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五年级上册unit 5听力材料和答案

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五年级第一学期UNIT5 测试卷听力部分(40分)


1. This is a picture of a bedroom. 2. There is a doll on the bed.

3. There is a big shelf in the room. There are many books on it. 4. You can see two end tables near the bed. 5. The lamp is on the end table.

1. ( T ) 2.( F ) 3. ( T ) 4. ( F ) 5. ( F )

二、听短文, 根据短文内容“V”出相应的图片。(10分)

Look at my room. It’s small and nice. You can see a small bed. There is an end table near the bed. The phone is on it. There is a desk and a chair in my room. I often read books and do homework in it. I like my room very much.

( ) ( V ) ( V ) ( ) ( )

( ) (V ) ( V ) (V ) ( )


This is my room. The bed is small. There is a big shelf. There are some books on it. The desk is orange, there is a ball under the desk. There is phone on the end table. Where is my toy car? It’s in the big box.

( 4 ) ( 1 ) ( 3 ) ( 2 ) ( 5 )


This is a picture of my There big desk. There The the air-conditioner. There is a


一、 根据图片补充问句或答句。(10分)

1. Where is the end table? It’s near the bed. 2. Where is the picture? It’s over the bed. 3. Where is the cat? The cat is behind the curtains. 4.Where are the pencils? They are in the pencil-case.

5. Where are the books? They’re on the bookshelf. 二、选择填空。(10分)

(B ) 1.There ___ a small closet in my bedroom. A. am B. is C. are D. be

(C ) 2.There ____ some pictures on the wall. A. am B. is C. are D. be ( B ) 3.My father has ______air-conditioner. A. a B. an C. some D. \

( B) 4.Tom is behind Jim, Jim is _______Tom. A. front B. in front of C. over D. behind ( A ) 5.There is a TV set ______ the closet. A. near B. in C. under D. behind ( B ) 6.This is a picture _____ my room. A. on B. in C. of D. to ( B ) 7.The books are _____ the bookshelf. A. in B. on C. over D. under (C ) 8. Two end tables _____ near the bed. A. am B. is C. are D. be

( A ) 9.There _____ a table, a TV and two sofas in my room. A. is B. am C. are D. be

( A ) 10.We are rabbits. We _____ a new flat.

A. have B. has C. is D. are


( B )1、What’s your room like? ( D )2、What can you see on the table?

( A )3、What’s in the box? ( E )4、Where is the air-conditioner? ( C )5、Is this your bedroom?


Hello, my name is Lin Lin. I’m twelve. This is my bedroom. Let me show you. There is a bed, a window, a shelf, a desk, a chair, and a computer. The window is in front of the desk. The desk is near the bed. There is a computer on the desk. My bedroom is small, but it’s nice. I love it. Do you like my bedroom?

(× )1.There is a closet in Lin Lin’s bedroom. (√ )2.The desk is near the bed. (× )3.The window is behind the desk. ( × )4.The bedroom is big.

(√ )5.Lin Lin likes her bedroom very much.

1. Is there a small bed near the window? ____, ____ ______. 五、根据实际情况回答问题(10分) 1. Is your room big or small?

___答案略___________________________________________ 2. Can we see an air-conditioner in your room ?

_____答案略___________________________________ 3. What’s in your room?


4. What can you do in your room?


5. Do you like your room? _________________答案略_________


以“My room”为题目,写一篇介绍自己房间的小作文,不少于5句话。______________________________答案略________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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