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牛津小学英语六年级6A Unit1-Unit8复习

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Unit 1练习


( )1. grass pass ( ) 2. sign litter

( ( ( ( ( (

二 英汉互译

1.在公园里 2.在草地上

3.禁止自行车通行 4.不许乱扔垃圾

5.不许停放车辆 6.许多

7.在墙上 8.散步

9.公共标记 10.吵闹

13.keep off

三 选词填空(每词只能用一次)

a lot of make about should off quiet in shouldn?t


a lot on away

1. Jack ________has ________ questions.

2. He is asking Ben some questions _________ the public signs.

3. Can I go_________?

4. You must stay ________from the building.

5. Keep ________ the grass.

6. There is a sign _________ the grass.

7. Please keep __________.

8. We shouldn?t _________ noise here.

9. You __________ go out without a coat. You?ll be cold.

10. Now I know _________ about public signs.

11. You _________ brush your teeth before you go to bed every day.

四 句型转换

1. It means ‘No Parking’.(提


2. Can I watch TV now? (肯定回答) ______________________________.

3.Does your sister come home now?(否定回答)


4. It means ‘Danger’. (改为一般疑问句 )


五 选择题

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( )1.---What does this sign________?

---It________ you shouldn?t walk on the grass in the park.

A.mean;mean B. means;means C.mean; means

( )2.The signs________ the lake say ?No cycling?. We can?t cycle here.

A. around B. round C.a round

( )3. Mum?s coat is black. ________ is white.

A. He B. Mine C. Your

( )4.________ you see the sign over there?

A. can B. can?t C. Can?t

( )5.---Can I ask you a question?

----No, you can?t. You________ ask the teacher.

A. will B. should C. would

( )6.Which is the first day of the week? _________________.

A. Monday B. Sunday C. Saturday

( )7. The boys _________ books in the classroom now.

A. are looking at B. are reading C. are seeing

( )8. The park keeper ________ a sign on the grass.

A. points B. point to C. points to

( )9. There?s _________ English book over there. ________ English book is Sarah?s.

A. the; An B. an; An C. an; The

( )10. What_______ it mean?

A. does B. do C. did

( )11. There are ________signs here.

A. a lot B. much C. a lot of

( )12. Look at the sign. You________ on the grass.

A. may B. shouldn?t C. should

( )13. Do you like the park?

A. Yes, I am. B. No, I do. C. Yes, I do. D. No, I?m not.

六 改错

1. There are a lot of sign in the street.

2. What does that means?

3. Today is Saturday. Ben and her cousin Jack are at the zoo.

4. You must keep quietly near the bird?s cage.

5. ---What?s the time? ---It?s at eight o?clock.

七 完形填空

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my father. breakfast, we go there by bike. I read interesting(有趣的)books. There are mang signs 5 it. I know a sign on the wall means

“”, so we must stay the grass”, so we shouldn?t on the grass.

( )1. A. don?t B. can?t C. shouldn?t D. aren?t

( )2. A. for B. from C. and D. with

( )3. A. Have B. Before C. After D. With

( )4. A. much B. a lot C. many D. an

( )5. A. on B. in C. about D. at

( )6. A. safe(安全) B.dangerous C. danger D. pass

( )7. A. off B. away C. out D. with

( )8. A. walk B. take C. keep off D.keep


无锡市甘露学校 戴亚静


( ( ( ( (


1. are (过去式)_________ 2. diary (复数形式)__________

3. was (原形)__________ 4. just now (近义词组)_______________

5. in front of (对应词)______________


1.体育运动日_________________ 2.刚才_______________

3.把它们捡起来_______________ 4.寻找_____________

5.看跑步比赛_________________ 6.一部手机______________

7.a roll of film______________ 8.listen to music______________

9.on the ground__________ 10.the names of some of the things___________

四、用所给单词的适当形式填空。(10分) 亿库教育网 http://www.eku.cc 百万教学资源免费下载

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( the race.

A. of B. about C. in

( A. to play B. playing C. play

( A. seeing B. looking C. watching

( A. pick up it B. pick it up C. pick them up

( ) 5. The football match (比赛 A. excited exciting B. exciting excited C. excite excited

( A. were B. was C. are

( A. running B. are runing C. are running

( A. and B. with C. to

( A. are B. is C. were

( A. closing B. to close C. close


1. Liu Tao?(对划线部分提问)

?s Walkman?

2. Open the door, please. (改为否定句)

the door, please.

3. Let me have a look. (改为同义句)

4. My parents aren?t at home now. (用last night替换 now)


1. ago , where , a , were , moment , they (?)

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2. box , are , CDs , in , my , the (.) 3. her , is , for , camera , she , looking (.) 4. diary , I , find , my , can?t (.) 5. please , you , can , pick , me , them , up , for (. )



( ) 1. Where is my Walkman? A. It?s seven o? clock.

