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( ) 1. A. house B. horse C. flowers

( ) 2. A. swing B. slide C. swim

( ) 3. A. lesson B. anything C. listen

( ) 4. A. word B. world C. work

( ) 5. A. skate B. ski C. swim

二、 听录音,选出你所听到的词组或句子,将其序号填入题前的括号内。听两遍。( 5%)

( ) 1. A. on your bed B. under your bed

( ) 2. A. a lot of puzzles B. lots of puppets

( )3. A. Eighty-seven yuan, please. B. Twenty-seven yuan, please.

( ) 4. A. Here’s your change. B. Here are your masks.

( ) 5. A. He can put the book on his head.

B. He can put the box on his hand.


( ) 1. A. It’s a sofa. B. They’re sofas.

C. There’s a sofa.

( ) 2. A. I need some crayons, please. B. I like that umbrella.

C. There are some maps.

( ) 3. A. Yes, I like pandas. B. No, I don’t.

C. Yes, I like.

( ) 4. A. Here’s a colour pen for you. B. I can draw a picture.

C. Here are some chairs for you.

C. I would like some peaches.

1 ( ) 5. A. I like lanterns. B. I like dancing.


1. Is there a _______ ________ your ________? No, there _______.

2. Are there any _________ _________ your school ? Yes, there are.

3. We can ________ many songs ________ our Music lesson.

4.--What do you ________ ? --A vase.

--What about you? --I need a ________ mask.


一、 英汉互译(10%)

1.买一部电话 2.一个南瓜灯

3.拉小提琴 4.许多东西


7. like swimming


1.can(否定形式 2.do not(缩写形式

3.here(反义词 4.let’s(完整形式

5.I(宾格 6.old(反义词

7.some(同义词 8.glass(复数

9.large(反义词 10.too(同音词


( any storybooks in the reading room?

A. Have B. Are there C. Is there

( are they? They are twenty yuan.

A. What B. How much C. How many


A. is B. are C. have

( are there in the street?

A. bus B. buss C. buses

( )5. There is a map of the worldthe wall.

A. in B. on C. behind

( three vases on my desk..


A. is B. are C. has

( the flowers in the vase.

A. putting B. put C. puting


A. skate B. skateing C. skating

( ) 9. How much the pumpkins?

A. am B. is C. are


A. like singing B. can sing C. can song.

( ) 11. What do you need? .

A. Here you are B. Yes, I do. C. Some masks, please.

( .

A. twenty rooms; building B. twenty buildings; room .

C. a building; room

( ) 13. I can’tA .skating; ski B. skate; ski C. skate; skiing

( )14. You have a nice bedroom !.

A. Thank you. B. Yes, it’s nice. C. No, no, no.

( ) 15. The students an English lesson now.

A. having B. are having C. are have



( ) 1. How old is he? J. Yes, I can.

( ) 2. What do you need? I. Thank you.

( ) 3. How much are the masks? H. It’s in the cat’s mouth.

( ) 4. What can you make? G. I like monkey masks.

( ) 5. Is it a new kitchen? F. There are forty.

( ) 6. How many students are there in the classroom? E. Yes, it is.

( ) 7. What do you like? D. I can make a cake.

( ) 8. Where’s the mouse? C. Eighteen yuan, please.

( ) 9. Here’s a cake for you. B. We need some flowers.

( ) 10. Can you ride a bike? A. He is ten.



4.There aren’t 5. I like they like 6. We like


1. There is a swing in the playground.(改为复数形式)

in the playground.

2. There are some plants in the cupboard.(改为一般疑问句)

in the cupboard?

3. Can you sing the song?(作否定回答)

4. They like cooking. (改为否定句)

like cooking.


There are three people in my family. They’re my father, my mother

and I. My father is an office worker. My mother is a bus driver. They are very busy. I’m twelve. I’m a boy school student. I’m in Changzhou Primary School. It’s very far(远) from my home. There is a park near my home. It is a nice place. My parents and I often go to the park at weekends(周末). We have a good time there. My family is a happy one. I love my family very much.

( )1.I am the only girl of my family.

( )2. My mother can drive a bus.

( )3. My home is near my school.

( )4. My family go to the park every day(每天).

( )5. The park is a nice place.



一、 听录音,选出你所听到的单词,将其序号填入题前的括号内。


1. A. house 2. swim 3.. lesson 4. work 5. ski

二、听录音,选出你所听到的词组或句子,将其序号填入题前的括号内。听两遍。( 5%)

1. under your bed

2. a lot of puzzles

3. Twenty-seven yuan, please.

4. Here are your masks.

5. He can put the box on his hand.


1.What’s near the bookcase?

2. Can I help you, sir?

3. Do you like that toy monkey?

4. There aren’t any chairs.

5. What would you like, David?


1. Is there a park near your house? No, there isn’t.

2.Are there any flowers behind your School? Yes, there are.

3. We can sing many songs at our Music lesson.

4. What do you need? A vase.

5.What about you? I need a horse mask.


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