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Chinese book

English book

maths book

story book

Say a chant
? ? ? ? ? ? Maths book,maths book, a maths book. Chinese book,Chinese book, a Chinese book. English book,English book, an English book.

P a i r

What colour is it?

w o r k :

A : H e

It’s red and yellow.


What colour is it?

? I have a new schoolbag

What is it?
It’s a panda

? I have a /an _________.

? I have a new ______.

What’s in your schoolbag?


What’s in your ___________?

What’s in your schoolbag?

An English book.

What’s in your schoolbag?

A Chinese book and a maths book.

What’s in your schoolbag?

An English book, a Chinese book ,a maths book and four storybooks.

A fat panda!

It’s black and white.

Pair work
? A: Hello,xxx.I have a new____. ? B:Really ?What color is it ? ? A:Look. ? B:wow,It’s _____. .What’s in ______. .A____

Listen to the dialogue

Listen and answer
1. What’s in Amy’s schoolbag? An English book, a maths book, three storybooks and… 2. What colour is Amy’s schoolbag? It’s black and white. 3. What does it look like? It’s a panda.

? 完成上练习册P7-9




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