( ) 2. Can you look after my clothes? B. It?s Tuesday.

( ) 3. What day is it today? C. It?s on the 1st of June.

( ) 4. When?s your birthday? D. No, I weren?t.

( ) 5. Don?t smoke here. E. Yes, thanks.

( ) 6. Do you have a computer? F. OK.

( ) 7. Were your parents at home yesterday? G. No, I don?t.

( ) 8. What?s the time, please? H. It?s on the desk.

( ) 9. Are you ready? I. Thanks a lot.

( ) 10. Happy birthday to you! J. Yes, they were.


This is a picture of a classroom. In the picture, you can see a table, six desks, six chairs and a blackboard. You can see a boy and two girls, too. Two books are on the table, a pencil—box is on a desk, two pens and a ruler are in the pencil—box. A bag is behind a chair, there is a picture of a cat on the blackboard. The boy is Jim, he is twelve, and the girl with a hat is Lily. She is twelve, too. The other girl is Sue, she is eleven. They look the same. Their teacher, M r Green isn?t here.


( )1. It?s a picture of ________.

A. boys and girls B. a table and chairs C. a room and blackboard D. a classroom

( ) 2. How many people are there in the picture?

A. Three. B. Four. C. Two. D. Five.

( ) 3. How old are the students in the picture? A. 12, 12, 12 B. 12, 12, 11 C. 11, 12, 12 D. 12, 11, 12

( ?

A. pencil—box B. picture C. desk D. hat

( ) 5. Which is right?

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A. Jim and Sue look the same.

B. There are six desks and two pencil—boxes in the picture.

C. M r Green is their teacher.

D. Two pens and two books are in the pencil—box.

The first period


无锡市甘露学校 计雪芬

一、听录音,给下列图标上正确的序号(听两遍)( 8分


( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

二、听录音,判断所听内容是否与图意相符,相符的用“ T ”表示,不相符的用“ F ”表示(听两遍)(6分)

1. 2. 3.

( ) ( ) ( )

4. 5.


( ) ( ) ( )


( )1. A. It is on the desk.

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B. It was on the chair.

C. It was on the desk.

( )2. A. It means we shouldn?t make noise.

B. It means we must make noise here.

C. It means we should make noise.

( )3. A. It?s on the first of October.

B. It?s on the fourth of September.

C. It?s on the eighth of December.

( )4. A. Yes, it is.

B. No, it isn?t.

C. Yes, it was.

( )5. A. All right. B. OK, let?s go. C. That?s OK.


1. A: your birthday?

B: It?s 2. A: What sign B: The sign says “No Cycling”. We can?t 3. A: B: the sofa.

五、判断下列单词划线部分读音是否相同,相同的画打“√ ”,不相同的打“×”(5分)

1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 六、中英互译(12分)

1. 问我一些问题 2. 他的生日

3. 在四月 4. 六月二日5. 什么日期 6. 寻找她的手机7. 刚才 10. should ?Be quiet?

12. pick up a roll of film for Su Yang


( )1. It?s six thirty. It?s time breakfast.

A. to B. have C. for

( ?Keep off the grass?walk on the grass.

A. must; should B. must; shouldn?t C. should; must

( )3.Ben? A. having B. haveing C. have

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( )4.Would you like to watch a film?

A. Yes, I?d like. B. Yes, I like. C. Yes, I?d like to.

( )5.I?lots of A. have; strawberrys B. with; strawberrys

C. with; strawberries

( )6.Don? your classmate in class.

A. talk to B. talk about C. talk with

( )7. is it today? It?s Wednesday.

A. what day B. What date C. What day

( )8.There aren?t glasses on the table.

A. some B. any C. the

( on the desk just now.

A. is; was B. are; is C. are; was

( A. at B. on C. in

( )11. Which is the eleventh month of a year?

A. December B. November C. August

( A. means B. mean C. is

( )13. What is the man?s job?

A. He?s Jack. B. He?s a park keeper.

C. He?s my cousin.

( )14. We A. shouldn?t keep quiet

B. shouldn?t make noise

C. must make noise

( )15.This is Su Yang? A. them B. my C. it


your glasses there?( be )

-No, they weren?t.

(watch) Japanese cartoons.

he like this toy dog?

-No, he 6. Now the children 7. Let?s 8. Look at the ( box) . They are nice.


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( )1.What would you like as a present? A. Yes.

( )2.Would you like a camera? B. I?d like a violin

( )3.Was it there just now? C. It means ? Do not touch?

( )4. What date is it today? D. I like masks.

( )5. When?s your birthday? E. Friday.

( )6. Are they behind the door? F. Yes, it was.

