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1. heavy(比较级) 2. fly(过去式)

3. same(反义词) 4. plus(对应词)

5. rainy(名词) 6. carefully(形容词)

7. more(原形) 8. foggy(名词)

9. far(比较级) 10. miss(第三人称单数)


1. 比我快十分钟 2. 观看京剧表演

3. 在第四站下车 4. 成为好朋友

5. 许多信纸和一张信封 6. sit by the window

7. start to fall 8. have problems with English

9. go jogging 10. look for things on the Internet

三、用所给词的恰当形式填空 5

3. It’s Children’s Day. All the students are very(excite).

4. Ben an Benny are good at (China).

6. It’(not have) lunch at home.


9. He (make) many cakes for his friends yesterday.

10. (be) there any tea in the cup?

四、选择题 15

( ) 1.Do you have brothers sisters in your family?

A. some…and B. some…or C. any…or D. any…and

( ) 2. Jim and Mary good English and computer.

A. are…in B. is…in C. are…at D. is…at

( ) 3.How is the cinema from here?

A. far B. many C. much D. about

( ) 4.We can have outing in autumn.

A. a…a B. an…an C. an…/ D. the…the

( ) 5. --- _______ you like to come?---Of course. I'll come them.

A. What…with B. What's…of C. Would…with D. Would…of

( ) 6. I'd like Helen soon.

A. to write B. to write to C. to writing to D. to writing

( ) 7. in a big house?

A. Does…live B. Does…lives C. Do…lives D. Do…live

( ) 8. A: What Jane ?

B: She's writing an e-mail to her pen friend.

A. is…doing B. did…do C. will…do D. is…going to do

( ) 9.You and I like listening to music. We have the same A. both…hobbies B. too…hobbies C. are…hobby D. both…hobby

( ) 10. I'm eleven years old. And my little brother is eight. So .

A. He's taller than me. B. I'm three years older.

C. I'm two months older. D. He's older than me.

( )11. Which season do you like ________, spring or autumn?

A. good B. well C. better D. best

( )12. We can ________ tell her about our new house.

A. too B. at C. also D. on

( ) 13. Can I give ________ ________ e-mail address?

A. him, me B. me, him C. my, him D. him, my

( ) 14. What would you like? ________.

A. I’d like to some apples. B. I’d like to listen to music.

C. I’d like some apples. D. I’d like go to bed.

( ) 15. There is a lot of ________ in spring there.

A. rain B. rains C. rainy D. rainy

五、以下每句均有一处错误,将序号填入题前括号内 5

( )1. Su Yang is as younger as Su Hai.


( )2. Who jumps higher, Ben and Liu Tao?


( )3. Yesterday afternoon, we go to see our teacher, Miss Gao.


( )4. How can I get to there?


( )5. Look, Yang Ling is standing in the bus stop.


八、句型转换 10

1. She is catching insects now.(改为一般现在时) Sometimes she ________ ________ in the park.

2. What time is it? It’s time to have dinner.(改为近义句) ________ the time? It’s time ________ dinner.

3. Wash the clothes.(改为否定句) ________ wash the clothes!

4. Nancy is going to go camping.(改否定) Nancy ________ going to go camping.

5. The boy runs faster than the girl.(改为一般疑问句) ________ the boy ______ faster than the girl?

6. Ann and Lily watched a film last night.(改为现在进行时) Ann and Lily ________ ________ a film now. (对划线提问) ________ ________ he ________ here this morning? is Su Yang’s uncle.(对划线部分提问) ________ man is Su Yang’s uncle? (对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ she ________ the Beijing opera show? (对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ ________ to see a play the day after tomorrow?

九、根据中文翻译句子,每空一词 5

1. 昨天晚上,我们在报纸上看到了有关这次足球赛的消息。

Yesterday evening, we read the news this football match the newspaper.

2. 上周我和奶奶一块儿去看了一场滑稽的木偶表演。

Last week I a puppet show with my grandma.

3. 一共将要有三十个选手参加篮球比赛。Thirty players will in the basketball match.

4. 你这个周末准备干什么? What you to do this weekend?

5. 李明比李东小两岁吗? Li Ming two years than Li Dong?


Miss Hu is our teacher. She loves us very Lily had her.

When Lily at home, Miss Hu went to her home and her with her English. She’s a g teacher. We love her, too.

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