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1. The boy __________________ (draw) a picture now. 2. Listen .Some girls _______________ (sing) in the classroom. 3. My mother _________________ (cook) some nice food now. 4. What _____ you ______ (do) now? 5. Look, they _______________ (have) an English lesson. 6. They ____________(not ,water) the flowers now. 7. Look, the girls ________________ (dance) in the classroom. 8. What is our granddaughter doing? She _________ (listen) to music. 9. It’s 5 o’clock now. We _____________(have)supper now 10.______Helen____________(wash )clothes? Yes, she is. 5A 语法专项练习


Example: I am running. 否: I am not running. 一般疑问: Are you running? 回答:Yes, I am. No, I’m not.

1. He is reading English.

否:___________________________________________ 一般:____________________________________


2. She is doing her homework in the study.




3. They are having breakfast now.




4. Mike is swimming with David.


一般:____________________________________ 回答:____________________

5. I am playing table tennis in the playground. 否:__________________________

一般:____________________________________ 回答:____________________


1. 你在干什么? 我在扫地。


2. 他现在正在听音乐。


3. 她在跑步吗? 不,她不是。


4. 看,他们在擦窗户。

____________________________________________ 2. 苏海有一个花瓶,苏阳有一些花。 ____________________________________________ 3. 南希的爸爸有一个随身听。 ____________________________________________ 4. 我的父母有一辆新轿车。 ____________________________________________

四、 用have ,has 或there be的正确形式填空。

1.________ a carton of juice in the fridge?

2.I _______many good friends in our class.

3.________ some doctors in the hospital.

4.Tom _______big blue eyes.

5.__________any boys beside the school bus?

6.__________no milk in the bottle now.Let’s go and buy some.

7.Jim and I_______ some new storybooks.

8.A frog________four feet.Three frogs________twelve feet.

9.How many flowers__________in the vase ?

10.Excuse me,________a study in your house ?Yes, next to my bedroom .

11.Can I ________a cup of tea?I’m very thirsty.

12.Our classroom ________eight windows.

13.How many people__________in your family?

14._________no homework today.

15._________some rice in the bowl.

17.__________some milk and some water in the bottle.

20.What’s in the tree?________some birds in it . 五、用do, does, have, has 填空

1. What ________ you ________? I _______ a hat. 2. What ________ your brother __________? He _________ some toy cars. 3. _________ they _________ any storybooks? Yes, they ________. 4. _________ your teacher _________ a telephone? Yes, he _________. 5. What _________ she ________? She _________ a tin-opener. 6. _________ your parents _________ a computer? Yes, they __________. 7. I __________ a blanket and she __________ a towel. 8. The children and their teacher __________ manu flowers. 9. What __________ his father __________? He __________ a telescope. 10. Helen and Yang Ling ______ a lot of dolls.

六、句型转换 否: 一般疑问句: 否答:

划线提问: 否: 一般疑问句: 肯答: 划线提问: 否: 一般疑问句: 否答: 划线提问: 否: 1 2

一般疑问句: 肯答: 划线提问1:


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