( )7.Where are your earphones? G. No, they?re not there.

( )8.What day is it today? H. It?s the 8 th of December.

( )9.What does it mean? I. It?s on the fifth of December.

( )10. What do you like? J. They?re behind the door.


1. see, park, we, some, public, in, the, can, signs

2. on, he, sees, grass, the, something

3. can, we, when, watch, cartoon, the

4. over, the, the, pear, bear, was, under, tree, there

5. diary, ago, was, my, where, moment, a


1.They were beside the door a moment ago.

2.OK, but where are my shoes?

3.Oh, yes, they are.

4.It?s time to go to school, Nancy.

5.But, they are not there now.

6.Are they behind the door?


Today is the 5 th of August. It?s my birthday. I get a lot of presents from my friends and family. They?re in nice boxes.

My father gives me a yellow box and there is a book in it. Jack, one of my friends, gives me a long box. What?s in it? It?s an umbrella. My sister gives me a round box. I think it?s a big cake, but it is a basketball. I like playing basketball very much, so I?m happy to have it.

( A. my family B. my friends C. A and B

( )2. My sister gives me as my birthday present.

A. a big cake B. a basketball C. a football

( )3. There?s from my parents.

A. a box B. an umbrella C. a book

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Unit 5 On the farm 练 习 卷

无锡市甘露学校 马春艳


( )1 a. tonight b. July c. sign d. early

( ( (

2读下面的单词,若每组单词中划线部分发音相同在括号内用“√”不同的划“× ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


a给她看一些图片show _______ ______ _______

/show______ ________to_______

b看一场电影_______ ________ ________ c非常高兴________ _______ ______ d非常兴奋_______ ________ _______ e玩得高兴_______ _____ ______ _____ f非常累的_______ ________ g向上拔_______ ______

h假日后______ ______ ______ i在周末______ ______ ________

j开学第一天______ ______ ______ _____ ______


A 你上个周末干了什么?我听了音乐。


B 你还干了什么? 我还拜访了一个农场。


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am/is--- are--- pull--- walk--- play--- make---

do--- study--- have/has--- sing--- taste--- wash--

( )1 I TV at home last Sunday.

A. watching B. watching C. watched D. watches

( ) 2 The children happily yesterday.

A. sang B. sing C. song D. songs

( ) 3 My father an English book now.

A. reads B. reading C. is reading D. read

( ) 4 I usually my homework at seven o?clock.

A. did B. do C. does D. doing

( ) 5 Did you ______your lunch just now?

A. eat B. had C. has D. have(指点迷津B: did 后动词用原形。)

6 用所给词的适当形式填空.

1) It _____(be) the _______ ________ ________(national day holiday) last week. All the ________(people )_____(have) ______ _______ (many)_______(fun).

Helen _______(taste) the oranges_______(and/with) her family on a______(farmer).

Mr Green________(go)_______(camp) and _______(cook) ______ ______ ______(many)nice ________(food).

We_____ (sing) and ______(dance) for hours at the ________(camp).

We ______(be) very happy that long holiday. _______(do) you ________( have) a good time last week?

2) ______ the long holiday, Helen did not ______(go) to school (late/early), she _______(go) to school _______(late/early). She _______(talk) to Nancy about the holiday happily.


— Hi, Su Hai. What did you do last weekend?

— I went to a farm.

— Oh, really? What did you do there?

— I pulled up carrots and collect eggs .

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— What else did you do?

— I also milked a cow..

— That was fun! Were there any fruit trees?

— No, there weren?t.

— Can I go with you visit there?

— All right.

Question: 1. Where was Su Hai last weekend?


2. What did Su Hai do on a farm?


3. Was it fun?


4. Can the writer (作者) visit there?


8 创新园地





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四 复习题型

(一 )请用所给词的适当形式填空。

1 My brother is 15 _______ (year) old. 2 There _______ (be) many trees in the garden. 3 There _______ (be) some water in the cup. 4 _______ (be) there _______ (some) apples next to the basket? 5 There _______ (be) a lot of books on the desk just now. 6 There _______ (be) a pair of _______ (glove) on the table a moment ago. 7 Lily and Lucy have_______ (same) age, but they have different _______ (bedroom). 8 Can I _______ (has) a pen? 9 The sign on the grass_______ (mean) danger. 10 What _______ they mean? They mean No_______ (park). 11 _______ this sign mean No littering? Yes , it does. 12 There are two books on the floor. Please pick_______ (they) up for _______ (I). 13 Can you give _______ (he) a storybook? 14 I want _______ (watch) a football match. Would you like_______ (join 加入) me? 15 Jim likes collecting_______ (China) stamps. 16 Are you talking about_______ (we)? 17 My birthday is_______ January,1990 , and my sister was born(出生) on_______ (twelve) of March. 18 Come on, it?s time ______ school. 19 My father is very_______ (excite) to see the _______ (excite) game. 20 Let_______ (he) grow the flowers. 21 Where_______ (be) you yesterday? I_______ (be) at school. 22 Do you want_______ (have) some bread? 23 What _______ is it today? It?s Monday. 24 What _______ is it today? It?s Sep 12th. 25 Would you like _______ (play) computer games? No, I?d like_______ (do) my homework.. 二、按照要求改写句子

