sarah ---Robot. Can you set the table? --- No, _____________. I can’t. Amy ---Robot. What can you do?

---________________ . I can play chess
Chen ---Great! Can you use a computer? ---Yes, I can. I am a computer.

I’m a robot. I’m helpful !
I can wash the clothes. I can sweep the floor and empty the trash. I can put away the clothes. I can

do much housework. But I can’t play chess. I can’t
use a computer. I’m busy but I’m happy. Do you like me?

1. ---Robot, robot. Can you wash the clothes? The robot can wash the clothes.
A. Yes, I can. B. No, I can’t.

2. ---Robot, robot. Can you sweep the floor? B. No, I A. Yes,He can sweep the floor.can’t. I can. 3.--- Robot, robot. Can you use a computer? But he can’t use a computer. ---No, I can’t .

4. ---Robot, robot. Can you play chess? The robot can’t__________. play chess --- No, _____________. I can’t. empty the trash 5.--- Robot, robot. Can you _______________? But he can _______________. empty the trash --- _____________ . Yes, I can . 6. ---Robot, robot. Can you put away the clothes ? _________________________ And he can ____________________for me. put away the clothes ---______________ . Yes, I can .

Cinderella (灰姑娘)

Let’s help Cinderella (灰姑娘) !

Can you…? Can you…? What can you do ?

Yes, I can. No, I can’t . I can …

sing dance climb write draw read books do homework wash the window

clean the bedroom use a computer
empty the trash sweep the floor water the flowers wash the clothes make the bed set the table do the dishes

Report ***is helpful. She /He can’t But she can

1. 背P51课文。 2. P51重点句子抄写2次,听写1次。

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