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五年级第一学期UNIT6 测试卷听力部分(40分)



1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3. ( ) 4. ( ) 5. ( )


1、Mary’s village is beautiful. ( ) 2、There is a road near the river. ( ) 3、There are many tall buildings in the village. ( ) 4、There isn’t a bridge over the river. ( ) 5、There are no flowers near the road. ( )






( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


My name is Tom. This is my _________. It is in the _________. There are many small_________ and a river. There is a _________ near the river. There are many _________in the river. There is a _________ _________ the river. There are many flowers near the road. There is green_________. There is a lake_________ the village. The water is _________. It’s a beautiful village.


一、 根据图片补充问句或答句。(10分)

1. Is this a city or a village? ___________________________________. 2. Is there a lake? _____________________________________. 3. What’s in the village? ________________________

4. Are there any trees in the picture? ________________________________.5. ______________________? The bridge is over the river. 二、选择合适的答案,把序号填写在题前括号内。(10分)

( )1.___ a river in the park?

A. Is there B. Are there C. There is D. There are ( )2.—Is there a bird in the sky? ---_____ .

A. Yes, there are B. Yes, there isn’t C. Yes, there is D. No, there is ( ) 3.Are there any fish in the river?

A. No, there isn’t. B. Yes, there are two fish. C. Yes, there are two fishes. D. No, there are.

( ) 4.Thre is _____apple in my bag. A. a B. an C. many D. any ( ) 5.____ two pens on the desk? A. Is B. Am C. Are D. Are there

( ) 6.—How many books are there on the shelf?---_____. A. Yes, there are B. No, there aren’t.

C. They are many books. D. Three

( ) 7.—Can you see the cat in the picture? ---_____.

A. Yes, I can. B. Yes, there is. C. No, I can D. No, there isn’t ( )8.The bridge is________ the river. A. in B. on C. over D. in front of

( )9.There are __________ tall buildings in the village. A. no B. not C. many D. a

( )10.________ is the closet? It’s near my bed. A. What B. Where C. Who D. How


( )1. Is there a fish in the river? A. We have tomatoes. ( )2. Can you set the table? B. No, there isn't. ( )3. What can he do? C. Yes, I can.

( )4. What's your favourite fruit? D. He can cook the meals. ( )5. What do you have for lunch? E.Apples.


There is a beautiful city. Its name is Venice. Man and woman there don't drive cars. They row boats. There are no streets. You can see small rivers here and there. They look like streets. People go shopping in boats. Your father may ride a bike or take a bus for work. The fathers in Venice can only "ride" in boats. 注释:

Venice: 威尼斯 only: 仅仅 ride: 骑 row: 划船 ( )1. People in Venice can drive cars in the streets. ( )2. There are many small rivers in Venice.

( )3. You can see water here and there. ( )4. People there have many boats.

( )5. Your father may go to work by bike in Venice. 五、请根据你家附近的实际情况回答问题(10分) 1. Is there a river?

2 . Are there any houses?

_________________________________________________ 3 . Are there any trees?


4. Is there a lake?

_________________________________________________ 5. Are there any mountains?


六、作文。写一段话描述你所在的乡村或者城市。不少于5句话。(共10分) 参考词汇: There is, There are

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