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Unit 8 练习题

★show sth.(物) to sb. (人):意思为“出示、展示某物给某人看”,

也可说成show sb. (人)sth. (物)

★have/has和There is/are的区别:


There be句型表示某时或某地“存在”在什么事物或人。

一、 用have ,has 或there be的正确形式填空。

1.________ a carton of juice in the fridge?

2. I _______many good friends in our class.

3.________ some doctors in the hospital.

4. Tom _______big blue eyes.

5.__________any boys beside the school bus?

6.__________no milk in the bottle now. Let’s go and buy some.

7.Jim and I_______ some new storybooks.

8.A frog________four feet.Three frogs________twelve feet.

9.How many flowers__________in the vase ?

10.Excuse me,________a study in your house ?Yes, next to my bedroom .

11.Our classroom ________eight windows.

12.How many people__________in your family?

13._________some rice in the bowl.

14.__________an apple and some pears on the table.

★ have和has的用法


三、用do, does, have, has 填空

1. What ________ you ________? I _______ a hat.

2. What ________ your brother __________? He _________ some toy cars.

3. _________ they _________ any storybooks? Yes, they ________.

4. _________ your teacher _________ a telephone? Yes, he _________.

5. What _________ she ________? She _________ a tin-opener.

6. _________ your parents _________ a computer? Yes, they __________.

7. I __________ a blanket and she __________ a towel.

8. The children and their teacher __________ many flowers.

9. What __________ his father __________? He __________ a telescope.

10. Helen and Yang Ling ______ a lot of dolls.




否定句:主语+ don’t +have





否定句:主语+ doesn’t +have

一般疑问句:句首添does ,has 改成have



四、句型转换 否定句: 一般疑问句:

肯定回答: 否定回答:

划线提问: 否定句:一般疑问句:

肯定回答: 否定回答:

划线提问: 否定句: 一般疑问句:

肯定回答: 否定回答:

划线提问: 否定句:一般疑问句:

肯定回答: 否定回答:


5. We have a lot of flowers.(用He改写句子)

__________ ___________ a lot of flowers.

6. She has a puppet.(改为复数句)

__________ ___________ many puppets.

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