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五年级英语上册Unit 4 ☆Cook the meals (倒垃圾) ☆water the flowers (浇花) ☆sweep the floor (扫地) ☆clean the bedroom (打扫卧室)

☆make the bed (铺床) ☆set the table (摆饭桌) ☆wash the clothes (洗碗碟) ☆do the dishes (收拾衣服) ☆can’t=cannot

☆use a computer (使用计算机)

其他:empty the trash(倒垃圾)

helpful(有帮助的;有用的) at home(在家里) ill(有病的)

wash the windows(擦窗户) just do it(就这么干吧) do housework(做家务) put away the clothes(收拾衣服) I’like to=I would like to have a try(试一试) robot(机器人) play chess(下棋)

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