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Unit1 Hello, Everyone!第四课时

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Unit 1 Hello, Everyone !


This is the third period of Unit 1. The students have learned some usefull language points about kinds of travel.

Analysis of the students:

The students can use some simple sentences to talk about kinds


In this class, they will learn more about intreseting travel plans and reading abilities.

Teaching Aims:

1 Learn and master some words and expressions about travel

2 Improve students’ reading and writing ability.

3 Be able to find the detailes to illustrate a point and apply it in writing 4 Learn to talk about their travel experiences

Teaching aids: multimedia, pictures, computers and so on.

Teaching Procedures:

Step1: Greetings

Greet the students as usual.

Step2: Revision

Try to put the following phrases into Chinese

1 It’s great to see all of you

2 would like to do sth

3 spend a lot of money on…

4 comic books

5 save up


6 graduate fom

7 Chinese food is my favourite

8 go to the movies

9 I take a bus to school every day.

10 for entertainment

11 greetings around the world

Step3: Lead-in

Give the students sometimes to discuss the following question with their partners ,then please share their opinions.

1 Do you know how to greetings with an Indian ?

2 Do you know how to greetings with a Japanese ?

(The teacher can give them more minutes ,and they can find the answers from the passage.)

Aims: To attract the students’interests

Step4:Complete the table with nouns and adjectives about a place you visited.

Step5: Write a paragraph about yourself.

Write a paragraph about yourself in groups and ask them to read it out then choose the best one.

Step6: Summary

In this step the teacher should conclude the key words and expressions to write a paragraph about greetings.

Step7: Homework

Read the passage about A food Lover for several times, and translate the passage in Chinese.

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