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一、翻译 1.

2. These postcards are great! 3. It’s a picture of the Great Wall. 4. Tell me more about the Great Wall. How long is it?

5. It’s about six thousand seven hundred kilometers.

6. Now you tell me something about New York. How big is it? 7. It’s got eight million people 8. How big is Beijing?

9.Beijing’s got about fourteen million people.

10.New York is in the east of America.

11.Canada is north of America and Mexico is south of America.

1. I’m sanding an email to my family in China.

2. Do you miss China? Sometimes.

3. There’s a Chinatown in New York.

4. There are lots of Chinese shops and restaurants there. Really?

5. Let’s go to Chinatown now.

6. We can’t go now. It’s nine o’clock. Then let’s go to tomorrow.

7. There are lots of bicycles in China.

8. You do miss China. 三. 写出下列动词的现在分词(-ing)

put__________ give__________ fly_________ get ______ see______

dance________ sit__________ run ________ plant ______make______

take________ swim_________ ask________ stop _______tell______

take ______ write__________ have_______ smoke ______eat______


1.Daming visit ) America now .

2. ( tell ) me more about the Great Wall .

3.China and be )in the east and be )in the south. 4. you miss ) China ? Sometimes .

5. We go ) to Chinatown tomorrow .

6.There (be) some water.

7.Let’sgo ) to Chinatown now .

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