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What are you going to do

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Teaching plan

Unit 3 What are you going to do?

(Part B Let’s read)


Unit 3 What are you going to do?

(part b Let’s read)

Teaching aims:

I.Knowledge aims:

1.listen,say and read the dialogue in Let’s read.

2.Have the students understand the dialogue.

3.Have the students answer the questions according to the contents of the dialogue.

4.Discuss what you are going to be in the future.

II.Ability aims:

1.Have the students use the pattern of “be going to” to make sentences.

2. Understand the dialogue with the help of the dictionary.

III.Emotion aims:

1.Teach the students love plants.

2.Have the students set up a great goal.

Teaching important points and difficulties:

1.Understand the dialogue

2.usage of “be going to”

3.Retell the dialogue and describe the plan of weekend.

Teaching aids: some plants ,PPT ,a dictionary,a newspaper,a post card ,a comic book,a magazine

Teaching methods: group work, total physical response,


Teaching procedures:

Step 1 Warm up

1. Let’s chant

2. Review the words and sentences

T: What’s this ?

S1:It’s a post card/a magazine/ comic book/dictionary/newspaper. Let’s look at the big screen.Have some students read the words.

3. Make a dialogue by using when,where and what.eg. A: Where are you going this afternoon?

B: I’m going to the bookstore.

A: What are you going to do?

B: I’m going to buy a magazine.

A: When are you going ?

B: I’m going at 4 o’clock.

4. Show some pictures to Ss,then ask:

5. What’s he/she?

He/She is a doctor/teacher/nurse/writer

Step 2 Lead in

1. Have a free talk

T: Are you going to be a teacher in the future?

S: Yes/No.I’


Write What are you going to be in the future?


Step3 Presentation

1.Let’s read

T: Everybody has a dream. I have a dream. You have many wonderful dreams.

Look at the picture,Sarah has a wonderful dream,too.

What’s she going to be one day?Now let’s read the dialogue

2.Have Ss find out what they can’t understand.

3.Get Ss to answer the questions.

(1). What is Sarah going to do on the weekend?

(2.)Where is Sar ah going to buy the plants?

(3.) What is Sarah going to buy in the bookstore?

(4. )What does Sarah want to be in the future?

4.Check their answers.

5.Explain the key words and phrases.

6.Watch the video.

7. Read the dialogue in groups

7.Act it out.

Step 4 Practice

1.Read the dialogue


2.Read and tick or cross.

(1) Sarah is going to plant trees this afternoon. ( )

(2) Sarah is going to the supermarket. ( )

(3) Sarah is going to buy a magazine about animals. ( )

(4) Sarah wants to be a Chinese teacher one day. ( )

3.Retell the dialogue.

Sarah is going to __________ this weekend. She needs ______________. She uses some books. So she's going to the_____________.

She’s going to buy_________ about ______.

She wants to be ________________one day.

Step5 Summary

, you should work hard.Your dream will come true.

Step6 Homework

1.Make a shopping plan on the weekend.

2.Make a survey, ask your friend what he/she is going to be one day.


Blackboard design:

Unit 3 What are you going to do ?

( B Let`s read)

What are you going to be in the future /one day ?

I am going to be a/an …..

I want to be a/an……..

Teaching reflection:


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