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小学六年级英语学科期中测试 2013—2014学年度第一学期


(考试时间: 40分钟)

( )1、Tell me more about __________.

A. New York B. Mexico ( )2、There are lots of Chinese __________. A. shops B. restaurant ( )3、I’ve got a letter from __________. 听力部分(40%)

一、听句子,在A、B、C选项中选择你所听到的单词。(两遍)10% ( )1、A big B.small C.long ( )2、A.speak B.run C.swim ( )3、A.dolls B.stamps C.cars ( )4、A.breakfast B.lunch C.dinner ( )5、A.west B.north C.south 二、听句子,判断图片是否正确,对的写(T),错的写(F)。(两遍)5%

1. ( ) 2.( ) 3( ) 4.( ) 5.( )


( )1、A.I’m twelve. B.I’m fine, thank you. ( )2、A.It’s a dog. B.They are monkeys.

( )3、A.I visited my English teacher. B.I’m doing my homework. ( )4、A.Yes, I do. B.Yes, she does.

( )5、A.Yes, you can. B.Yes, I can. 2四、听句子,选择与所听内容相符的一项。(两遍)10%


A. Canada B. France )4、Collecting __________ is my hobby. A. stamps B. dolls )5、My little sister can speak some __________. A. English B. Chinese


( )1、Daming is twelve. ( )2、.Daming lives in China. ( )3、Sam is Daming’s cousin. ( )4、Sam likes playing football. ( )5、Sam can’t speak Chinese.


一、按正确的书写格式写出下列字母的大写或小写。8% 、大写 、小写大洛中心小学六年级英语半期学习评价第2页(共4页)

( ( 1


st__p l__tern postc__d h_bb_ r__lly. 三、选择填空。12%

( )1、Do you collect __________.

A. stamp B. a stamp C. stamps

( )2、There are _______ Chinese shops and restaurants there.. A. a lot B. lots of C. lot of ( )3、Have you got ________kites?

A. a B. any C. some ( )4、Flying kites __________ my hobby. A. am B. are C. is ( )5、I’ve got_______ picture books from England. A. a B. any C. some ( )6、I did _______ homework yesterday.

A. me B. my C. our


( )1. Is there a letter for me? A Lily can.. ( )2. Who can be your pen friend? B No, I haven’t. ( )3. What’s your favourite festival? C No, there isn’t.. ( )4.Have you got a doll from Japan? D Yes, I can.

( )5.Can you speak English? E It’s Dragon Boat Festival 六、图文配对,将序号填入括号内。10分


A B C D E ( )1. .This stamp is from China. ( )2. Laura is an American girl.

( )3. Tian’an men square is very famous.. ( )4. My.favourite festival is Thanksgiving Day. ( )5.The West Lake is in Hangzhou.


Christmas is a very special western festival. Before Christmas, people decorate(装饰) their home. They send Christmas card to their family and friends, and they buy Christmas trees and decorate them,and they buy the presents under the Christmas trees. Then everyone gets together and have a big meal on Christmas Day. Everybody loves Christmas. ( )1. Christmas is a western festival.

( )2. People send Christmas trees to their family and friends. ( )3. People buy .Christmas trees and decorate them. ( )4. They have a big picnic on Christmas Day. ( )5. Everybody loves Christmas.


提示:年龄,国籍,能力,爱好(swim,speak English,read,skip...).


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