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( )1 .A door B. window C. classroom

( ) 2 .A maths book B. schoolbag C. keys

( ) 3. A friendly B. friend C. strong

( ) 4 .A English B .maths C. storybook

( ) 5. A strong B .quiet C.hair


( )1 .向别人介绍你的教室,你应该说

A .This is my new seat. B .This is my new classroom. C. My classroom is new.

( ) 2 .想问教室里有什么,应该说 A. Where is the classroom? B .What is the classroom?

C .What is in the classroom?

( ) 3. A: Where is my schoolbag? B:

A .It’s black B. It is in the desk C.Blue and white

( ) 4. A: ? B: An English book and three storybooks

A .Where are they? B .Which is my schoolbag? C. What’s in my schoolbag?

( ) 5. A: What colour is it? B:

A. It’s me B. It’s black and white C .Black and white

( ) 6 .Boys and girls, your pencil on your book!

A .have B. give C .put

( ) 7 .The girl is and cute.

A .quiet B.quite C. friend

( ) 8. A: Is he strong? B:

A .Yes, he is not B .No, he is C. Yes, he is

( and

A. tall, friend B .strong and tall C. quiet, new

( ) 10. A: B; It’s blue and white.

A. What do you like? B. What do you have? C .What colour is it?


1. Phone, bed, the, is, near, the (.)

2. schoolbag, what’s, your, in (?)

3 .windows, me, let, the, clean (!)

4. colour, your, what, is, pen (?)

5 .father, strong, is, my, and, tall (.)


( ) 1 .What’s in your schoolbag? A .It’s on the teacher’s desk.

( ) 2. who’s your best friend? B. His name is Zhang peng.

( ) 3 .Where is the computer? C .They are orange.

( ) 4 .What colour are your shoes? D .An English book

( ) 5. What’s his name? E .John

五、阅读下面对话,判断句子,正确的写“T” ,错误的写“F” 。

My name is Tom. I’m a student. My school is not very big, but very beautiful. Look, this is my classroom. It’s very bright. There is a computer on the teacher’s desk. There are 46 students in my class. 22 girls and 24 boys. My school has two libraries. The big one is for the students. The small one is for the teachers. There’s a big playground in the school. I like to play football there. I like my school very much.

( ) 1. Tom’s school is very big and beautiful.

( ) 2. Tom’s classroom is very bright.

( ) 3. There’s a computer in the classroom.

( ) 4.There are twenty-four girls in Tom’s class.

( ) 5. The big library is for the teachers.

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