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1. I____________ (go) to school at 6:00 every day.

2. He is going to __________(read) a magazine this evening.

3. She is going to ______(visit) her grandparents tomorrow.

4. They are going to __________(play) sports this Saturday.

5. I can ___________(clean) my bedroom.

6. She ______________(do) homework every day.

7. I want to _____________(be) a teacher.

8. Where_____________(be) your mother going ?

9. These comic books ____(be) very interesting(有趣的).

10. ___________(I) home is in front of the cinema.

11. She wants to __________(be) an English teacher.

12. How can I ___________(get) to the park ?

13. Alice is ____________(go) by bus .

14. ____________(do) he have a new bike ?

15. This is my ___________(seven) birthday.

16. I want_____________(go) to the pet shop.

17. You _________(be) walking the wrong(错误的) road.

18. ______________(they) school is on the right.

19. He_____________(go) to work by bus.

20. _____________(be) that your bike ?

21. They ____________(look) the same.

22. I am __________. Because I am watching an

____________film. (excited, exciting)

23. It's ________________(sun) day.


24. It may __________(be) cooler up in the sky, he


25. Little Water Drop__________(meet) Mr. Wind.

26. They _________(go) up together and (become) a cloud.

27. Can you _______(help) me ______(go) up to the sky again?

28. Oh,no ! I am _________________(fall)

29. I am from________.I am a ___________.(China)

30. If you enjoy _______(help) people, you

can_________(work) for the police.

31. She is a _________. She likes ___________. (sing)

32. Listen, the girl is __________(play ) the piano.

33. Where does the rain ____________(come) from?

34. It _____________(come) from the clouds.

35. The sun _____(shine) and the water ______(become)


36. How can the water______________(become).

37. What ________ your mother _________? (do)

38. You should _________ (dig) the soil.

39. She is a ___________.She _________ English.(teach)

40. Let's _______(go) with___________(he)

二、用there be 或have的正确的形式填空。

1._________________many flowers in the garden.

2.How many trees ____________in the garden?

3.Tom and I__________two apples.

4.Can I ___________a banana ?


5.________________a blackboard in the classroom。

6.She ___________a blue pen .


1.She works __________( in / on) a bank.

2.Wang Lin goes to work _________(with/by )car.

3.He works___________(with/on) numbers.

4.Li Xiao goes_________(to/for)work________(by/on)bus,

but he likes __________(to/in) walk home.

5.Who helps a bank ___________(for / with ) their money ?

6.She's an actress __________(on / at ) TV.

7.He writes the TV show ____________(in / for) my aunt.

8.He goes to school _______(on/in )foot from Monday



1.Do you know h______ to p_________a flower ? Let me tell you. First, put some s__________in the soil. Then ,put the pot in the s______ and water them often .You can see the s_________in several days .Wait! You can see a big p________ in several weeks.

2.Liu: How do you go to school, Sarah?

Sarah: My home is very far.U________ I go to school by

taxi .S_________I go by subway. What a___________ you ?

Liu: I go to school b_____ car.

3.I'm going to h___________ a busy weekend. I'm going to

the bookstore b______ subway. I'm going to b___________ a

new CD and s__________ story_books .O_____ Sunday, I'm


going to the supermarket w_______ my mother. We’re going a_________ lunch. Then in the evening, I'm going to visit my a_________.We are going to visit my a__________.We are going to w__________ TV .That will be fun !


( ) Which bus?

( ) I get there by bus.

( ) I’m going to visit the museum.

( ) It’s next to the cinema.

( 3 ) Where is it?

( ) What are you going to do this weekend?

( ) How do you go there?

( ) The No.15 bus

六、1.I usually read a magazine.(改为一般将来时)

I_____ ______ _________ read a magazine.

2.He plays chess.(用now改写) He______ _______ chess now.


1.I want to be an accountant.

= I ________ __________ ___________ be an accountant.

2.It's near our school.

=It's________ ________ from our school.

3.She is a Chinese teacher.

= She ________ _________

= She is a ________ _________ Chinese

4.I go to school on foot.= I _______ _________ school. 4

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