1. Daniel watches TV every evening.(改为否定句) 2. I do my homework every day.(改为一般疑问句,作否定回答)

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3. She likes milk.( 改为一般疑问句,作肯定回答)

4. Amy likes playing computer games.( 改为一般疑问句,作否定回答)

5. We go to school every morning.( 改为否定句)

6. He speaks English very well.( 改为否定句)

7. I like taking photos in the park.( 对划线部分提问)

8. John comes from Canada.( 对划线部分提问)

9. She is always a good student.( 改为一般疑问句,作否定回答)

10. Simon and Daniel like going skating.(改为否定句)


1、breakfast read ( ) 2、look good (

3、June July ( )

4、room food ( ) 5、birthday tiger (

6、right eight ( )

7、after park ( ) 8、watered milked (

9、bear dear ( )

10、.visited planted ( )


1、ask(反义词) 2、 twenty(序数词)

3、had (原形) 4、 I'll (完全形式)

5、too(同义词) 6、see(过去式)

7、people(复数) 8、 we(宾格)

9、just now(同义词组) 10、 my(名词性物主代词)

11、let's(完全形式) 12、 twelfth(基数词)

13、wonderfully(形容词) 14、 go(第三人称单数)


1.元旦 2.拉出,把??往上拔

3.在??前面 4.赏 月

5.三月五日 6.尝个苹果

7.看场电影 8.上星期

9.rice dumping 10.on the 2nd of November

11、a beautiful hairdryer 12、go camping

13、dress up 14、delicious food

15、of course 16、the Dragon Boat Festival


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( )1. _______ is the first day of a week.

A. Monday B. Sunday C. Saturday

( )2. Our National Day is ________.

A. in the 1st of October B. at the 1st of October C. on the 1st of


( )3. We watched TV Sunday evening .

A. on B. in C. at

( )4. Were there apple trees on the farm ?

A. some B. an C. any

( )5.--Did Mike eat moon cakes last Mid- Autumn Festival?

-- .

A. Yes, I did. B.Yes, he didn't. C.Yes, he did.

( )6.--When's Spring Festival ?

--It's January or February. .

A. on B. in C. at

( )7.I’d like a storybook a birthday present .

A.is B.as C.for

( )8.We it very much.

A. liked it B.liked also C. all liked

( )9.Mike usually breakfast at seven twenty .

A.have B.has C. had

( )10.---What are you doing ?

--- I'm the trees.

A.water B. watering C. watered

( )11.What did you do ?

A.today B.yesterday C.now

( )12.I didn't my relatives last year.

A.visit B. visiting C. visited

( )13.This is pen. is over there.

A.my, Your B.Mine, Yours C.my , Yours

( )14.Soon the bus stopped and some people .

A.get off B.got off C. getted off

( )15.I go to school seven o’clock .

A. at B.in C.for

( )16.-----Thank you very much, dear . ----- .

A.OK B.Right C.You are welcome

( )17.My birthday is the 3rd of June. Nancy’s birthday is June, too

A./, / B.in , on C.on , in

( )18.Mr Green talking to his students holidays now .

A.is, about B.are , about C.is, how

( )19.My pens are under the desk . Who can for me ?

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A.pick up them B.pick them up C.pick it up

( )20. dog is tall, but is short.

A.His, her BHis , hers C.Hers, his


1、I went to a party last Halloween. (改为一般疑问句)

____________________ to a party last Halloween?

2、This is her comb. (对划线部分提问)

________________________ is this ?

3、I visited a farm with my family on Monday .(对划线部分提问)

_____________you _____________on Monday ?

4、Lily goes to bed early. (改为否定句)



5、They are from my grandparents.(对划线部分提问)

___________________ they _____________ ?


1、A: Is this book__________ ?

B: No, it's not _______________ .

A: __________is this then?

B: Look, a girl is looking _________ something .

Perhaps it's _____________ .

2、A: There's a pair of shoes ________ the chair.

Are ____________ Tom's?

B: No, they're not_________ .

They're ________. They're a birthday present _________ my Mum and Dad.

3、A: ___________Children's Day ?

B: It's on ________1st of ________ .

A: ________ do children usually ________at Children's Day?

B: They usually sing and dance.

A: ________you ________and ______last Children's Day?

B: Yes, ________course.

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